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You saying you didn't, like, lead a full-on rebellion against Dad?
— Jophiel to Lucifer Morningstar
in "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!"

Jophiel is an angel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's siblings. Of Lucifer's siblings, he seems to be the most unintelligent; though Lucifer does enjoy partying with Jophiel, since he can appreciate the booze and drugs just as much.


Jophiel was one of the many Angels created by God and Goddess, billions of years ago. He was one of the few angels that retained a good relationship with Lucifer following his banishment to Hell, likely due to his carefree nature. Lucifer mentioned how they managed to forge a brotherhood together by "carousing on Earth for millennia". Jophiel also happily recalled how Lucifer "de-pantsed" Napoleon once.

When the position of Sovereign of Heaven is vacated following God's retirement, Lucifer volunteers himself as a replacement, and must garner the support of several swing vote angels, one of them being Jophiel. In "Is this Really How It's Going to End?!", he invites Jophiel to Lux and requests his support. Jophiel reluctantly refuses and decides to support Michael, stating that although he and Lucifer are "tight" and that Michael is a "dick", he has been at their Father's side all along, and is already practically in charge "keeping the trains running".

In "A Chance At a Happy Ending", Jophiel can be seen standing alongside the angels who support Michael. He later fights against Mazikeen and her Demons in the battle. Following Michael's defeat, Jophiel accepts Lucifer as the new Sovereign of Heaven and can be seen bending the knee along with his siblings.

In "Goodbye, Lucifer", Jophiel answers the prayers of a death row prisoner by making his pet lion, Mr. Miyagi, appear as he's being led to his execution. This is one of the angels' efforts to answer prayers that they screw up. The chaos that Jophiel's actions cause inadvertently allows Vincent Le Mec to escape from prison.


Angel Physiology: As an angel, Jophiel has their powers, as well as their weaknesses.

  • Superhuman Strength: Jophiel, like all angels, has immense levels of superhuman strength and can exert, lift and carry an unbelievable amount of force and mass. In the war, he effortlessly uses his sword to decapitate a demon.
  • Superhuman Speed: Jophiel, like all angels, has tremendous superhuman speed, he can appear and disappear much faster than the human eye could see.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Jophiel, like all angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, and react, dodge, or catch incoming damage at immense speeds.
  • Immortality: As an angelic celestial being, Jophiel is immune to age, having lived since the beginning of creation, and is also impossible to harm by any means which can kill or injure mortals easily.
  • Flight: Jophiel, like all angels, can fly via wings at high speeds. He can use his wings to travel between Heaven, Hell and Earth.


  • Experienced Combatant: While wielding a sword, Jophiel can be seen effortlessly decapitating a Demon, showing that he is an experienced fighter.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Like all other angels, Jophiel can be killed by other supernatural beings, which includes other angels and demons.
  • Self - Actualization It is mentioned throughout the series that all angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings. Jophiel should be vulnerable to this weakness just as any other angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Jophiel can be eradicated with Azrael's Blade or the completed Flaming Sword, as shown with Remiel and Uriel's deaths with the sole blade.


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