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Jimmy Barnes was Delilah's record producer and ex-fiancé.


Jimmy is initially shown to be a selfish and arrogant person with little concern for others. He considers himself solely responsible for the success of his client and believes them to be indebted to him thanks to that.

More layers to his personality are revealed later. His selfish personality stems from issues trusting other. He believes other would only value him if he has something to offer them and because of this, pushes people away before they can do the same to him. These issues stem not only from "The Wednesdays" firing him immediately after becoming successful, but also from his mother abandoning him as a child.

Cartoons are his source of comfort and how he deals with stress and fear, as when his mother left him, he continued to watch cartoons as a way to avoid facing reality.


Jimmy was introduced to Delilah by Lucifer, who wanted to help Delilah jumpstart her career in return for a favor. A romantic relationship began between Jimmy and Delilah, ending with Delilah leaving him at the altar.

In "Pilot", he had a drug dealer kill Delilah, anticipating a spike in album sales upon her death, generating royalty checks for him. While investigating Delilah's death, Lucifer interrupted Jimmy's wedding with a model. Jimmy denied involvement and directed Lucifer to Delilah's ex-boyfriend 2 Vile. Once again, Jimmy's wedding ended in disaster, with Lucifer causing the bride to admit she neither loved Jimmy nor wished to sleep with him.

Upon realizing Jimmy paid the killer with a watch Delilah gave him, Chloe and Lucifer track him down; Chloe shot him after he attempted to take a hostage and he shot her in retaliation. Lucifer proceeded to terrorize Jimmy in his demon form in retaliation for killing Delilah.

In "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.", Chloe visited him in his cell. Upon hearing Lucifer's name, Jimmy went into a panicked frenzy, banging his head against the door and screaming that Lucifer was the Devil.

In "Yabba Dabba Do Me" Lucifer concludes that to be God, he has to be able to help someone like Barnes, whom he hates. Discovering that he had died in the mental hospital a year prior, Lucifer decided to go meet him in hell. He is confronted by Chloe before he leaves, who convinces him to take her along. After the two arrive in hell and enter Jimmy's hell loop and are surprised to see it is a cartoon. Chloe speculates that his hell loop takes the form of a cartoon due to Lucifer driving him insane. The two manage to find Jimmy in his hell loop and discover that the hell loop is a monstrously exaggerated version of Lucifer interrupting his wedding. After finding out they can't leave, Chloe defeats the hell loop Lucifer. Afterwards Lucifer confronts Jimmy, mocking him in order to go deeper into his psyche. The hell loop then changes into one based off the 1980s.

They find a younger version of Jimmy trying to pump up "The Wednesdays" after their 1st single going platinum. The band then fires him as their manager and tells him that he is holding them back, with the man's image briefly being replaced by a girl with a guitar. The hell loop then changes to Jimmy blacklisting The Wednesdays, claiming that they were frauds and that it was his choice to separate from them. He is confronted by his girlfriends who attempts to get him to be honest about the band, and in response, Jimmy dumps her. Before she leaves, the ex-girlfriend's image is briefly replaced with the same girl from earlier. Lucifer hen confronts Jimmy stating that he pushed her away before she could do the same to him. Jimmy counters saying that people only want what he can give them (fame, money), but Chloe counters, stating that that was all he offered them. Lucifer then convinces him to go after the girl, and he leaves.

Despite the doorway out opening Lucifer decided to find the heart of Jimmy's torment. The hell loop then changes to a young Jimmy watching a cartoon in a similar style to the original loop. They discover that the woman with the guitar was his mother. His mother left, telling him to keep watching cartoons and that she would be back soon. She didn't return and he spent days sitting in front of the television waiting for her. Eventually, child protective services came and took him despite his protest that his mom wouldn't be able to find him if he left. Lucifer stops the loop, allowing Jimmy to return to watching cartoons. Lucifer tells him that he has to get himself out of hell and still questions if he deserves to leave, but then admits that he now understand what led him to make the decisions he did. Chloe figures out that the cartons are comfort and his original hell loop was based on cartoons to deal with his fear. Lucifer then reverses the hell loop allowing Jimmy to sit with his mother again.

Lucifer later admits that despite hating him earlier, he now cared about the man after having seen his past.


Season One
#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." Appears
Season Three
#7 "Off the Record" Mentioned
Season Four
#2 "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Pictured
Season Six
#3 "Yabba Dabba Do Me" Appears
#8 "Save the Devil, Save the World" Flashback




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