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"It Never Ends Well for the Chicken" is the fourth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


"The year is 1946. The world is black and white. And Lucifer is the star of his own noir detective story featuring familiar characters in new roles."


Trixie arrives at Lux for game night as has become customary for Lucifer, Trixie, and Chloe. Lucifer is thrown by the fact the Detective has not come, and questions Trixie, if it has any connection to the fact that she was a gift from God. Trixie is unaware of the significance, but declines to answer, instead angling for Lucifer to tell her a story. She want to know about his ring.

Lucifer tells Trixie of 1946 when the Devil went to New York. He begins with the hottest club and the hottest singer in the city; Lilith, the mother of all demons including Mazikeen. Lilith tells Lucifer her ring has been stolen, and enlists Lucifer’s help in getting in back, telling him he owes her. He agrees and goes in search of the ring, commenting that having the Devil solve crimes is completely ridiculous.

He stops off to hire private investigator, Jack Monroe, but Trixie interrupts, pointing out her mother was a good detective and that she would like some gender equality in the story; Chloe then represents Jack from that point. Returning to the tale, Lucifer relates he and Jack talk to Gertie, the bartender, who delivers some interesting facts about a man named Lucky Larry who was seen hanging around Lily’s room the night of the theft. Jack and Lucifer leave and are confronted in the ally by the club’s owner, Stompanato, who warns them about asking questions in his club in future.

Later that night, Jack is shown returning home where his strained marriage with Shirley is obvious. The two try to converse, but they are interrupted by Larry, who shows up at their doorstep with a knife in his back. Jack discovers that Larry had an argument with William Kincannon at the docks earlier, and that he will be arrested the following day. When Lucifer notices the strained relationship and comments, Jack tells him that Shirley, the love of his life, was once a call-girl. He can't get past the idea, but he loves her too much to leave.

Jack and Lucifer question William, he reveals that he bought several pieces of stolen property from Larry, but does not accept responsibility for killing him or stealing the ring from him. He does, however, provide the address from where he bought goods from.

Lucifer and Jack arrive at at Larry's, and they are able to paint a vivid picture of how the struggle, and stabbing, of Larry played out. They surmise that Stompanato could be responsible, as he wanted the ring. They arrive at his mansion to find he has been murdered and his heart has been removed, and an Egyptian hieroglyph has been drawn on one of his eyes.

Lucifer is able to recognize the symbol as the Eye of Horus, which leads them to an occult shop. They question the owner about heart-removal ceremonies,. The owner, Melvin the Magnificent, however, is unwilling to offer them information for free, and instead offers them differing price points worth of information. Melvin denies having stolen the ring or killing Stompanato, but tells the pair that he has numerous buyers lined up if they should ever find the ring.

Back at the club, Lucifer apologizes to Lilith about being unable to retrieve her ring, and she becomes agitated, saying that the ring, which was set with a stone from the Garden of Eden, reminds her why she did what she did over the years. Lucifer reminds Lilith that he is grateful that she sent her children to form an army, he never knew he needed, without them he would have been alone forever. Lilith explains how the link between immortality and the ring came to be, and Lucifer remarks that he has an idea to get the ring back.

Lucifer spreads a rumour that the ring only works in conjunction with with a bracelet worn by Lilith, and at her next show, she takes off the bracelet and ensures that everyone is able to see it, then sends it back to her dressing room to be locked up. Later, Shirley tells Jack that someone has entered the room to take the ring and, when Jack confronts the thief, it is revealed to be William, who admits to killing Larry for the ring. Gertie then enters with a gun, saying that she hired Larry to steal the ring, and wants what is hers — Gertie believes the ring can save her sick husband.

With the case solved, Shirley readies herself to leave, but is stopped by Jack who tries to reconcile, and asks if he can leave with her. Lilith has a epiphany, and realizes that the end of a life — and knowing that it is coming — is what makes a life truly worth living. With this theory, she transfers her immortality into her ring and gives it to Lucifer. Lucifer asks if she is sure, and offers to raise her children from Hell so that they may say goodbye. Lilith dismisses the notion, however, citing that she doesn’t want her children to be changed by any experience on Earth. With this, Lilith walks away to begin the last years of her life.

Trixie is thankful for the story, and asks if Lilith's immortality is still in the ring. Lucifer says the most important thing about the ring is it reminds him of a friend. When she leaves, it is revealed she had a reason to ask for the story, Maze is waiting to hear the tale in Lucifer’s elevator.

With the information Lucifer would never have broken his word to Lilith to give her, she tracks down Lilith and confronts her. Lilith tells Maze that her actions made her children strong, and exclaimed that her children do not need her anymore.



Guest Starring[]


  • Emil Beheshti as Abe Gantz
  • Iris Braydon as Portraitist
  • Patrick Daniel as Paddy
  • Christopher Gerse as Benny
  • Goran Ivanovski as Proprietor
  • Joe Sobalo Jr. as Vincenzo
  • Eric Sweeney as Lucky Larry

Featured Music[]




  • In Lucifer's story, some characters do not look like they were in the real 1946:
    • Lesley-Ann Brandt played the young Lilith to emphasize Mazikeen's phenomenal resemblance to her mother.
    • Lauren German played a detective Jack Monroe after first being introduced as a male, after Trixie's objection of too many men his appearance was switched despite Jack being a male who looked nothing like Chloe Decker.
    • Aimee Garcia played Mr. Stompanato, but in reality, this character was a male. Lucifer explained he altered Stompanato's appearance in favor of gender equality in the story.
  • This is the first episode of the series that the characters of Chloe Decker and Dan Espinoza don't appear.
  • The title of the episode is said by Lucifer about Melvin the Magnificent's offer of a chicken for the sacrifice.
  • Fun is poked at the entire series by Lucifer when he states, "The Devil solving crime, is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."
  • Ironically, Lucifer tells Lilith it would take a miracle for him to fall in love. When God later had a miracle child be born to Penelope Decker and John Decker, that was the road he found himself on.
  • Lucifer's ring is revealed to hold Lilith's immortality, having been given to him by the former demon when she gave up her immortality. But according to Lucifer, he mainly keeps it because the ring reminds him of his old friend.
  • To keep with the 1940s theme. Lucifer adapted some to the episode
    • The saxophone main theme
    • Private Detective Noir
    • Classic drive behind play screen


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