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"Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


Lucifer learns that not all of his siblings want him to land the big promotion. Also, Dan offers to set Ella up with an old friend.


Lucifer has invited his brother Jophiel to Lux for a night of pure hedonistic pleasure; the two of them have enjoyed partying through the millennia. He gives him Belisario Viscount, the finest vodka in the world. Jophiel tells Lucifer that they have always been close, even when Lucifer pantsed Napoleon; however he can't see Lucifer as God. Lucifer reminds Jophiel that Michael "smear campaigned" him for millennia and was responsible for making God think his powers were going haywire. Realizing how much a jerk Michael is, Jophiel considers it; however, Michael has already been keeping things going while God was still in charge. Nope. The moron ain't voting for Lucifer.

Lucifer and Chloe parks nearby a crime scene. While walking to the scene Chloe reveals worries about what her new life will be like when she is to be consultant to Lucifer as the new God. Lucifer confides in Chloe that he is unsure whether he can convince his siblings to vote for him as the new God. Chloe tells Lucifer that if anyone can persuade them it is him and Lucifer takes comfort in that. Lucifer offers his arm to Chloe with the words "Shall we future Mrs. G.", they walk the rest of the way to the crime scene arm in arm.

The crime is at a wine locker. At the scene Dan approaches Ella who is taking pictures of the victim who was shot to death. Dan tries to get Ella to hook up with his old partner Carol however Ella is reluctant to start dating again. Lucifer and Chloe enters the scene. Chloe watches over the scene in slow-motion.

At the precinct Chloe has assembled everyone at the staircase. She just handed in her two-week notice and wants to tell everyone. Ella is shocked. Dan is not surprised and tells Ella he "has a pretty good idea what this is all about. Or who it is all about". Lucifer embraces Chloe lovingly after she finishes her speech.

Dan tells Chloe she is very happy for her. Ella on the other hand is not very happy and shouts at Chloe that she does not want to solve crimes without Chloe. This is were Ella drops the title. Chloe reveals the she is helping Lucifer taking over the family business leading Ella to realize that they are both leaving. Ella shouts at Lucifer in Spanish and hits him with a case file.

Chloe and Lucifer arrives to question a suspect in the case, a psychic named Odetta Watson. Lucifer mentions to Chloe that his "dad give some humans the gift" pondering whether Odetta is a real psychic. Chloe is sceptic.

Dan and Trixie is playing Unstable Unicorns in Dan's apartment. Trixie leaves the room to find her glitter scarf for Dan to wear, so he is allowed to start in the game. In the mean time Amenadiel knocks at the door. Amenadiel tells Dan that he has figured out what he wants to be; a police officer. Amenadiel says that he and Dan might even work together one day. Dan laughs at the idea telling Amenadiel that "an angel and a detective solving crimes makes total sense". Amenadiel is disappointed that Dan is not supportive of his idea to become a cop. Dan tries to apologize but Amenadiel leaves.

Second on Lucifer's list of "swing votes" is Saraqael, his sister who helped him rebel. She thinks he is trying his mojo on her, but Lucifer clarifies he is playing to strengths as a favor granter. Despite a very compelling deal to meet her favorite celebrity and have reservations at his restaurant, Saraqael turns Lucifer down.

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At Linda's house, Maze is trying to pick her Queen of Hell look. But she's having trouble choosing. Linda thinks she's worried about having a soul will prevent Maze from enjoy torturing the damned. Maze tells her that she plans to slowly suffocate her soul, offhandedly mentioning its how she murdered someone. Linda is honestly wondering if Maze is willing toss aside even their friendship to get this role. Lucifer arrives, noting Maze looks like a "boney xylophone"; he asks it any demons are running around in a fresh corpse, showing her TJ's photo. Maze is not aware of any, again stating that as ruler of Hell she would know for certain. Lucifer tells Maze that he has one last trump card to get votes.

Lucifer plays his last trump card; admitting to Zadkiel, the angel of righteousness, that he was wrong about the rebellion and that he has grown since living on Earth. Zadkiel admits Lucifer has spoken well and with genuine emotion in his words, but still won't get his vote; he only came for the good booze. Seeing he can't win, Lucifer reveals the entire truth; the real reason he wants to be God is to be worthy of Chloe, out of love. When Zadkiel asks if she was the gift their father sent, Lucifer snaps and tells him Chloe is much more than that; seeing he's truly lost, Lucifer leaves a stunned Zadkiel to process.

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Dan is rushed to the hospital for aid. Lucifer, Chloe, Ella, Maze, Linda and Amenadiel sit in the lobby waiting for answers. A doctor comes out and tells Chloe that Dan has died, causing her to break down. Everyone grieves as Trixie arrives. She demands to see her dad, but Chloe stops her; Trixie realizes what it means. Crying, she begs Lucifer to tell her that Dan is alive as Lucifer never lies. Lucifer can only say "My dear sweet child, I can't." Away from the others, Lucifer explains to Amenadiel the mercenaries were tracking down stolen objects from dead bodies; the name "Caleb" was then last thing Dan had about it.

Amenadiel recognizes the name and leads Lucifer to Caleb's grave, which has been dug up; Michael IS involved. Amenadiel explains he gave his necklace to Caleb. Lucifer realizes Michael got pissed it wasn't there and hired the mercenaries to find it. Each piece of the Flaming Sword gives a power; the necklace being the strength. Lucifer then realizes Gabriel secretly brought the other pieces back from the Void when she visited Goddess; being Michael's agent. Michael wants a WAR not an election.

Chloe puts Trixie to bed. Lucifer arrives, offering his flask to help her nerves; she turns it down. Chloe blames herself, but Lucifer reveals that Michael was behind the murder. Lucifer reveals that for him to be God, he likely has to go to war with Michael; plus his track record with wars with Heaven is pretty bad. He did not even win a single swing vote; even his honesty with Zadkiel backfired. Chloe asks what Lucifer means. Lucifer reveals his true motive to be God is to be worthy of Chloe herself. Chloe is flabbergasted Lucifer would even doubt their relationship, asking in anger if his doubt is why Trixie is growing up without a father. Chloe tells him that his siblings are right about him not being God. Lucifer leaves silently, unsure of himself.

At Dan's funeral, Ella meets Dan's friend Carol, whom she decides to give a chance. She steps away to speak to Amenadiel, whom she reveals that Dan turned in his application for the police academy; Dan believed in him. Amenadiel meets with Lucifer, telling him that he went to Heaven to see Dan. Lucifer imagines Dan is enjoying himself, only to be shocked by Amendiel's next words; Dan's not there. Lucifer realizes it means Dan is in Hell despite accepting his guilt; Amenadiel believes there was something deeper that Dan couldn't deal with. Enraged not only the news Michael orchestrated the death, but now Dan is suffering eternally, Lucifer shudders that it's not fair. Maze arrives, telling Lucifer that she found the killers.

Amenadiel gives a eulogy (as Lucifer cannot due to his creed to never lie). When he first came to LA, he was angry and confused about his place in the world, unable to connect with people; but Dan knew how to. Dan taught him how to be a good friend and father; essentially how to be a good man. Dan tried to be better when he was already the best man he could be. Crying, Amenadiel states he will always be his best friend. Lucifer and Ella sing It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday in a duet of English and Spanish as the flag over Dan's coffin is folded and given to Trixie and Chloe. A montage of Lucifer and Maze taking out the mercenaries plays; though they spare the leader who killed Dan, with Lucifer instilling fear with his eyes..

Lucifer attends a session with Linda, whom he tells about the revenge. Linda tells him that while pain is inevitable, the suffering his grief is causing is optional. Mildly hysterical, Lucifer tells Linda her job should not exist; more specifically pain should not exist. Believing reality - "the system" - was set up wrong because of Dan's unjust death (though he avoids mentioning the suffering in hell part) has now hurt everyone especially Trixie. Lucifer tells Linda that this has forced his hand; now he NEEDS to be God. Wondering what he means, Linda is told by Lucifer that "we are going to WAR".



Guest Starring[]


  • Mo Anouti as Sayeed Faisal
  • Eric Cepeda as Minister
  • Kevin Douglas as TJ "The Fence" Ross
  • Genevieve Gauss as Officer Cacuzza
  • Natasha McCrea as Doctor
  • Julia Parker as Brooke Frier
  • Scott Vostad as Honor Guard

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  • Ella is the one who says the title name in the episode.
  • Lucifer calls in every favor he has in the LA underworld to find Dan; showing just how much he valued him as a friend.
  • When the Lucifer title card is shown, the Lucifer theme isn't played. A different theme is played instead. This reflects the grim ending.
  • This episode marks the death of Dan.
  • Lucifer imagines Dan's heaven would have him swimming in pudding.
  • Amenadiel does not realize the short-term consequence of his choice to become an officer; he will have to pull off a disappearing act to hide his immortality like Marcus Pierce eventually.
  • This episode guest stars Rob Benedict who played God on Supernatural. He portrays the man who killed Dan.
    • Considering God had exploded him momentarily, it can be said that essentially Dan was killed by two different versions of gods. (God in Lucifer: Explodes him in the police station and Lucifer kept the memory. God in Supernatural: Kills Dan by gunshots and gets traumatized by Lucifer in act of Revenge)
  • A jab is made at Fox, the show's previous home channel; Lucifer mutters "good luck with that" when the fortune teller mentions helping a network executive that worked for Fox.
  • While investigating the murder of a coroner who was tortured by forcefully fed wine Lucifer makes a wine-pun. Ella explains the torture to which Lucifer responds with "So he was water-bordeaux'ed?".
  • This is the first time Lucifer calls Trixie "Trixie" instead of a nickname or a descriptive phrase.
  • Dan notably looks washed out and colorless in more than one sense. From his wardrobe to his hair losing color. Very likely a visible representation of all the stress he's been under until Operation Payback Dan finally manifesting.


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