Invulnerability is the power or ability to be immune to injury.

Entities possessing this powerEdit

No being in Lucifer is completely invulnerable, but some have have various degrees of invulnerability.

  • Gods: God and Goddess are nearly invulnerable. However, they can still be killed by each other and by the Flaming Sword. For a while, Goddess's powers were greatly weakened but they have since returned. While using human hosts, the bodies had human vulnerabilities, but Goddess was able to go to a new host when previous one was killed.
  • Angels: As celestial beings created by God and Goddess, angels are nearly invulnerable. However, they can be killed by gods, as well as certain objects like Azrael's Blade and demonic blades.
  • Demons: As malevolent entities that originate from Hell, demons possess an elevated degree of invulnerability. However, there are quite a few objects and beings that can injure and even kill them.
  • Chloe Decker: Considering her resistance to Lucifer's powers and how she affects him, Chloe possesses some mysterious type of invulnerability that is above that of a regular human.
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