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"Infernal Guinea Pig" is the sixteenth episode of the third season of Lucifer.


"When a murder investigation reveals the dark side of Hollywood, Chloe puts her life on the line to protect an innocent victim. Then, Lucifer comes up with a hell-raising scheme to help Cain, but when Amenadiel and Maze get involved, things don't quite go as planned."[1]


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To help Pierce break his curse, Lucifer proposes resurrecting Abel, who he reveals has been trapped in Hell since his murder. However, the plan goes awry when Abel is revived in the body of Bree Garland, the assistant to B movie producer Alexa Lee, whose office was recently blown up by a bomb. Based on information provided by Maze, Lucifer and Pierce track Bree to a pool party, where she is blissfully unaware of her situation until Amenadiel arrives and tries to persuade her to commit suicide by claiming she's still in Hell. Chloe's investigation uncovers links between Alexa's film studio and a Bolivian drug cartel, and she realizes that Bree, who had been aware of her employer's crimes, was trying to expose her. Bree encounters Pierce and shoots him, but he still does not die. Chloe takes Bree and Lucifer to Alexa's office for evidence, where they narrowly manage to defuse another bomb. Using a recovered fingerprint, Chloe has Alexa arrested for money laundering. Charlotte makes some strong progress in therapy with Linda, while Amenadiel, after fighting with Maze, calls her childish for ruining his chance at romance. Bree, having somewhat reconciled with her brother, asks for some space to figure herself out. Lucifer, concerned about Chloe's safety, informs Pierce that he is ending their partnership when Bree is suddenly run over by an ambulance.



Guest Starring[]

  • Lauren Lapkus as Bree Garland/Abel
  • Jacqueline Obradors as Alexa Lee
  • Blake Shields as Liam Wade


  • Brittini London as Jamie





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