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Immortality is the power to live forever if unharmed. However, immortality doesn't imply invulnerability to physical and/or spiritual attacks.

Entities possessing this power[]

Absolute Immortals[]

  • God: He can live for eternity and is almost impossible to destroy, with only Goddess having the potential to do so. He has the power to make himself human temporarily in which case it is assumed he can be killed.
  • Goddess: Goddess like her ex-husband can live forever and is almost impossible to destroy. Her only weaknesses are God and the Flaming Sword, if she is weakened and in human vessel.

Near-Absolute Immortals[]

  • Angels: As incredibly powerful primordial celestial beings created by God and Goddess long before the creation of the universe, angels are eternal, indestructible and immortal, they are much older than the universe itself, billions of years old, and have very few weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Their only weaknesses are the God, Goddess, Flaming Sword and Demon Daggers Forged In Hell.


  • Cain : Amenadiel was sent by God to curse Cain with the mark of Cain. This mark cursed him to be immortal. He was tens of thousands of years old, and has not aged since he was cursed with his mark. Though, he was immortal, he was still a human, and still had all of the physical attributes as humans do, such as when he was stabbed and shot on different occasions he would bleed and feel a lot of pain like an ordinary human. He once said "I'm still human, i still feel all of the pain and suffering that comes with death." He die briefly, but is infinitely resurrected within seconds or minutes. He stated that he has been trying to kill himself since the beginning of the Bronze Age, and also stated that he has tried killing himself by grenade down the throat, dropped into helicopter blades, getting into a acid bath, ripped apart by wolves, and even jumped into an erupting volcano. He states that no matter what he does or how he kills himself, he just regrows and regenerates and is always quickly resurrected. With his cursed mark it was virtually impossible for him to die, not even a demon dagger forged in hell could kill him, a very powerful mystical dagger made in hell that can kill demons and even angels. The only things that could kill him is the Flaming Sword. When his mark was removed, he became vulnerable and mortal again, and Lucifer killed him with little to no effort.


  • Demons: Demons are malevolent entities that originate from Hell, though trillions of years younger than angels, demons are ancient supernatural creatures, they are thousands of years old, some are even tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of years old. Demons are immortal, and have the potential to live forever, unless killed. Mazikeen stated that her mother Lilith was over 12,000 years old when she gave birth to her. Also unlike angels, demons can be harmed by conventional means but it takes a lot to harm them. God, Goddess, and Angels can effortlessly harm and kill demons, as well as demon daggers forged in hell and the flaming sword. Demons do not have souls, if they died then they would be eradicated from existence.

Vulnerabilities []

Demon Daggers: These extremely powerful mystical blades have the ability to kill Demons and even Angels on Earth.

Chloe Decker: It is supposed that Lucifer's physical vulnerability when in proximity to Chloe may likely be a psychosomatic manifestation of his growing emotional vulnerability towards her. After their relationship fully developed, Lucifer became more secure, focused, and determined in their relationship, Lucifer does not feel vulnerable anymore and as such, Chloe no longer impairs his invulnerability.

Flaming Sword: This sword has the ability to kill Angels, Demons and Gods. When killed with this sword, they no longer exist, not even in Heaven or Hell.