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Hot Tub High School is a low-budget movie Chloe Decker starred in at age 19. Chloe appeared in what Lucifer refers to as "the famous nude scene" and was the reason he thought he'd met her before, convinced he'd once seen her naked. Two weeks after the release of the film, John Decker died in an ambush.

There is a sequel, Hot Tub Hotel, in which Chloe did not appear.


In "Pilot", Lucifer is convinced he's seen Chloe naked at some point, and asks her if they ever had sex. At 2vile's house, one of the rapper's hangers-on remembered her as the girl from Hot Tub High School, jogging Lucifer's memory, he remembers seeing Chloe in the movie, delightedly calling the film "a complete Fast Times [at Ridgemont High] rip-off. " He expresses admiration for the nude scene and compares Chloe to Phoebe Cates.

In "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." Chloe Decker talks to her daughter about the film, believing that Trixie has no knowledge of it. She is surprised to discover her daughter has already seen the film, and her favorite part was when Chloe's character vomited cake on the male lead.

In "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer", Lucifer again mentions the movie to Chloe.

In a flashback in "My Little Monkey", John Decker, Chloe's father, gives tickets to the film to Petey, a Korean shop owner. He refers to Chloe as "My Little Monkey" and says he's proud of her. Petey mentions the "funny business" about 15 minutes in, apparently referring to the nude scene, and John asks Petey to tell Chloe that the movie was good.

In "They're Back, Aren't They?", a suspect believes that Chloe and Lucifer coming to arrest him is a prank played by his friend, who's murder they are actually investigating. When questioned by them, the suspect states that he thought it was a prank because he was confronted with a man named Lucifer and"the chick from Hot Tub Hotel." Lucifer tells the suspect it was actually Hot Tub High School and that "she wasn't in the sequel."

In "City of Angels?", a flashback episode taking place in 2011, Lucifer starts watching the film before Amenadiel interrupts him.

In "Once Upon a Time", which takes place in an alternate universe where Chloe remained an actress and hadn't met Lucifer, he mentions this film when they meet for the first time. As in the prime universe, Chloe is somewhat embarrassed by the film.

In "Our Mojo", Lucifer and Chloe go to question a suspect. Lucifer encourages Chloe to try using her newly-acquired mojo on the suspect which seemingly works as the suspect agrees to tell them what they need. It is later revealed that Mario's willingness to cooperate was due to him being a fan of the movie, as he then called to get Chloe's autograph.