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Hell, also known as the Underworld, is the incredibly fearsome, infernal and spiritual realm of eternal suffering inhabited by demons and the tortured souls of all deceased sinners. It was ruled by Lucifer Morningstar who states that Hell was designed so that no demon could rule, only a Celestial could.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?" Lucifer returns to ruling Hell in order to keep the demons contained.

Lucifer himself said that "its been thousands of years" after returning from Hell and being away from Earth for only 2 months, so time in Hell is much faster than on Earth, and considering that we do not have a solid number, the best estimate is at least a thousand years of Hell is equal to 2 months on Earth.

In "Partners 'Til the End", Lucifer chooses to willingly return to Hell in order to help redeem the souls trapped there like he did with Lee Garner and Dan Espinoza. Decades later, Chloe Decker willingly joins him in Hell after dying of old age in order to help Lucifer with his mission as his eternal partner.


After Lucifer was cast out of Heaven and into Hell, he became its ruler up until 2011, when he abdicated his throne and retired to L.A. to open the nightclub Lux. Amenadiel was forced to descend into Hell in order to keep the damned souls from escaping.

Mortals who experience severe guilt over actions they committed end up in Hell to be punished, possibly for all eternity or until they choose to leave, which Lucifer says that no one ever does.

Hell is staffed by Lucifer and his demons, who are charged with torturing the human souls.

According to Malcolm, one of Hell's methods of torture is using what one loves against them when they are damned. When Malcolm was in Hell, he was tossed into a room where his tormentors starved him and isolated him from the outside. Malcolm also states that time in Hell runs differently, as thirty seconds there was like thirty years for him.

It was revealed that Goddess, the wife of God and mother of the angels as well as a god who is as old and strong as he is, was trapped in hell after repeatedly trying to kill the humans in her rage and therefore making God strip her of her powers through unknown means and having Amenadiel take her to Hell. Feeling betrayed due to not having been helped by his mother, Lucifer returned the favor by having Mazikeen torture her. However, after Amenadiel was incapacitated after barely surviving being stabbed by one of Maze's Demon Blades, Goddess was able to escape to Earth.

In "Off the Record", Lucifer revealed to Reese Getty information that he had never told to any human soul before. Lucifer is not the one who decides who goes to Hell; it is humans and their own guilt which puts them there. Lucifer also tells Reese that the doors in Hell are unlocked and humans can leave at any time, but "no one ever does".

In "City of Angels?", Mazikeen states, "In Hell, I have to use their own guilt against them as torture. The method is chosen for them."

In "A Devil of My Word", Marcus Pierce, who is also the first murderer Cain, is relieved when he's dying as he believes that his lack of regrets mean that he will be going to Heaven. However, Lucifer tells him that Pierce regrets the murder of Charlotte Richards, accident or not and it is that crime that will haunt Pierce for an eternity and condemn him to Hell.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?" Lucifer returns to Hell to protect Chloe and the rest of the people from the prophecy.

In "Really Sad Devil Guy", Lucifer spends a great deal of time in Hell trying to help Lee Garner break out of his loop without any success. Lucifer eventually decides to return to Earth with the growing threat of Michael.

In "A Chance at a Happy Ending", Michael reveals that he had Dan Espinoza killed so that the guilt that Chloe would feel over his death would send her to Hell upon her own death. Michael offers Lucifer rule of Hell with Chloe as his bride when he becomes the new deity, but Lucifer refuses. Lucifer later reluctantly admits to Chloe that Dan's soul went to Hell instead of Heaven and that if she can't let go of her guilt, Chloe will be condemned to Hell as well. After being mortally wounded by Michael, Chloe is able to let go of all of her regrets and guilt and rises into Heaven instead. In order to save Chloe, Lucifer risks destruction to return to Heaven and resurrect her. In Heaven, Lucifer meets Lee Garner who reveals that after Lucifer left him in Hell, Lee had finally faced his guilt and became the first soul to ever leave Hell on their own.

In "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here", Lucifer visits Dan in Hell where he has kept Dan from being trapped in a Hell loop and ordered the demons not to torture him. However, despite thousands of years passing for Dan, he is unable to break free despite apparently working through all of his guilt and Lucifer is unable to find a solution. Dan angrily orders Lucifer to leave and not to return unless he finds a solution. After Lucifer leaves, thunder and lightning strike in Hell which Dan notes has never happened before but Belios dismisses the importance of it.

In "Buckets of Baggage", Rory visits Hell in an effort to learn from Michael, who Lucifer has put to work cleaning the floors with a toothbrush, what he did wrong so that she can avoid Michael's mistakes when she tries to kill Lucifer. A demon tells her about how Dan came the closest of anyone to actually killing Lucifer and that Michael had overthought his plan and made it too complex. As a result, Rory visits Dan and offers to free his soul from Hell if he helps her to destroy Lucifer, noting that any angel is capable of carrying a soul out of Hell, including Lucifer. As a result, Dan ultimately accepts her offer

In "Yabba Dabba Do Me", Rory rescues Dan's soul from Hell and carries him back to Lux on Earth, only for Dan to reveal that he had never intended to betray Lucifer and merely wants to warn him of the new threat. However, Rory only carried Dan's soul back and didn't resurrect him, leaving Dan trapped on Earth as a ghost with his guilt preventing him from getting into Heaven.

In "Goodbye, Lucifer", after speaking with his daughter and finally letting go of his guilt, Dan's soul finally rises to his rightful place in Heaven, making him the second ever Hell-condemned soul to do so.

In "Partners 'Til the End", it's revealed that Lucifer had essentially brought Hell to Vincent Le Mec in revenge for Dan's murder, making him constantly consumed by his own guilt like a Hell loop which, like a Hell loop, Lucifer can't stop even if he wants to. As Vincent dies, he reveals to Lucifer that Dan had made it into Heaven and he wishes to see the same light that Dan had. Instead, Vincent sees the darkness of Hell as he dies. Chloe, Rory and Lucifer realize that Lucifer's true purpose is to help heal the lost souls of Hell so that they can finally find peace like Lee and Dan did. With the blessing of both Chloe and Rory, Lucifer returns to Hell to help the souls trapped there.

Decades later, Lucifer continues his mission in a replica of Linda Martin's office, taking on the role of a therapist to souls such as Reese Getty and Vincent Le Mec in an effort to help them get past their guilt. After dying of old age, Chloe willingly joins Lucifer in Hell to be his eternal partner in his mission.


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  • Mazikeen (left alongside Lucifer)
  • Goddess (escaped)
  • Abel (first human soul, resurrected and later ascended into Heaven)
  • Charlotte Richards (resurrected, went to Heaven after her second death)
  • Lee Garner (faced his guilt and ascended into Heaven)
  • Dan Espinoza (released by Rory and later faced his guilt and ascended into Heaven)



  • Lucifer: (sighs) I have a story for you, reporter. One I've never told a human soul before. I take no part in who goes to Hell.
  • Reese: Then who does?
  • Lucifer: You humans. (chuckles) You send yourselves. Driven down by your own guilt. Forcing yourselves to relive your sins over and over. And the best part... the doors aren't locked. You could leave anytime. It says something that no one ever does, doesn't it?



  • The series finale reveals that God created hell for an entirely different purpose than the angels, humans and demons believed; it was never meant to be eternal torture, but to force souls to confront their guilt and flaws in order to worthy of entering Heaven.
  • Even if it is a spiritual plane of existence, souls can still enjoy consumption of food; Lucifer noted in the finale that he has doughnuts delivered for therapy sessions.
  • Punishments in Hell vary:
    • Malcolm mentioned he was completely isolated and starved.
    • Jason is stuck in a loop reliving abandoning the kid in the taxi and getting attacked by onlookers.
    • Abel's loop involves him trying to find women and then Cain showing up and killing him.
    • Reese is stuck in a loop of waking up from an accident and meeting Lucifer to his own death. He seems to be exempt from remembering his loops, though by the time of the season finale, he has shown he does remember his loops after decades in Hell.
    • Dan’s loop would have involved his death, but Lucifer prevented the loop from going further then the beginning. Instead, Dan’s loop became a Purgatory of sorts, representing the lobby of the LAPD police station. Maze suggests that if Dan had remained in his loop, it would've shown him the source of his guilt which has to do with Trixie.
      • By removing Dan from his loop, Lucifer inadvertently kept him from learning the source of his guilt that Dan had to confront as revealed by Maze in "Save the Devil, Save the World".
    • One common but unconfirmed theory is that each person has a hell loop which exploits their worst guilts or fears. Maze suggests to Dan that this is true in "Save the Devil, Save the World", telling him that his Hell loop would've shown Dan the source of his guilt had he remained in it.
  • By the 1940s, Lucifer considered Kafka's hell loop the most depressing.[1]
  • Lucifer explains in "Off the Record" that a soul being punished in hell can leave for Heaven at any time. This is further elaborated on in "A Good Day to Die" when Lucifer says the only way a soul can find the door to leave their loop is to believe they don't deserve their punishment anymore.
    • Reese shows that if a guilty soul feels they've done enough good upon their death, their loop is quite benign.
    • Despite the fact that Lucifer mentioned that such a thing is possible, in the "A Chance at a Happy Ending", he was shocked that Lee Garner was able to realize it and really got out of Hell to Heaven. This proves that Lucifer never really believed that this method actually worked.
  • In "High School Poppycock" Lucifer states "High school reunions are a popular torture in hell".
  • Demons are the only others in the hell loops; they take new appearances based of the soul's memories at the time of death.
    • Should Lucifer wish it, a loop can be paused (essentially telling the demons to go on break) to allow him personal time with a soul.
  • As Lucifer describes to Reese in "Off the Record" (quote above), humans send themselves to hell with their own guilt. This creates something of a loophole or flaw in the system depicted in the show for psychopaths and sociopaths who, by definition, do not feel empathy, remorse or guilt.
    • Though it's not far-fetched to believe that angels are charged to take such people to Hell if they cause attempted murder or such.
  • Abel was the first soul in Hell.
  • In "Pilot", Lucifer tells a young girl that there is "a special section of Hell reserved for bullies".
  • In "Sin-Eater", Lucifer jokes that he reserves burning crotches to the "truly terrible in Hell", giving the examples of paedophiles, Nazis, and people who put their seats back on planes.
  • In "Lady Parts", Chloe Decker says women who take advantage of other women and fake friendships have a special place in Hell, to which Lucifer confirms.
  • In "City of Angels?", Lucifer says masochists are tricky to torture as they enjoy pain.
  • Near the end of "Trip to Stabby Town", Lucifer joked to Linda that Donald Trump is "definitely going [to hell]" when he dies.
  • In "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Lucifer says sinners who fear hair are tortured with wigs.
  • In "What Would Lucifer Do?", Lucifer mentions one soul in Hell who was a masochist and would ask Lucifer for torture. When Lucifer missed one day, the soul cried and begged Lucifer not to forget about him again.
  • In "Vegas with Some Radish", Lucifer revealed to Ella that Hitler is a screamer when he is tortured in Hell.
  • In "City of Angels?", Lucifer jokes that Bieber's music is played in Hell to torture souls.
    • Nickelback and "It's a Small World" are also used as torture.
  • In "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Lucifer mentions Jim Morrison and Gary Coleman are in hell.
    • In "¡Diablo!" when Amenadiel mentions hearing a voice in Hell he never thought would be there Lucifer quips "Mother Teresa? Mr. Rogers? Adel?" Its unknown if Lucifer was being sarcastic or if these three are in Hell.
  • In "Spoiler Alert", Mazikeen claims that she has met Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, heavily implying she was torturing them in Hell.
  • Hell is presumably exactly the same in the alternate universe as in the Universe. The only differences would be that Amenadiel is still keeping check of Hell and some inhabitants may be different.
  • Time in Hell relative to earth is intentionally vague throughout the series. In Season 1 it is suggested that 1 second on earth feels roughly 1 year in hell, where as subsequent seasons has shown that to not be the case. In Season 5, Lucifer says his 2 months away from earth was "thousands" of years in Hell.
  • It is possible for an Angel to bring a damned soul back to Earth without resurrecting them. However this results in the damned soul becoming a Ghost, incorporeal and intangible. An Angel can no longer bring them back to Hell or to Heaven due to their intangibility, and only Angels and Demons can see them. It is still possible for them to resolve their guilt and ascend to Heaven though.
  • Since Hell now has Lucifer as a therapist aided by his lover Chloe, an investigator, the progress with helping the damned souls resolve their guilt will increase by a good portion.