Conflict Against Malcolm
Heaven-Lucifer Conflict
101 Amenadiel wings


2015 - 2016



Victory of Opposing Party

  • Indirect defeat of Kingdom of Heaven
  • Reconciliation of Amenadiel and Lucifer
  • Beginning of hostilities between Lucifer's allies and Malcolm Graham and his allies

Heavenflag Kingdom of Heaven

Mazikeen (secretly, formerly)

Supported by:
Malcolm Graham (unwillingly, formerly)

Opposing Party

Supported by:
Malcolm Graham (formerly, briefly)
Lapdlogo Los Angeles Police Department

Anti-Lucifer Allied Forces (late conflict)
Campologno Gang (late conflict)


Heavenflag God (supposedly)
Heavenflag Amenadiel
Heavenflag Governing Angels

Lucifer Morningstar
Lapdlogo Chief of Police of LAPD
Lapdlogo Chloe Decker

Malcolm Graham Tommy Campologno


Heavenflag 1 Primordial being (God)
Heavenflag Host of Heaven

1 Human (Malcolm Graham (formerly))
1 Demon (Mazikeen (formerly, secretly))

1 Angel (Lucifer Morningstar)
2 Humans (Linda Martin (indirectly), Malcolm Graham (briefly) )
Lapdlogo LAPD Armed Forces

1 Demon (Mazikeen)

1 Human (Malcolm Graham)
Campologno Forces

  • 7-10 Armed Fighters



(Total) 10-20 (Malcolm Graham and co-belligerent gang members)


The Heaven-Lucifer Conflict was a conflict between the Kingdom of Heaven and opposing parties, mainly represented by the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar over the latter's refusal to return to Hell. It ended with the indirect victory of Lucifer, since the hostilities ceased after the reconciliation of Amenadiel and Lucifer under one purpose: getting revenge on Malcolm Graham.

Prelude Edit

Having grown bored with reigning over Hell, the fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar abdicates and settles in Los Angeles, United States. Heaven (supposedly God) disagrees with Lucifer's decision, and sends Amenadiel to convince him to return and rule Hell once again. Upon hearing Lucifer's refusal, Amenadiel threaned Lucifer that his Father will get angry and his own life might be in the balance. Lucifer, however, finds Amenadiel's words to be of zero importance, and dismisses him.

The Conflict Edit

Lucifer's refusal led Heaven into trying to get him to go back to Hell through any possible means, regardless if it meant effectively declaring war.

Amenadiel tried to ally with Mazikeen in order to learn what Lucifer's weaknesses were. Though reticent at first, Maze eventually agreed to secretly help Heaven into getting Lucifer back to Hell.

Also, Amenadiel arranged for Lucifer's wings to be stolen, thinking that after finding them, he'd realize their value and get back to Hell.

Amenadiel posed as a doctor and manipulated Dr. Linda Martin into having a talk with Lucifer, mentioning the name Samael she learned from Amenadiel. Lucifer became very angry, so more than ever that he punched a hole into a wall from Linda's office before leaving the room.

Amenadiel supposedly teamed up with Lucifer to find his wings. What, at first, looked like the originals, duplicates were for sale. However, Lucifer was able to find the real wings after some digging.

Lucifer took the wings to a beach, where he confronted Amenadiel. The latter though that he'd finally surrender and go back to Hell, however Lucifer figured out Amenadiel's role in the theft of his wings and proceeded to burn them.

Then, Amenadiel tried to use the now-resurrected police officer Malcolm to kill Lucifer, threatening him with death and eternal damnation in Hell if he refused. However, Malcolm agreed to bargain with Lucifer, sparing his life for his Pentecostal Coin. Seeing that Malcolm failed to kill Lucifer, he took matters into his own hands and began direct hostilities with Lucifer, staring a fight at Lux. It was Mazikeen who stopped them, and after Lucifer's accusation of being the murdered of the preacher, he seemingly surrendered, telling Amenadiel to take him back to Hell. However, Amenadiel refused. The two reconciled, and declared war on Malcolm, wating to claim revenge.

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