Anyway, they became Mum and Dad. They had a whole litter of kids, including yours truly. And they built a house. They called it Heaven. They were happy.
Lucifer to Linda Martin
in "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer"

Heaven is a spiritual realm ruled by God and populated by angels and the souls of deceased, righteous mortals. Lucifer used to reside in Heaven before he was cast out and condemned to rule Hell for eternity by his father.

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known about Heaven's history, other than it was created by God as a dwelling place for him, his angels, and later on, the souls of the deceased good people. It is usually associated with the upwards direction from Earth, the opposite of Hell.

When a righteous soul reaches Heaven, they would be greeted by Uriel. He would welcome them with a speech that Lucifer described as "worse than Hell".

When both God and Goddess started neglecting their family, Lucifer felt so forsaken that he rebelled against God and started a war in Heaven. When Lucifer lost the war, God cast him out of Heaven and into Hell as punishment.

Like the cities on Earth, Heaven has a city of its own, called the Silver City.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

Lucifer just landed in Heaven.

In "A Chance At a Happy Ending", after Chloe Decker is killed by Michael and ascends into Heaven, Lucifer decides that he must retrieve her soul and bring her back despite the fact that his banishment means that Lucifer will be destroyed. Lucifer arrives in the form of a comet and crashes into a mountain range, witnessed by Chloe and her father. Upon emerging from the crater, Lucifer discovers that Lilith's immortality stored in his ring is shielding him, but the immortality is quickly fading. Lucifer is greeted by Lee Garner who became the first human to escape from Hell after finally facing his guilt. Lee helps the weakened Lucifer reach Chloe whose father encourages her to return to the people who need her. With the ring only having enough power left for one of them, Lucifer gives Chloe the ring, resurrecting her while he burns up from his broken banishment. Chloe awakens in her body in on Earth where she beats Michael into submission using part of the Flaming Sword. Lucifer suddenly returns from Heaven, having been resurrected as the new God for his selfless sacrifice to bring back Chloe.

Lucifer with "Mr. Said Out Bitch" (Lee Garner) in Heaven.

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Last episode of Season 5B

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As Amenadiel demonstrates, an angel can take the soul of a dead human to Heaven personally, which is what he did for Charlotte.
    • Lucifer calls it a "first class ticket", implying dying normally is like riding coach.
  • Eve explains Heaven is peaceful and dull compared to Earth. They also have TV, as Eve mentions they have ESPN.
  • Amenadiel implies the deceased can watch their family from Heaven, as he notes Chloe's father is proud of her.
  • According to Lucifer, animals also seem to have an afterlife, claiming specifically that "all dogs go to Heaven".
  • Remiel implies Heaven is like Earth to some degree, as they can hunt stags.
  • Amenadiel revealed self-judgement affects all living beings upon his return.
  • According to Amenadiel, Heaven is full of love for God from the humans living there. "Detective Amenadiel"

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