Healing is the power to heal another being of injuries. Sometimes it goes along with resurrection, but not always.

Entities possessing this power[edit | edit source]

  • Gods - Gods possess the power of healing.
    • Goddess - When entering her vessels, Goddess healed them of all of their prior injuries. However, she could not further heal them afterwards. Upon departing for a void, Goddess resurrected Charlotte Richards, in the process healing the injuries her body had received while possessed by Goddess, including a stab wound to the abdomen.
  • Angels - Angels are capable of healing others. However, they can only use this power while in possession of their wings.
    • Amenadiel - While resurrecting the recently-deceased Malcolm Graham, Amenadiel healed the gunshot wound that had killed him in the first place.
    • Lucifer - Feathers from Lucifer's wings could be used to heal others. After regaining his wings, Lucifer possessed the power of healing, at one point offering to heal Doctor Linda Martin's injuries. When Lucifer resurrected Abel, he healed the injuries Bree Garland's body had received that originally killed her.

Objects that are capable of healing[edit | edit source]

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