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"Goodbye, Lucifer" is the ninth episode of the sixth season of Lucifer.[2]


Lucifer tries to enjoy what may be his last day on Earth, Dan's killer escapes from prison, and Chloe drops a serious bombshell.


In prison, death row inmate is praying. A guard comes to tell him his parents and uncle have come to see him. The inmate asks about his cat Mr. Meow-gi, to which the guard says they don't allow pets. He is sadly lead away until they spot a lion in the hall. Turns out this is the pet feline the inmate wishes to see. He happily claps and calls over the lion. The guards yell for help. Around the corner, Jophiel smiles that he was able to reunite the two, checking off a list in a book.

At Lucifer's penthouse, Amenadiel explains their siblings are granting prayers and making a mess of things. It is what is causing the end of the world. Lucifer's question is how it has to due with the frog Ella got. Amenadiel explains that Lezmegadiel screwed up; a little girl was praying for a pet frog, but since he didn't know they can be bought at stores and due to poor aim, Ella got it. The red river and missing socks are due to the Angels screwing up. Lucifer wished to wake Chloe and tell her that the world is not ending; however, Amenadiel explains the domino effect which lead to Apocalypse by Thousand Paper Cuts. Amenadiel tells him that he tried to order the Angels to stop, but they will not obey anyone but a legitimate God; Lucifer must become god NOW. Lucifer explains his wings work now, but he does not wish to be God. Amenadiel is upset as they fought a war and lost siblings to get to this point. Lucifer assures him that deep down he knows it is the right choice. Amenadiel tells him they need to fix things now, but Lucifer is sure it is fine.

Cue immediately being proven wrong. Back in the prison, Dan is in Vincent Le Mec's cell, where he wonders why is the key to his guilt. Vincent is shaking as if in fear; he can't see Dan. As Dan continues to ponder, a guard comes to take Vincent to the yard; however, Jophiel's screw up with the lion causes chaos, making the guard take off and forget to shut the cell door. Vincent uses the chaos to escape, much to Dan's anger. Where's a Goddamn celestial when you need one?'

Back at Lucifer's penthouse, Lucifer and Chloe are peacefully sleeping in bed. Lucifer wakes with energy, dressing in his red pajama pants and robe, dancing into the main area and playing A Hazy Shade of Winter. He begins making off a to do list and starts loading fruit and whiskey into a blender, as his booze shelf pulses with colors to the tune. The blender noise wakes Chloe, as Lucifer continues dancing. He pours the drink into a glass and dances to the coach, seeing Chloe dressed and watching him from the stairs; confused. Lucifer explains he's not going to be God and the world's not ending. Chloe tells him that today is the last day anyone will see him. The two sit on the coach, distressed. While they have ruled out his murder with Azrael's blade, other celestial weapons can hurt him. Lucifer is more angry with Rory for telling them when he vanished. Chloe assures him that as long as they avoid 10th and swanson, the future can't come true. They decide to plan a beach day tomorrow to get themselves cheered up. Chloe heads out to take Trixie to camp and file reinstatement forms to get her job back at the LAPD. After she leaves, Lucifer hires people to build him a panic room.

Rory arrives, surprised by the lengths he's going to. Lucifer explains that the timer lock will keep him safe until August 5th, leaving him unable to abandon baby Rory. Rory appreciates that Lucifer is committed to being there, but the fact she's still there means her original future still happened; unless she disappears, it means Lucifer will still vanish within the day's time. Rory laughs that the king of debauchery and fun is spending his last day locked in a box. Lucifer takes the challenge, leaving the men to finish the project. Seeing this as the last time he can truly be with Rory, Lucifer decides to let her chose their fun activities. They buy one of everything from a bakery, sumo wrestle with sumo suits, buy one of everything at a jewelry shop, do karaoke, have a water balloon fight and even drop the water balloons from the penthouse to see who gets hit. Enjoying their sweets, Lucifer plays Bones on TV, hoping she will enjoy hia favorite show. Rory tells him a spinoff called More Bones in her time is better. Lucifer asks about it. Apparently it's about the FBI agent, cyborg daughter of Booth and Bones and her android partner. Rory leaves for the bathroom as Lucifer has a cupcake.

Chloe arrives with the beach stuff for tomorrow, surprised by all the sweets. Lucifer explains that he and Rory had the greatest day, calling it the best for his last day. Chloe is surprised that Lucifer has gone back to calling it his last. He shows off his panic room to assure her that he will be fine. Chloe is confused why he can't trust himself not to leave. Lucifer says its because none of it feels real. Chloe then shows him a positive pregnancy test; unborn Rory is inside her. Lucifer happily examines the test. Rory returns, wondering what is going on. Chloe explains that she is trying to convince Lucifer staying is his choice. Rory explains that he desire for Lucifer to stay doesn't matter, he leaves no doubt as the time loop is still established. Chloe tells Lucifer he still has a choice, which will come; only then will Rory disappear. Rory tells Chloe that she now believes that his leaving them wasn't his choice, but something too powerful for Lucifer to stop. Chloe leaves, upset with Lucifer for believing fate will override his own choice to stay. Rory leaves after her.

In the meantime, Vincent is trying to rob a convienece store. A desperate Dan, ends up possessing him and saving the clerk from being shot. Dan heads to Lux, where an upset Lucifer chockes him. Saying "bracelet buddy", Dan cues Lucifer that it's him. To be added



Guest Starring[]


  • Richard Baxter as Guard #2
  • Aaron Bledsoe as Josh
  • Carlos E. Campos as Vlad
  • Christopher Guyton as Guard
  • Dan Wells as Guard #3


  • Maze says the title when she and Lucifer part ways. This is the first time Maze says an episode title.
  • It's revealed that the angels are answering prayers and making a mess of it which will cause a chain reaction that will eventually destroy the world, or "Apocalypse By a Thousand Paper Cuts."
    • Dan the Frog was caused by a young girl praying for one but Lezmegadiel didn't realize that humans get them at pet stores. His terrible aim caused Ella to get it instead.
    • Another example is Jophiel answering a death row prisoner's prayer to see his pet lion, Mr. Meowgi, one more time. It causes chaos in the prison, allowing Vincent Le Mec to escape..
  • Rory and Lucifer are shown to share a love for the FOX show Bones, something that Lucifer had previously displayed in "The Angel of San Bernardino". Rory tells Lucifer that in her time, there's a spinoff series called More Bones.
  • While possessed by Dan Espinoza, Vincent Le Mec's French accent disappears and is replaced by Rob Benedict's real American accent.
  • After talking with Trixie on Lucifer's insistence, Dan finally releases his guilt and ascends to Heaven.
  • Lucifer's To Do List
    • Become God
    • Prove I love Rory
    • Check in on Father Frank
    • Azrael's blade still secure?
    • Start calling Dan "Casper"
    • Rewatch Bones
    • Visit São Paolo
    • Try Golden Gate w/ Chloe
  • As this is his last known day on Earth, Lucifer makes amends with his friends, ensuring they part on good terms.
    • Lucifer starts an education program in Ella's name, ensuring the future has more women like her in all the places her brand of heart is needed.
    • As a goodbye gift, Maze gives Lucifer her remaining dagger so that he will always have a piece of her with him.
  • At Chloe's suggestion and with Lucifer's blessing, Amenadiel becomes the new God, intending to rule from Earth and to include their siblings in decisions more.
  • Rory's future has hoverboards.
  • Contrary to what most viewers think about the pet lion situation being ridiculous, in real life lions can be raised by special trainers and still recognize and be affectionate to them even years later.




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