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The last thing I want is to hurt my children.
Goddess to Lucifer
in "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy"

Goddess is one of the two co-creators of the universe, the mother of angels, and God's ex-wife. During her stay in Los Angeles, she inhabited the body of Charlotte Richards as her temporary vessel. She served as the primary antagonist of Season 2, and a minor character in Season 5.


Early History

God and Goddess were two celestial beings who fell in love with each other. According to Lucifer, they had sex, i.e. "the Big Bang," thereby creating the universe. They had many children together, whom were called angels. They also created a home, which became known as Heaven, or the Silver City.

Years later, God started focusing on a new project, humanity. God's project caused Goddess to become distant, and soon both she and her husband began to neglect their family. Goddess began to despise Humans and wished for their undoing. Feeling forsaken, Lucifer acted out and rebelled against his father. Angered by Lucifer's rebellion, God wanted to destroy him, but his wife convinced him to eternally banish Lucifer to Hell instead.

Eventually, Goddess's hatred for humans grew even more. She caused floods and plagues, angered at the time and effort her husband put into their creation instead of their relationship and children. For this reason, God cast her into Hell as well, banishing her from Heaven and appointing Lucifer as her warden. Lucifer, believing that his mother remained indifferent when God cast him out, assigned Mazikeen to torture her.

Thousands of years later, five years after Lucifer abandoned Hell to live a life on Earth, Goddess was able to use her limited strength to escape Hell and come to Earth. There, she ventured to Los Angeles, taking possession of various deceased bodies. After three days, she found Lucifer while in the body of Charlotte Richards, which she has since remained in.

Throughout the Series

In "Take Me Back to Hell", Goddess is referred to as Mom who escaped Hell as Lucifer thinks God chose him to stay on Earth and lock her back in Hell.

In "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer", Lucifer discussed with Amenadiel of how they gonna find their mom. However, she was able to find Lucifer and show up at his doorstep, experiencing the body's shock that resulted from the soul having previously died.

In "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Lucifer refuses to return Mom to Heaven and instead suggests sending her back to Hell to rule, something that enrages her. Mom goes as far as to severely wound Linda and to threaten all of the humans at the Santa Monica Pier. As time is slowed by Amenadiel to save Linda, Lucifer ignites the Flaming Sword and confronts Mom who insists she just wants to move forward and start over. Telling Mom that returning to Heaven is moving backward instead of forwards which is bad for everyone, Lucifer uses the power of the Flaming Sword to open a tear into a void. Lucifer tells Mom to go into the Void and create a new universe for herself as her way of starting over. Lucifer reminds Mom that if she returns to Heaven, there will be a war and in war there are casualties. Not wanting that for her children, Mom consents and shares a tearful goodbye with Lucifer. She then departs Charlotte's body and goes into the Void. Lucifer removes the key and tosses the other two pieces of the sword in after her, forever sealing the tear and separating the two universes. Shortly afterwards, as Dan examines the human Charlotte's body, she comes to life, having been resurrected by Goddess as she left.

In "They're Back, Aren't They?", Lucifer reveals to Amenadiel that he sent Goddess into the Void. Lucifer initially suspects that his wings returning are God punishing him for this, but comes to think that "something darker" connected to "the Sinnerman" is behind it.

In "Infernal Guinea Pig", while discussing resurrecting Abel, Lucifer tells Marcus Pierce that "based on a sample size of one crooked cop and one Goddess, I can only drop a soul into someone whose recently died," specifically, the instant after someone's death.

In "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam", Dan meets God who is angry that Dan had slept with his wife. Dan, after speaking with Amenadiel, comes to the conclusion that he's definitely going to Hell for sleeping with God's wife. God briefly kills Dan in revenge, but he quickly reverses it.

In "Nothing Lasts Forever", Lucifer reveals that he had Gabriel deliver a message to Goddess who returns in the form of Charlotte to reunite with her husband. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that it wasn't easy and Goddess only has enough power for this one trip. God and Goddess reconcile with God telling his wife that she's clearly better at being a creator than he ever was if she thinks that it's not as hard as he always made it out to be. "No surprise in that," comments God while Goddess admits that it gets lonely being in charge. Goddess reveals to her two children that they have decided to retire to her universe together with God adding that it's time for him to spend time in her world rather than the other way around. Goddess says the goodbye to Amenadiel that she never got the first time and expresses her pride in him and his role as a father, offering reassurances to Amenadiel's fears. Pushing aside the curtain on Lux's stage, God and Goddess say their goodbyes and walk into a bright light, returning to Goddess' universe.

Unbeknownst to anyone else at the time, Gabriel took advantage of her trip into Goddess' universe to steal the two pieces of the Flaming Sword that Lucifer had sent into the Void. Gabriel delivered them to Michael and commented that "Mom's universe is pretty cool. The centaurs freak me out though."

In "Save the Devil, Save the World", Ella Lopez is shocked to discover from Linda Martin's book that Charlotte Richards was a goddess. Lucifer admits that she was "some of the time," but he doesn't elaborate on it any further than that.


Goddess is fearless and has a strong conviction for who she's and what she deserves. However, she and Lucifer don't share the same opinion when it comes to humanity. Everything that fascinates Lucifer about people repels his mother with disdain, which is evident from that fact that she's trapped in a human body for her stay on Earth. Despite this, her experiences in her human vessel have seemingly piqued her interest in humanity to want to learn more.

In "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", she calls Dan her favorite human, showing that she has developed a somewhat better opinion of humanity than before. Her actions toward Dan suggest she had genuinely liked him. Goddess cares deeply for her children and was genuinely mournful over the loss of Uriel. In "They're Back, Aren't They?", Dan reveals that he knew that at the beginning of their relationship, Goddess was just using him. However, he thinks that she genuinely came to care about him by the end of it. Notably, God himself showed some jealousy towards their relationship, briefly killing Dan in a moment of anger when God loses control of his powers.

Goddess didn't understand the concept of indecent exposure at first, removing a dress she borrowed from Maze in public; Lucifer told her it was a problem (since it made her look like a hooker), and she thought that would solve it. She also lacked the understanding of privacy, as she walked in on Lucifer having fun with a lady, much to his disgust and frustration. Like Maze, Goddess uses sex to her advantage, using it to silence Charlotte's husband when he becomes confused about "his wife's" behavior; like Lucifer, she comes to find it to be one of her favorite things about humanity, having stated she enjoyed the "Reverse Cowgirl" position.

When her vessel started losing the capacity to hold her essence, Goddess grew more impatient and temperamental about getting back to Heaven. Due to her impatience, Goddess constantly tried different means to harness one of Lucifer's emotions to light the Flaming Sword, much to his annoyance as this kept interrupting his research on emotional control.

After a few years of creating her own universe, Goddess is shown to be content with her life and to even enjoy being the creator of her own world. Goddess comments that its not as hard as her husband made it seem, but God simply thinks that she's better at it than he is and doesn't find this fact to be at all surprising. Despite her previous animosity towards God for imprisoning her, when Goddess is actually reunited with God, she is happy to see him which proves to be mutual and they are quickly reconciled. God proves to be eager to retire with his wife in her universe and to enjoy her creation for the first time instead of the other way around. Goddess also takes the chance to say a proper goodbye to Amenadiel and express her pride in him as a parent and to sooth his worries.

Powers and Abilities

As the goddess of creation, she is one of the most powerful beings in both Universes alongside her husband God. Following Goddess' escape from Hell, she was in a weakened state with her power being extremely limited, although far greater than most beings she encountered. Over the course of months on Earth, Goddess' powers slowly recovered to their original level to the point that her vessel could no longer contain her and Goddess had to leave it.

  • Immortality: Goddess has been stated to be eternal.
  • Superhuman Strength: Shortly after her escape from Hell, she was strong enough to knock Mazikeen down with one headbutt, however wasn't strong enough to escape chains. During a brief struggle with a robber, she instinctively pushed him, sending him flying across a parking lot and into the wall, which effectively killed him. Later on, she grew strong enough to effortlessly lift Amenadiel into the air. As well as being able to overpower grown men, as shown when she punched a man into a wall in the restroom along with being able to send Lucifer flying into the back of a car.
  • Superhuman Durability: With her full extent of powers, Goddess is essentially indestructible, with only other gods capable of harming her. However, while in a human vessel, her durability was reduced to a level lower than of demons, though still higher than of humans. After just entering vessels, she was able to make them function despite their cause of death; notably, in Charlotte's case, she was able to briefly fully function with a screwdriver in her neck without even realizing so for about a minute. A stab in the guts surprised her more than offended her, and she was able to close the wound using a stapler, showing only minimal discomfort while doing so.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Being the Mother of Angels and God's former wife, Goddess possesses nearly infinite knowledge. However, she is not aware of events happening outside of her human horizon.
  • Vessel Possession: Goddess has to use a human vessel in order to interact with beings on Earth. She can possess bodies of recently deceased humans and use each vessel until it dies again. In "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire", Goddess takes possession of a series of recently deceased humans throughout Los Angeles, but each ends up dead until she possesses Charlotte Richards. However, this only appeared to be required in her weakened state as once she regained her full powers, Goddess was able to manifest in physical form without using a vessel.
  • Healing: Goddess is able to heal her vessel's body immediately upon entering it, curing it of any injury and disease. However, this power is limited, as she is unable to heal her vessel anytime after this. Upon resurrecting her last vessel Charlotte Richards, Goddess healed the injuries Charlotte's body had sustained while it was possessed by her.
  • Resurrection: As she left Earth, Goddess resurrected the human Charlotte Richards who had been acting as her vessel. Unlike Amenadiel and Lucifer, she did not have to physically go to Hell and retrieve Charlotte's soul where it had been since the human Charlotte's death. However, it is unclear whether this was intentional or a side-effect of her departure.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence: Collectively with God, she created the universe. Originally, she was powerful enough to kill God, although Goddess was overpowered and severely weakened by God. Rumors say she caused plagues and floods on Earth. However, her powers were greatly reduced after she was banished to Hell. According to her, she is no longer the Goddess of All Creation. However, her powers started to return to her while on Earth until her vessel could no longer contain her. After departing for the Void, Goddess was able to create her own universe in just a few years time.
  • Nigh-Omniscience: As a god, Goddess presumably possessed nearly unlimited knowledge. Even after being weakened, she was able to gain a superb understanding of human law enforcement after reading a number of books on the subjects for only a few days. It is presumed that this power returned to her with the rest of her powers.
  • Portal Creation: After being contacted by Gabriel, she managed to open a portal back from her universe, although it was stated that she only had enough power to accomplish this feat just once.
  • Corporeal Manifestation: During her brief return to her original universe, Goddess was able to manifest in the form of Charlotte Richards despite not using the woman, who was once again dead, as her vessel.


  • Human Vessel: Goddess's vessel is human. Physical injuries can harm and kill her vessel. Also, as Goddess's powers returned to her, the human vessel was unable to contain her essence. Any cut to the vessel would cause light that could incinerate humans to rupture out of the wound. Presumably, her vessel would have exploded if she had continued to use the body.
  • God: God was the one who cast her out and imprisoned her in Hell. Before her arrival on Earth, God was the only being who could kill her.
  • Azrael's Blade: If she was stabbed with Azrael's blade while weakened and in human vessel, her essence would be completely eradicated from existence.

Physical Appearance

As seen in "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Goddess' true form is that of a being of pure light. In addition, the divine light of which the Goddess is made, can largely destroy one or more humans, but also on a larger scale like Los Angeles. They aren't able to support this divinity. This has the effect of burning them.

When she's on Earth, Goddess appears as her human vessel, Charlotte Richards. When her soul briefly returns to Hell in "A Good Day to Die", it assumes Charlotte's form. Goddess appears to have a particular fondness for Charlotte's form as seen with her return from her own universe in "Nothing Lasts Forever" where she uses the form of Charlotte once again even though she is no longer using the woman as her vessel.


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