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This page is about Lucifer's father, commonly referred to as "God".
You may be looking for the species of gods and goddesses or
for Earl Johnson, the psychiatric patient who thought he was God, or
for the current God, Amenadiel.

"The funny thing about miracles... They happen every day"
God to Maze
in "Resting Devil Face"

God is one of the two co-creators of the Universe and the father of all angels. He's seemingly trying to have Lucifer redeem himself, as shown when he has Frank Lawrence cross paths with him. After infighting between his angelic children significantly escalated, God returned to Earth for the first time in thousands of years to break up the fighting. Unbeknownst to Lucifer or his other children, God had been manipulated for months by Michael into believing that he was losing control of his powers, eventually causing him to consider retirement. Though this façade was discovered with the help of Amenadiel, God still decided to retire and later reconciled with Goddess, ultimately deciding to spend the rest of eternity alongside her in Goddess' universe and leaving the management of Heaven to his children.



Creation of the Universe

At the dawn of time, God and Goddess fell in love with each other and collectively created the universe, Heaven, and Hell. They had many children, known as Angels. However, when he began to work on Humans, their relationship worsened.[2]

Banishing Lucifer

Because he ignored his family in having of developing Earth, it started making God's family bitter. Samael changed his name to "Lucifer" out of hurt, throwing a tantrum about God's lack of attention to the family. Lucifer decided (thanks to Michael subtly influencing him) to rebel against God in the belief he could do better; supported by Saraqael, Jophiel and Azrael among other angels.

Believing that Lucifer needed to learn about the importance of ruling lives, if he believed he could be a better God than him, God faked being furious at Lucifer and sent him to Hell as job training; tricking Goddess into thinking it was her idea. The Flaming Sword was broken apart, with God entrusting the blade to Azrael and the pin to Amenadiel. He then kept up a passive-aggressive facade with his children who supported Lucifer; even putting a spell on Heaven to destroy Lucifer as a final test of his willingness to be God.

Marking Cain

When Cain killed his own brother, God, furious by such an act, cursed Cain to never die and should he die, he would be resurrected, with methods able to kill Angels being unable to kill Cain. He had Amenadiel brand Cain with his mark that he made never able to be erased, in order to forever remind Cain of what he did.[3]

Gift from God

Circa 1981, God ordered Amenadiel to go down to Earth and bless a couple who were not able to have their own child. The couple was John and Penelope Decker, who later gave birth to Chloe Decker. That was the first and only time God asked Amenadiel to do anything like that.[4]

Deal with Lucifer

Throughout the years, Lucifer would spend time on Earth for recreation; God sent Amenadiel to drag him back to Hell each time, as it wasn't time yet for him to be on Earth

In 2011, Lucifer had grown tired with ruling Hell and moved to Los Angeles; however, because Amenadiel made a promise to leave Lucifer alone after helping him recover his necklace, he couldn't be sent back. By 2016, Amenadiel claimed God sent him to ask Lucifer to return; however, this happened on the day he met Chloe (part of God's long run plan).

When Lucifer was mortally wounded by Malcolm Graham, Lucifer prayed to his father, wanting to make a deal: he would be the son he wanted if he protected Chloe in his absence. When Lucifer returned to Hell, God showed him Goddess's empty cell, before bringing back to life using the Pentecostal Coin. God was wanting Lucifer to resolve his issus with Goddess to help Lucifer heal.[5]

After Lucifer sent Goddess into a Void to create a new universe, he became convinced that the return of his wings was a punishment from God for his actions, although it later turned out that Lucifer gave himself his wings back.

Returning to Earth

Family Squabble

Divine appearance of God.

God didn't return to Earth following its creation for thousands of years. Eventually, when Michael returned to Earth to exact revenge on Lucifer and Amenadiel, God returned to Earth to command his children to stop fighting.[6]


God became increasingly convinced that he was losing control of his powers, and decided to choose one of his children to replace him. Amenadiel eventually realized that Michael was actually manipulating his father in order to take power, while Lucifer had Gabriel contact Goddess, who returned from Her new universe. God and Goddess were happily reunited and they decided to retire together to Goddess's universe. Dropping his mysterious attitude, God tearfully admitted that Lucifer was right in that he was not a good father. God finally told Lucifer that he loved him and was proud of the man that his son had become. God and Goddess left together with God telling his sons that it was up to them now to figure out who would replace him.[7]

After realizing that his true calling is to help the souls of Hell overcome their guilt and reach Heaven, Lucifer finally understood what God meant when he told Lucifer that he would figure it out and that Hell no longer needs a keeper. God had meant that Hell needs a healer which is Lucifer's true calling.<ref>"Partners 'Til the End"


God's reaction to the "devil face" of his son, Lucifer.

Nobody bloody knows what "He" wants, because the selfish bastard won't just tell us!
— Lucifer about God
in "Weaponizer"

God seems to care more for humans than angels, as after he created humans, he spent more time on them than he did with his celestial family. His care for humans even surpass his love for his wife, as he banished her to Hell after she repeatedly tried to destroy humanity.

Amenadiel admits God can be "an ass"; with his "mysterious ways". Though it seems millennia of ruling existence mellowed God out. Goddess claimed God wished to obliterate Lucifer after the Rebellion before being convinced to send him to Hell; contradicted by "Resting Devil Face", where God laughs at the memory. Even cursing Cain with immortality ended up being short-sighted on God's part as Abel wanted to kill too and humans ended up killing each other anyway.

God set up the universe so that he didn't have control of the fates of mortals and immortals; instead, their own self-judgment decides where they go when they die.

God during his therapy with Lucifer.

To the embarrassment and frustration of Lucifer, God is clueless about human interaction; even for the seriousness of crime solving. God has a fondness for musicals, using his powers to compel humans to sing songs related to their current situations; while it's unknown if he actually chooses the songs or those he directs pick them.

You were right son. At our family dinner. I could have been a better father to you. But I'm proud of the man you became.
– God's true feelings to Lucifer

During his therapy session with Linda, God explained that he tried to give his children space to make their own choices, as when he tried parenting, he was deemed controlling. However, he soon received clarity that he needed to show Lucifer support in order to help mend their relationship.

After spending time on Earth seeing the lives of Lucifer, Amenadiel and those close to them, God realized that he had truly not understood his children and that they had grown since living with mortals. Further more, when Goddess returned, God admitted that she was better at running a universe than him as she found it easy. Upon his retirement, God admitted Lucifer had been right to be angry with him and that despite his lackluster parenting, Lucifer had grown into someone he could be proud of.

Powers and Abilities

  • Nigh-Omnipotence: As a god, God is all but omnipotent; and unrivaled, even to his wife, Goddess, who he cast to Hell and stripped of her power, he is also now stronger as her prolonged imprisonment has weakened her. With Goddess, he created the universe and angels. God's power made him able to create an entire, albeit weaker, species on his own, as he created humanity, and he is also capable of placing extremely powerful curses on an individual, as he cursed Cain to always be resurrected should he die, with even demon knives being unable to kill him despite the knives being able to kill angels. He can effortlessly kill other species, even those who stand on top of the hierarchy, such as Lucifer, as Goddess said that God can destroy Lucifer and wanted to do so after his rebellion until Goddess convinced him to spare him. God's power is also great enough to be capable of temporarily altering the timeline for a "butterfly effect" experiment, or creating an alternate, temporary reality with the scenario he wants to test.
    • Resurrection: God resurrected Lucifer after he was killed by Malcolm so he could find Goddess. He also resurrected Dan after exploding him.
    • Healing: When God resurrected Lucifer, he also healed his gunshot wound. After exploding Dan, God put him back together and removed all trace of injury.
    • Immortality: God can live for eternity and is almost impossible to destroy, with only Goddess having the potential to do so.
    • Flight: Gods can traverse interdimensional barriers, such as the ones between Heaven, Hell, and Earth. He traveled from Heaven to Earth to stop Lucifer, Amenadiel and Michael's fight.
    • Weather Manipulation: When Lucifer and Michael were arguing during the family dinner, God created a thunderstorm in his displeasure. Lucifer calls it "Old Testament Wrath".
    • Reality Warping: God is able to control reality, as he was able to make music play, and shine colorful lights out of nowhere. He was also able to make himself win by hitting each hole on the first try while playing golf. He was able to explode Dan and then instantly put him back together.
    • Mental Manipulation: God made people, and human corpses, participate in impromptu musical dance numbers, without them being disturbed by that, and then removed all their memories. Angels seem to have a slight immunity to this, as Lucifer expressed confusion when it occurred and remembered it happening, with him later stating that he just got caught up in the music. However, Amenadiel seems as susceptible to this as the humans around him. After exploding Dan, he made it so that all humans in the surroundings forgot it happened, although Dan seemed to have trace memories of the experience.
    • Power Stripping: After listening Lucifer's advice, God decided to become human and put his power into Charlie's toy. After finishing his day as human, he took back his power, and became God once again.
    • Super Strength: He was able to grip Dan's hand with enormous strength that caused him great pain.
    • Molecular Combustion: God was able to kill Dan by making him explode.
    • Chronokinesis: God was able to unfreeze time upon his arrival on Earth. After Lucifer and other people finished their musical dance number on football field, he reversed time and returned all of them to the positions they were in before they started dancing. God reversed time to put Dan back together after killing him.
  • Nigh-Omniscience: As a primordial entity, God possesses a nearly unrivaled amount of knowledge. However, contrary to popular belief, He isn't aware of everything that happens, and he apparently doesn't understand certain things and concepts, such as sarcasm.


  • Goddess: She had similar powers to God before she was severely weakened. According to Uriel, if Goddess regained Her former powers, she would be the only being able to kill God.
  • Self-Actualization: God has admitted that he has been losing control of his power for some time, resulting in several accidents during his time on Earth. However, it later turned out that he was doing this to Himself due to Michael's manipulations, as he is subject to self-judgment, just like mortals and angels are.
    • Senility: While human (and insecure due to Michael's manipulations), God showed signs of poor memory.


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other angels


Other angels are seen at God's retirement party including Zadkiel angel of righteousness and Hanjobadiel the most handsome. Jophiel and Saraqael visited Lux in S5E15. Raziel initially sided with Michael. Lezmegadiel is mentioned to be in S6E9.

  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals


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God: "Does that mean I never should've manipulated things to begin with? I have a better question. Wouldn't you do the same in my shoes? After all, a parent just wants what's best for their child."

God: "My son and I... Well, let's just say, I don't think I could change anything that would make our relationship less complicated."


  • In the comics, God is known as the Presence, who is the creator of the DC Multiverse and is truly omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent.
  • In "Favorite Son", Linda claims that Lucifer is God's favorite child after doing research on the devil. However, in "Sympathy for the Goddess", an ancient Sumerian text claims that the key for the Flaming Sword was given to God's favorite son. The key is revealed to be Amenadiel's necklace strongly implying that he is God's favorite.
  • In "Quid Pro Ho", Lucifer implies Nietzsche is his father's killer. This might be a reference to the famous quote "God is dead".
  • Amenadiel notes God has a tendency to overreact.
    • He nearly erased Lucifer from existence for rebelling against Him (which was just Lucifer's way of expressing his pain at being ignored by Him) until Goddess convinced Him to send Lucifer to hell instead.
      • He later laughed at the memory when he was temporarily human, suggesting he either mellowed over time or Goddess was lying.
    • He cursed Cain with immortality for killing Abel (which was the first murder ever). Cain views this as an overreaction as both brothers wanted to kill each other.
  • In "Once Upon a Time", God is narrated by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman created the version of Lucifer in The Sandman comic, that would go on to appear in the solo Lucifer comics on which the TV series is loosely based on.
    • Gaiman is British, giving God a British accent.
  • As revealed in Crisis on Infinite Earths, God's inaction takes extreme levels. Rather than recreate his universe Himself, He leaves it to The Spectre and the Paragons to reboot the multiverse, not bothering to lend a hand against the Anti-Monitor, although this is likely because He knew the multiverse would eventually be recreated, as part of His plan.
  • God purposely chose to have "el" at the end of his children's names; he liked the rhyming. Though he does respect if they have chosen a name for themselves; after seeing it set off his son, God accepted calling him "Lucifer" instead of Samael.
    • The suffix "el" or "iel" in angelic names is Hebrew for "God".




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