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"It's Angel of Messages, but whatever. I got plenty of hot goss without you."
— Gabriel to Amenadiel
in "Nothing Lasts Forever"

Gabriel is an Archangel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's siblings. After God announced his retirement, Gabriel was the first of their siblings to side with Michael in his attempt to succeed their father over Lucifer. She stood by his side until the end, fighting Lucifer's Demon army and Eve, until Lucifer won the final battle against Michael and proved himself worthy as the new Sovereign of Heaven. She bent a knee with the others in recognizing their brother as the new God.




Gabriel was one of the many Angels born to God and Goddess long predating the Big Bang, billions of years ago[1], but is special as she is an Archangel.[2] She had grown a reputation in the Silver City for never paying debts back[3] and being a gossiper, being known as the Angel of Messages and the Angel of Gossip. The latter causes her siblings to try and hide things from her, not wanting their personal life to be revealed.[2]

News of Lucifer's Sacrifice[]

One day, Gabriel learned that Lucifer Morningstar went back to Hell sacrifice of his own happiness on Earth to protect his loved ones. She later tells the other Angels about Lucifer's return to Hell, which caused the whole Silver City to start praising Lucifer for his noble sacrifice.[4]

God's Retirement Party[]

Gabriel reunites with her older brothers.

After God announced his retirement, he brought Gabriel and her siblings to Earth for a retirement barbeque. When Lucifer and Amenadiel arrived Gabriel, hearing them talking about her, popped up from behind them, giving them a scare. She greets her fellow Archangels and informed them that Azrael couldn't make it due to her job as the Angel of Death, but sends her regards.

Gabriel then started asking Amenadiel about Charlie's mother, but the former declined her questions due to her tendency to gossip. Ignoring her brother's sly remark, she told them about the rumors that Michael's been spreading regarding God getting old and losing his mental capacity, which caused him to make everyone sing and dance, lose his powers, and exploding a Human, though Lucifer corrected the last one with the fact he put him back together again.

Amenadiel drew their attention the bigger issues of them all being out in the open for Humanity to see, but Lucifer and Gabriel weren't concerned as they were in Los Angeles, which meant Humans would believe they were just cosplaying. Lucifer then bid farewell to their sister so they could talk to their Father, so Gabriel rejoined the barbeque.

Once Lucifer and Amenadiel started talking to God regarding his successor, Gabriel popped up again and started asking the same question, offering her ear and promising not to tell a soul. The other Angels then started gathering around their Father, with Remiel assuming Amenadiel would take God's place, which the others agreed with. Lucifer, however, revealed it wasn't going to be Amenadiel, but the handsomest Angel. Gabriel assumed that meant Hanjobadiel, but Lucifer quickly restated that it was going to be him.

Gabriel and the others were quick to dismiss the idea of having their fallen brother become the new Sovereign of Heaven, but Amenadiel gave Lucifer his full support. An argument then broke out over who will take their Father's place, only for God to silence them, assuring that he will choose his replacement after his retirement plan is sorted.[2]

Battle for Supremacy[]

Siding with Michael[]

When Gabriel returned to the Silver City with the others, she was asked by Michael to do a favor for Lucifer; deliver a message to Goddess in her universe that God is retiring when he asks. This would allow Gabriel to get Azrael's Blade from the Void and give it to Michael so he can assemble the Flaming Sword.

As Michael predicted, Lucifer summoned Gabriel from his penthouse. Though she teases her brother at first by pretending she can't hear him, she eventually appears in Lucifer's home to hear his favor. As requested, she traveled to Goddess' universe and delivered the message of God's impending retirement, while also retrieving Azrael's Blade. While there, she was freaked out by the Centaurs.

After God retired to Goddess' universe for eternity and left the decision of who will replace him up to his children, Gabriel went to meet up with Michael at a remote location. She waited for her brother, until he gave her a scare by sneaking up from behind, which she didn't find funny. She tells Michael that she did what he wanted, while also talking about their Mother's new universe.

Uninterested over Goddess' universe, Michael asked if she got Azrael's Blade, which she confirmed. She carelessly tossed the blade to Michael in retaliation for the scare, which he narrowly dodged. Gabriel then summited her allegiance to Michael to become the new God as they marveled at the only weapon that could eradicate them from existence.[2] Lucifer subsequently deduced what Gabriel did after learning that Michael was seeking Amenadiel's necklace, the third part of the Flaming Sword.[5]

Casting the Votes[]

The day of the election, Michael gathered the Angels in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Gabriel and the others waited for Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Chloe Decker to arrive so they cast their votes, with Gabriel by Michael's side. When they did, despite Zadkiel and Raziel choosing Lucifer over Michael due to his reasonings of becoming God, Gabriel and the others stayed where they stood. With the votes casted, Michael declared himself God, though much to Gabriel's and the others confusion, nothing happened.

Gabriel dancing to U Can't Touch This.

Michael asked Gabriel what happened since God said they would choose, but she figured that it had to be unanimous for him to win, so Michael threatened to kill all the opposing votes, causing Raziel to return to Michael. Gabriel and the others soon became confused at Lucifer's team breaking out into song and dance, but she soon joined in before Michael halted her. She figured it was there Father, but they soon realized they were just stalling. At that moment, Mazikeen and Eve arrived with a Demon army to back up Lucifer.

Once Lucifer and Michael decided to shed each other's blood to avoid any of their siblings being harmed in their war to be God, Gabriel and the others watched as the heated battle unfolded. The battle ended with Michael killing Chloe and Lucifer flying up to Heaven to save her. After Lucifer left, Gabriel and the others engaged in battle with Lucifer's army.[6]

Accepting the New God[]

Gabriel bows before Lucifer.

As the battle waged on, Gabriel was shot in the stomach by Eve, but shrugged it off. They were halted by the mysterious ressurection of Lucifer and Gabriel and the others went to see the outcome of Lucifer and Michael's battle. Lucifer ended up sparing Michael's life, and instead severed his wings with the Flaming Sword, granting him a second chance. With Lucifer defeating Michael, and proving himself, Gabriel, like the other Angels, bowed to Lucifer and accepted him as the new God.[6]


Gabriel appears to be a sweet and gentil woman, however, is devious and sly as her brother Michael, she is also fearless and sure to herself. Her favorite brother is Michael, they are united and good friends, as she was loyal to the Archangel Michael, however, she always feels fear to him, due to Michael frivolously killed his sister Remiel and used Azrael's Blade to frighten his siblings. According to Lucifer, Gabriel is very bad for pay debts. Gabriel, just like her siblings the Angels, apparently hates human feelings as the love, due to her cruel behavior when Zadkiel told his siblings that Lucifer Morningstar fought for love, this caused the angels to mock Lucifer.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Archangel Physiology: As an Archangel, Gabriel is extremely powerful and has their physiology, including superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, endurance, agility, reflexes, intelligence, and senses, immortality, invulnerability, indestructibility, eternal youth, dimensional travel, and a regenerative healing factor. She also has their weaknesses. As the Angel of Messages, Gabriel can acquire messages from anywhere and deliver any messages to anywhere. She was called "Angel of Gossip" by Lucifer Morningstar and Amenadiel.
    • Superhuman Strength: Gabriel, like all Angels, has immense levels of superhuman strength and can exert, lift and carry an unbelievable amount of force and mass.
    • Superhuman Speed: Gabriel, like all Angels, has tremendous superhuman speed. She can appear and disappear much faster than the human eye could see.
    • Invulnerability: Gabriel, like all Angels, is virtually indestructible, has a highly durable body, and she cannot be harmed by conventional means. During the final battle between Lucifer and Michael, she was shot in the stomach by Eve using a shotgun, but was only briefly stunned.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Gabriel, like all Angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, and react, dodge, or catch incoming damage at immense speeds.
    • Immortality: Gabriel, like all Angels, is immortal. She's immune to aging and illnesses. Like her Angel siblings, she's billions of years old.
    • Flight: Gabriel's wings allow her to fly. She can fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which she would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation.
      • Dimensional Travel: Gabriel is able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
      • Interdimensional Travel: While other Angels are only capable of traveling to the different planes of the same universe, unique to Gabriel, she is able to travel anywhere that she wishes to deliver a message, including into Goddess' universe where she was able to steal part of the Flaming Sword at the same time.



  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all Angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Like all other Angels, Gabriel can be killed by other supernatural beings, which includes other Angels and Demons.
  • Self - Actualization All Angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his wings and Lucifer Morningstar regaining his Angel wings despite cutting them of. Gabriel should be vulnerable to this weakness just as any other Angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Gabriel can be eradicated by Azrael's Blade and the completed Flaming Sword.


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  • The name "Gabriel" has been only been mentioned once in the series, in "The Angel of San Bernardino", by a Human victim referring to an Angel figurine. Lucifer Morningstar responds, "Try lending him some money. Your tune changes rather quickly."
    • Although Lucifer says "Try lending him some money", it was previously assumed that Gabriel was a male, like in the Bible, that changed when Gabriel is finally revealed to be female.
      • It's possible Lucifer said this because the victim he was responding too, was under the impression Gabriel was male. He may not wanted to confuse the distressed woman further. Furthermore when Marcus Pierce asks "Is it one of your brothers?" Lucifer responds "My father doesn't send my siblings down to intervene in petty robberies." Possibly implying Gabriel might not be male.
    • It's unlikely that Lucifer forgot the gender of his own sibling so it is possible when casting Gabriel for Season 5B, the showrunners forgot that he was revealed to be male in "The Angel of San Bernardino".
  • Gabriel seems to be a fan of U Can't Touch This.
  • Ironically she does not have the nickname "Gabby", which is also a word to describe someone who won't shut up; befitting a gossip like Gabriel.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Gabriel is an Archangel and a saint in Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. In Christianity, he's the messenger who informs the parents of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ of their respective births. In Islam, he informs the prophet Muhammad of God's will.




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