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God shattered the Flaming Sword into three distinct pieces: the Blade of Death, the Medallion of Life, and the key that binds them all together... God entrusted the key to his favorite son.
Amenadiel translating the book.
in "Sympathy for the Goddess"

The Flaming Sword book is an ancient Sumerian book detailing the legend of the Flaming Sword.


The book was written during the early bronze age by the Sumerians.

In "Sympathy for the Goddess", Goddess hired Zeke Moore to smuggle the book to her, believing the artifact to be the final piece to the Flaming Sword. Amenadiel was able to translate the book, and learns that the book contains a legend about the Flaming Sword. From this legend Amenadiel learns that God separated the blade into three pieces which are: Azrael's Blade "The Blade of Death", Johnson's Belt Buckle "The Medallion of Life", and the third piece is the key that binds the parts together and was entrusted to God's Favorite Son, Amenadiel himself. Joined together they create the Flaming Sword.