"Expire Erect" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.[1]


After a collector of classic cars is killed, Lucifer and Chloe search for the culprit - - as well as some closure to their relationship.


Wanting closure with Chloe, who needs a vintage car to get into an exclusive Automobile enthusiasts club for a case, Lucifer agrees to help in their "final case". Ella learns about Eve, going to Lux to warn her off, but Eve charms her and they take drugs together. Chloe also meets Eve, just as her suspect, Marco Franklin, holds everyone at Lux hostage with a bomb, shooting Lucifer in front of Chloe. Dan and Maze work to satisfy the killer’s demand to find his wife, Leona; while Dan sends a bad sandwich to Marco. Chloe, understanding the sandwich's context, realizes SWAT will breach from the Southwest. Ella is given cocaine to be stimulated enough to defuse the bomb. Leona is found, but upon entering Lux she stabs Marco, revealing she planned a robbery but Marco took the fall. Chloe tricks Leona to the southwest corner of Lux, and is stunned by SWAT's entering, as Ella defuses the bomb. Chloe throws herself onto Lucifer to protect him. Lucifer says this won’t be their last case, and he acknowledges Eve is his girlfriend. However, Eve is shocked to learn only Chloe makes him vulnerable. Ella also further loses faith in God.



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