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"Everything's Okay" is the first episode of the fourth season of Lucifer.


While investigating a beekeeper's murder with Lucifer, Chloe insists that she's completely fine with his devilish revelation, thank you very much.


One month after Cain's death and Charlotte Richards' ascension to Heaven by Amenadiel, Lucifer has been depressed thinking how Chloe might be processing the revelation of his being the Devil himself. Arriving at the scene of a murdered bee-keeper, Bob Goldbach, Chloe finally arrives much to Lucifer's bewilderment. As the two try to reconnect, they encounter U.S. Marshall Luke Reynolds, Goldbach's WITSEC handler. Learning Bob was a mob enforcer, they verify with members of his crime family in Los Angeles to find suspects, but none turn up. Given her behavior around him, Lucifer begins to wonder if Chloe may be repulsed by him; but remembering Reynolds' statement and finding a contradiction, Chloe figures out Reynolds killed Goldbach, and planned to kill his wife to incriminate another enforcer until Lucifer and Chloe stop him while saving his intended victim. Meanwhile, Maze and Amenadiel return to make amends with friends and claim the city as their home. While Chloe tells Lucifer that she sees him as her partner, she is meeting with a Priest who is helping her against Lucifer.



Guest Starring[]


  • Americus Abesamis as Uni
  • Alice Rietveld as Lenore
  • Thom Rivera as Glenn

Featured Music[]

  • "My Style" - Beginners


  • The episode title is said by Chloe.
  • This is the first episode of Lucifer released by Netflix, as they became the primary network for the remaining of the series.
  • A time jump occurs, leaving the episode to start a month after the last scene in "A Devil of My Word".
  • When Mazikeen is speaking in the demonic language Lilim, it is actually Afrikaans. Her statement roughly translates to "Can you understand what I am saying because I want to talk to you and you can't?"[1][2]
  • There were Marvel references in this episode, including "What the f..." said by Lucifer before the intro like Aunt May and Peter Parker in the two Spiderman movies by Marvel, and Lucifer pulling a truck and a street lamp together as Captain America did.
  • There's a subtle joke when Lucifer stops Reynolds from escaping. Reynolds exclaims "Jesus", to which Lucifer says "not quite"; both are God's sons.
    • However, Lucifer has indirectly implied Jesus is a myth humans came up with; in "They're Back, Aren't They?", Lucifer says his dad didn't "get jiggy" with another woman after divorcing Goddess.
    • As "Once Upon a Time" shows God conducts experiments to satisfy his curiosity, it's possible he bestowed divine powers to the baby to see what a mortal could do with them; if so, it's likely the story of Mary being virgin was a lie caused by distorted facts or to Jesus's origin more miraculous.
  • When we see Lucifer singing Creep at the beginning of the episode, that moment foreshadows what would happen later in the season
    • The reflection on the piano showing two sides of himself foreshadows Lucifer feeling divided of what he is.
    • The image behind Lucifer makes him look like he's sitting on a throne. And at the end, he is back on Hell on his throne.


  • In the scene where Lee Garner tries to rob Lucifer, Lucifer bends Lee's weapon in a way that wouldn't be possible without Lee Garner having superhuman strength as well.



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