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I've always been a bit of a rule breaker.
— Eve to Lucifer in "All About Eve"

Eve is a recurring character in Lucifer, appearing as a central character in Season 4 as Lucifer Morningstar's love interest as well as a supporting character in Seasons 5 and 6. She was created by God to be the second wife of Adam following the banishment of his first wife, Lilith. While they lived in the Garden of Eden, Eve was sexually tempted by Lucifer Morningstar into having a relationship, eventually forcing God to send her to Earth alongside Adam and have them live out their days as the first Humans. She gave birth to Cain and Abel before eventually dying and going to Heaven.

Becoming bored of paradise, Eve returned to Earth to create a life of her own. She reunited with Lucifer and the two started dating, only for her to bring out the darker sides of his personality. Lucifer, however, eventually broke up with Eve to prevent a world ending prophecy from coming true. Refusing to give up on them, and jealous of his relationship with Chloe Decker, Eve had Mazikeen break William Kinley, the one who revealed the prophecy, out of prison, so she could prevent it and prove her love for Lucifer. This plan, however, ended with Eve killing Kinley and him being possessed by Dromos who kidnapped Amenadiel and Linda Martin's son Charlie with the help of other Demons. Realizing her mistakes, Eve helped Lucifer and his friends rescue the baby before setting out on her own to truly find herself.

After a couple of months searching, Eve realized that she was most happy as a Bounty Hunter alongside Maze, who she fell in love with. She reunited with her on one of her assignments and reconciled with her. However, after Eve almost died and refused to become immortal, Maze broke up with her, refusing to lose her. Although, after Eve recovered, Maze returned to her and the two became a couple. Eve sided with Lucifer in his war against Michael over who would replace God as the new Sovereign of Heaven and happily kneeled before him with everyone else once he came out victorious.

Eve and Maze dated for a month before becoming engaged. While planning for the wedding, she met Lucifer and Chloe's daughter from the future, Aurora Morningstar and reunited with Adam, who returned to Earth to bring her back to Heaven. She discovered that it was Maze who summoned Adam to Earth to ruin the wedding due to her fears of becoming just like Lilith, forcing Eve to call off the wedding. She is convinced by Lucifer and Maze to give it another try and the two finally got married. They lived their lives as a bounty hunting duo, while making time for their surrogate niece, Aurora.


The First Woman[]


Eve was created by God to be Adam’s new mate after he separated from his first wife Lilith and they lived in the Garden of Eden.[1]

Tempted by the Devil[]

At some point, she and Adam had a fling with Lucifer Morningstar in the Garden of Eden while still married to one another. While there, Lucifer asked the one question no-one else bothered to ask Eve; if being Adam's wife was what she truly desired, causing Eve to form a close friendship with The Devil.[2] Lucifer later "corrupted" her, forcing God to send the married couple to Earth to live out their lives.[3]

Life on Earth[]

On Earth, she gave birth to two sons with Adam, one named Cain, and the second named Abel,[2] though Cain's terrible twos were a nightmare.[4] When Eve died on Earth of old age she went to Heaven and became the first Human resident of the Silver City, Adam close behind.[3] Eve spent an eternity married to Adam in Heaven, trying her best to be the woman he wanted her to be but never succeeding.[1]

Boredom of Paradise[]

Over the centuries, Eve became bored at how predictable Heaven was, so, as a way to experience something new, she started greeting all the new arrivals who went through the "Pearly Gates" to learn what was happening on Earth now a days and became fascinated by what it had to offer. She learned that Lucifer was on Earth and believed getting back together with him is what she wanted, as he was the one person who truly understood her.[3]

When Amenadiel returned to Heaven, talking about how all of God's children create their own fate, Eve was inspired to do what she desires and return to Earth to be with Lucifer. On her way out of Heaven, she ran into Charlotte Richards, who was killed by Cain, and upon discovering that Lucifer finally killed him, she figured he deserved his fate for what he did to not only Charlotte, but her "Sweet and Gentle Abel".[2]

A Second Chance at Life[]

Hitching a Ride to L.A.[]

Due to being created directly by God, Eve was able to return into her body and return to her youthful appearance of when she first met Lucifer in the Garden of Eden.[2] She woke up in the tomb she was buried in and headed to Los Angeles. She was able to catch a ride with Pablo Silva on his jet and partied while on the way to her destination.[3]

Eve arrives at Lux.

Arriving in L.A. and parting with Pablo, Eve headed for Lucifer's club, Lux. Once there, she headed for the bar and pondered what to drink for the first time on Earth in centuries. After a moment of thinking, she asked the bartender for an appletini. Taking the drink, Eve savored the moment before finally taking a sip of the appletini and enjoying it. She then looked out into the crowd, ready to enjoy her second life.[5]

Reuniting with Lucifer[]

Eve reunites with Lucifer Morningstar.

Wanting to have some fun while she waited for Lucifer to show up, Eve started dancing in Lux. She stood in the center of a group of people and led them in the current dance they were doing. Lucifer eventually arrived and stood in front of her, causing Eve to stop dancing and greet her stunned ex-boyfriend after a millennia apart.

After Lucifer took her up to his penthouse and gave her a drink, she explained how she found a way to leave Heaven and how she traveled to Los Angeles after waking up in her tomb. When Lucifer questioned Adam's whereabouts, Eve answered that he was still in Heaven, before annoyingly adding that everyone up there were so happy.

Eve explains her relationship with Adam.

Eve then headed to Lucifer's balcony and started to explain how she never had a choice but to marry Adam since she was made for him. She didn't deny that the two of them got along, but she always thought that he never loved her for who she truly was. After Lucifer said he understood what that felt like, she revealed that since she was the first Human in Heaven, she had become bored by how predictable it's gotten, which Lucifer attested to.

She told him that she started greeting the new souls that arrived in Heaven and how she was so fascinated by all their stories that it helped her figure out what she truly desired was on Earth the entire time. When Lucifer asked her what that was, Eve chocked up at telling him that she was here for him and instead told him only half of the truth; she was on Earth for fun.

After she returned to the coach, Lucifer had a hard time believing that she came all the way from Heaven just to party, so Eve said that she was also here to her ex since he was the only person she knew on Earth. When she told him she had no place to stay, Eve became thrilled when she thought Lucifer was offering her to stay with him, only for him to reveal that he would set her up at a hotel that owed him a favor; Eve faked her excitement.

Eve was escorted by Lucifer to her uber, and as they walked, she jokingly questioned where her "fun Luce" went. After she got into the car, Lucifer got into a conflict with the driver who threatened to kill him if Eve didn't hand over the necklace. When he accidently shot him, Eve frantically rushed out of the car to help, only for Lucifer to be perfectly fine. The annoyed Devil then asked for an explanation from Eve, causing her to nervously smile.[3]

Eve tracks Lucifer down to his club Lux in "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father", leading to their adventure in "All About Eve" where she quickly tries to be his girlfriend again. She also kisses Ella and Maze tries to get with her.

In "Expire Erect" after many nights of sex, and a bonding moment, Eve and Lucifer officially resume their old relationship. However, this soon comes to an end in "Super Bad Boyfriend" when Lucifer realizes that what Eve wanted was his old self and that both of them are changing who they are to fit each other. After several indirect tries and mentioning the dire consequences of Kinley's prophecy not working, Lucifer finally snaps at Eve and tells her that they are over.

In "Save Lucifer", Eve is unable to accept Lucifer dumping her and is unable to take the hint that she's not wanted in his life again. She has Maze free William Kinley to get him to say the prophecy is nonsense, but Maze runs out of patience with Eve and tells her to accept that Lucifer didn't love her. Manipulated by Kinley, Eve gets the idea to summon the demons of hell to convince Lucifer back, unknowingly fulfilling the prophecy as she kills Kinley in an attempt of self-defense, while Kinley serves as a vessel for Dromos, who she sends to find Lucifer.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?", Eve finally gets snapped at by Lucifer and Chloe, because of her desire to have Lucifer. She redeems herself by helping prevent Charlie from being forced to take Lucifer's place by the demons. Seeing that she is too out of touch with people's feelings, Eve decides to explore Earth and discover who she truly is.

In "A Little Harmless Stalking", Maze unexpectedly runs into Eve while investigating a murder, with Eve claiming she took up bounty hunting because she discovered it was the most fun. Eventually, however, she admits she took up bounty hunting as a roundabout way of running into Maze, who she has come to realize she loves. Maze is happy to reciprocate but upon offering Eve a ring that will keep her immortal, Eve reveals she does not plan on living forever. Maze is unable to accept this and leaves.

Battle for Supremacy[]

Providing Back-Up[]

After Eve and Mazikeen became a couple, she helped her girlfriend rally an army of Demons in a number of dead prisoners to help aide Lucifer Morningstar in his fight against Michael to become the new Sovereign of Heaven. Armed with a shotgun filled with Demon Bullets, Eve marched into the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, commenting on how sexy Maze was giving orders to her siblings.

Eve stood back as backup to force Michael to battle Lucifer one-on-one to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. She watched the battle between the twins, but became worried when it looked as if Lucifer was about to lose to Michael, who had the Flaming Sword. The battle took a turn when Michael killed Chloe Decker, much to Eve's horror. After Lucifer ventured to Heaven to save her, Eve comforted Maze over her friend's death before joining her in battling the Angels.[6]

Accepting the New God[]

During the battle, Eve managed to shoot Gabriel in the gut with the Demon Bullets, but it became clear that they were outnumbered. The brawl was halted by the sudden resurrection of both Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. Eve and the others walked to of the arched entrance of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum see the conclusion of the battle between Lucifer and Michael.

Much to her surprise, instead of eradicating Michael with the Flaming Sword for his crimes, Lucifer cut off his wings to give him a second chance. Believing that Lucifer had succeeded in taking God's place as ruler of the Universe, Eve happily followed Amenadiel's lead in bowing before the new Sovereign of Heaven, smiling at how far Lucifer had come.[6]

In "My Best Fiend's Wedding", Maze and Eve get married, but their wedding is interrupted by the arrival of Adam who has finally realized that his wife is gone after a year and a half. Adam attempts to get Eve back, even kidnapping Linda who is their officiant, but he comes to accept that their marriage is over and gives Eve his blessing. Eve rejects Adam's offer to walk her down the aisle, but allows him to remain for the wedding and the reception.

In "Partners 'Til the End", Maze and Eve bounty hunt together as a married couple before getting a call that Aurora Morningstar has been born. The two women excitedly attend to Chloe as she arrives home with her daughter, presenting the baby with a gift of a knife.


Eve is an energetic party girl who is bored of her marriage to Adam and is looking to return to a time where she found them unpredictable and exciting. She also deeply misses Lucifer. However, her fondness for Lucifer is almost entirely based on who he was when they first met in the garden, which she fails to realize Lucifer had changed after all the years he spent in Hell. Her obsession is so strong that she did not realize his initial attempts to break up, and when they finally split she tried everything she can to get back together, including summoning demons to convince him to return to Hell so they can live as King and Queen. Because of this obsession, she fails to notice Maze's attempts at romance. She is bubbly. She is also openly bisexual as shown during her relationship with Lucifer and during the oregy the two of them had with other Lux guests.

While out of touch with the humans that came after her, Eve does try her best to fit in. Eve seems to have an almost child-like mentality. This childishness might be due to the fact that as one of the first humans on the planet, Eve did not have much experience in interacting with the negative feelings/traits of other human beings. Being in Heaven didn't help her mature, as it's peaceful there.

Despite all her recklessness, Eve only wants what is best for Lucifer. She tried her best to be good to Lucifer, while she understandably could not believe the break-up request by Lucifer, she did all she could, such as putting up with Lucifer with his dirtiness, made friends with the guys Lucifer found to ruin their date, etc in "Super Bad Boyfriend". She is also very charming and friendly, even with Chloe.

Both Ella and Trixie initially wanted to hate Eve, but quickly warmed up after hanging out with her. She quickly bonded with Linda over their shared understanding of Lucifer's tendencies and earned Chloe's trust by protecting Trixie from assassins sent to kill Lucifer and helping out on a case.

After Eve realizes that she had made a huge mistake; she blamed herself for Charlie getting kidnapped. The event also made her think about her relationship with Lucifer and Maze, hence she decided to leave to find out who she really is, alone.

Despite breaking up with Lucifer, she still sided with him no matter what. She joined him in his fight against Michael for God's replacement and kneeled before him after he became God, a smile plastered on her face on how far Lucifer had come.

Powers and Abilities[]


Aside from rebirth, Eve has no other powers and is an ordinary human.

  • Rebirth: Since Eve was created directly by the hand of God, she was capable of "slipping right back" into her old remains, causing them to revert into her original youthful appearance.


  • Vast Knowledge: Since Eve had gotten bored due to centuries of being in paradise in Heaven, she started meeting and talking with any deceased righteous Human that arrived in the Silver City, and listened to their life stories. By doing so, she acquired an incredible amount of knowledge from them.
    • Psychology: Eve was able to perform a sketchy psychological assessment on Chloe Decker after talking with her for about a minute, being able to tell she is sad about something. She was also able to deduce that Lucifer Morningstar tries to avoid Chloe because she rejected him.
    • Multilingualism: Part of the knowledge Eve acquired includes the ability to understand and speak in multiple languages, including modern ones such as English in addition to Spanish and her native Adamic.
  • Expert Combatant: Eve is surprisingly adept in fighting, being able to keep up with Mazikeen, who herself is an expert fighter, and even getting a couple of hits off. Eve is also shown to be skilled with improvising weapons, as she resorted to using a kettlebell against Maze. She was even able to hold her own against an army of Angels. After getting together with Maze, Eve started training in martial arts and received a black belt in karate, being able to swiftly knock Adam out in a matter of seconds.
  • Expert Marksmanship: Eve has shown to be surprisingly adept when it comes to using firearms. She has frequently used a shotgun loaded with bean bag rounds against her opponents. She was swift enough and accurate enough to incapacitate Angels even momentarily, such as Gabriel.


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  • Eve is annoyed that Adam's name always goes before hers.
  • She hates Lilith, Adam's first wife, because Adam still loved her and that from her perspective, God just created her to replace Lilith.
  • Eve is queer. She has kissed both men and women on the show. Eve was in a relationship with Lucifer, and now she's married to Mazikeen.
  • A noticeable trait with Eve is that she is mostly unaware that she suffers co-dependence, a psychological condition where a person cannot function without another.
    • Possibly as a result of being created to serve as Adam's mate, Eve has a subconscious desire to mold herself into the perfect partner for whomever she is with. (Primarily shown when Lucifer tries repelling her with obnoxious habits, which she copies to get along with him again.) Even after leaving to try to find herself, Eve still shows elements of codependence, as she revealed she was only happy when with Maze when they had done bounty hunting together.
  • Eve serves as the metaphorical "devil on the shoulder" in Lucifer's life during Season 4, as she constantly encourages him to give in to his old darker behavior.
    • This is contrasted by Chloe, who serves as the "angel on the shoulder", who encourages Lucifer to not give in to his dark side and do the right thing.
  • Eve explains that the myth of the apple being the forbidden fruit was inaccurate and that the fruit was more like a "banana", implying that the "forbidden fruit" was an incredibly sexual metaphor that got misinterpreted over the centuries.
    • Even though she explains the myth the first thing we see Eve order is an Appletini which immediately links her to the popular belief of the fruit been an apple
    • In the Bible, the forbidden fruit is not named. Educated research would be that the fruit should be a Rumman (Pomegranate), Figs, or Temir (Dates) which have a sexual connection.
  • Before meeting with Lucifer again Eve wears all white and while with him she wears all red, even stating it as her favorite color, which is a visual representation of her purity then "contamination" from being with Lucifer. Similarly, she returns to wearing all white just after Lucifer breaks up with her.
  • She told Maze in "A Little Harmless Stalking" that she doesn't want to live forever because of what immortality did to her son Cain.
  • Maze is sure Eve will go back to Heaven when she dies again; noting how kind and pure Eve is.
  • Eve origins from the Hebrew name חַוָּה (Chawwah), which was derived from the Hebrew word חָוָה (chawah) meaning "to breathe" or the related word חָיָה (chayah) meaning "to live".
  • Eve mentions that Cain get what he deserves for killing his "beloved" son Abel, but the fact that Abel was in hell like the first condemn since mankind beginning means that she doesn't care of her sons at all.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the Bible, Eve is the second human, (first woman) and the mother of Seth, Cain and Abel.
    • She was made from Adam's ribs, making her both his "daughter" and wife.


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