So I have a friend who's a ghost. Or at least at least I hope that's what she is, 'cause if it really is just all in my head, then I'm legit crazy. Do you think I'm crazy?
— Ella to Chloe
in "Boo Normal"

Ella Lopez is the Los Angeles Police Department's forensic scientist.


Early Life

Ella grew up in a pretty rough neighborhood in Detroit, but also in a strong, Catholic family, under the watchful and protective eye of her five brothers.[1] Her grandmother taught her how to pick locks and she used to steal cars. In "A Good Day to Die", she admits, "It's not fun if you don't drive 'em really, really fast."

One day when Ella was eight she was in a car accident, and she was met by Azrael. However, Azrael "didn't do her angel of death thing" because it was a false alarm, but she took a liking to Ella who she found to be a good person, especially because she makes a person feel good about themselves. Upon becoming friends with her, Azrael be-friended Ella and introduced herself as a ghost named Rae-Rae.

While Ella moved onto law enforcement, some of her family, including her brother Ricardo, are still involved in shady business. Ella moved to Los Angeles to keep an eye on Ricardo, but he "totally ghosted" her.

Throughout the Series

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Ella Lopez is a friendly loveable forensic scientist, she is introduced at the start of season 2 who has a habit of hugging people when greeted. She is known to have a sense of humour and a strong belief in Christianity. In "Trip to Stabby Town" she forms a special relationship with Lucifer when he asks a favour for her to examine the grave where Lucifer buried Uriel and she asks for him to do something ‘inappropriate’ to her.


Azrael: I mean, you know Ella, there's just something about her. She's so positive, she makes you feel like...
Lucifer: Good about yourself.
Lucifer and Azrael, about Ella
in "Boo Normal"

Ella is easy-going, friendly and quick to greet Chloe and Lucifer with a hug. She seems to be quick to trust people as well along with to make jokes, even at her own expense. She has a mischievous side, getting a stripper for Chloe's birthday at the precinct; oddly a quirk one would expect from Lucifer.

As a forensic scientist for a major city police department, Ella is well-educated and has a quick and curious mind. When she accompanies Lucifer to Las Vegas, it turns out that she is such a good blackjack card-counter that she is banned from at least one casino. She is also an excellent pistol shot.

Ella also talks about faith a lot. Religion is a large part of her life, as evidenced by her favor from Lucifer, which was to go to church with her. To Lucifer's surprise, she thinks the devil gets a bad rap. She does not believe that rebelling against his father and offering Eve an apple makes him evil. However, she thinks him running Hell "with the torture and eternal damnation" is "not so great".

In Once Upon a Time she is instead of a Forensic Scientist a criminal however she is still an overall good person helping Lucifer & Chloe solve a murder. Though she does show more aggresiveness such as using a Shotgun to try and scare off Lucifer at one point and her tone is less kind.


  • Forensics Specialist: Ella Lopez is a well-educated forensics scientist. Her knowledge assists in many homicide cases. Even Lucifer trusted her skills and asked her to perform an analysis of Uriel's grave to uncover who stole Azrael's Blade.
  • Blackjack Expert: She is a highly capable blackjack player and an excellent card counter. Her abilities has gotten her banned from at least one casino in Las Vegas.
  • Marksmanship: She is skilled with firearms. In "Vegas With Some Radish", she was able to precisely shoot Judd in the leg.
  • Multilingual: She speaks both English and Spanish fluently, having grown up in a Hispanic neighborhood. In one episode, she also spoke a bit of French.


Season Two
#1 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Appears
#2 "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire" Appears
#3 "Sin-Eater" Appears
#4 "Lady Parts" Appears
#5 "Weaponizer" Appears
#6 "Monster" Credit only
#7 "My Little Monkey" Appears
#8 "Trip to Stabby Town" Appears
#9 "Homewrecker" Appears
#10 "Quid Pro Ho" Appears
#11 "Stewardess Interruptus" Credit only
#12 "Love Handles" Appears
#13 "A Good Day to Die" Appears
#14 "Candy Morningstar" Appears
#15 "Deceptive Little Parasite" Appears
#16 "God Johnson" Appears
#17 "Sympathy for the Goddess" Appears
#18 "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy" Appears
Season Three
#1 "They're Back, Aren't They?" Appears
#2 "The One with the Baby Carrot" Appears
#3 "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" Credit only
#4 "What Would Lucifer Do?" Appears
#5 "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards" Appears
#6 "Vegas With Some Radish" Appears
#7 "Off the Record" Appears
#8 "Chloe Does Lucifer" Appears
#9 "The Sinnerman" Appears
#10 "The Sin Bin" Appears
#11 "City of Angels?" Credit only
#12 "All About Her" Appears
#13 "Til Death Do Us Part" Credit only
#14 "My Brother's Keeper" Appears
#15 "High School Poppycock" Appears
#16 "Infernal Guinea Pig" Appears
#17 "Let Pinhead Sing!" Appears
#18 "The Last Heartbreak" Appears
#19 "Orange is the New Maze" Appears
#20 "The Angel of San Bernardino" Appears
#21 "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" Appears
#22 "All Hands on Decker" Appears
#23 "Quintessential Deckerstar" Appears
#24 "A Devil of My Word" Appears
#25 "Boo Normal" Appears
#26 "Once Upon a Time" Appears


  • In "A Good Day to Die", when called in the middle of the night, she wears glasses, implying that she usually wears contacts.
  • Unlike most people, Ella constantly gets along with Lucifer and does not get annoyed by him.
  • "All About Her" shows everyone enjoys Ella's quirky commentary at crime scenes.
  • In "Vegas With Some Radish", Ella tells Lucifer that she counted cards to drown out the voices in her head. When Lucifer gets confused, she refuses to elaborate and abruptly changes the subject.
    • This is a likely reference to Azrael, who Ella doesn't know is real.
  • She might has some clairvoyance, as she once stated that when Goddess possessed Charlotte Richards, she saw light in her, which she hadn't seen anymore after Charlotte was resurrected.



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