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[[ru:Эрл Джонсон]]
[[ru:Эрл Джонсон]]
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[[de:Earl Johnson]]
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[[Category:Season 2 characters]]
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[[Category:Minor characters]]

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Earl Johnson, also known as God Johnson, is an oil magnate. After he started calling himself God, his wife had him committed to a psychiatric hospital.


Johnson was a wealthy oil magnate from Odessa, Texas. While in New Mexico for work, he picked up a belt buckle in a Navajo gift shop. The belt buckle made him believe he was God. He gave away all his money and changed his name to God. On February 3, 2017, his wife committed him to Westridge Canyon Psychiatric Hospital.

When an orderly, Toby Mulligan, is murdered at the hospital, Johnson is the prime suspect. Lucifer is intrigued that Johnson thinks he is God and tries to prove him an impostor. However, when Johnson calls him "Samael", Lucifer believes that it is really his father.

Later, when Johnson's belt is removed, he regains his mind. He has no memories of his time as "God" – the last thing he can remember is picking up the belt buckle in the gift shop.

Powers and Abilities

  • Divine Empowerment: Due to him wearing the Medallion of Life on his belt, he had gained a set of miraculous divinely supernatural abilities.
    • Healing: While empowered by the Medallion of Life, he is capable of channeling divine power to heal the wounds of mortals.
    • Resurrection: While empowered by the Medallion of Life, he is capable of channeling divine power to resurrect the dead.
    • Divine Wisdom: While empowered by the Medallion of Life, he also gained divine and arcane knowledge, allowing him to know everything. He was even able to recognize Lucifer and call him "Samael", something which surprised and shocked Lucifer.
    • God's Memories: While empowered by the Medallion of Life, he also has all the memories of God himself prior to the Heavenly rebellion and banishments.
    • Supernatural Immunity: While empowered by the Medallion of Life, he was impervious to the supernatural powers such as Lucifer's persuasion and desire. He even took punch to the face from Lucifer without any visible injury or lingering effects. He was also immune to human drugs.


Season Two
#16 "God Johnson" Appears


  • Johnson was at Westridge Canyon Psychiatric Hospital for three months. He was admitted February 3, 2017 and released May 10, 2017.
  • His condition was described as "delusional" and he was given thorazine and diazepam. While thorazine is an antipsychotic, diazepam is used primarily to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures.
  • Almost ironically, Timothy Omundson played Cain in the series Supernatural. Cain later appeared on Lucifer in the form of Marcus Pierce.



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