Dromos was a minor character in the fourth season. He is a demon that possessed the body of William Kinley. He and the other demons were the antagonist for the final two episodes of the season.

Dromos sought to make Charlie the new King of Hell before Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, Eve, and Chloe foiled the plot. Lucifer then forced the demons to return to Hell.


Dromos is a demon that resides in Hell. When William Kinley was sent to hell after being murdered by Eve, Dromos possessed his lifeless body in order to get Lucifer to go back to hell. When that didn't work, he had Charlie kidnapped due to the fact that Lucifer mentioned that he just got a nephew and since only a celestial could rule hell, Charlie was an option as well.

Just as he was readying the ritual; Lucifer, Amenadiel, Maze, and Chloe appear to foil the plot. Dromos refused to hand the infant over and voiced his plans of molding him into a fine ruler. He fought them and was restrained, though gloated as more demons appeared.

However, he was surprised and scared when Lucifer entered his devil form. The now enraged Lucifer ordered the demons to bow down to their king and Dromos joined them in bowing to him. Lucifer then commanded the demons to go back to Hell, as Dromos complied with his order and left Kinley's body.


Dromos desires a King of Hell and would stop at nothing to make that happen. When Lucifer refused to go back to hell, Dromos was smart enough to use Charlie due to the fact that Lucifer mentioning that he recently got a nephew. However, he retained fear of his former master, when he entered his devil form to intimidate the demons. Dromos easily complied with Lucifer's orders of bowing and going back to Hell.


  • His occupation is that he popped some eyes of the humans that goes to Hell.
  • Both Maze and Lucifer said that Dromos is dumb alongside Squee.
  • Lucifer once offered him the throne of Hell, though Dromos mentioned he couldn't take it since he was a demon.
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