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Mazikeen wields two blades, forged from powerful mystical steel in Hell. Though they are not always shown, it is assumed that she carries them with her throughout every episode of the show. One is eventually melted down by Maze to make bullets for Chloe Decker while Maze eventually gifts the other one to Lucifer himself during their last meeting.

Throughout the Series[]

In "#TeamLucifer", when Maze throws one of her daggers at Lucifer, he catches it, telling her that demon daggers forged in Hell would hurt anyone. Maze later attempts to use the weapon to kill Amenadiel, but she is unsuccessful. When Lucifer and Amenadiel face off, Maze leaves her daggers for them, tells them to kill each other and leaves followed soon after by Amenadiel.

In "Take Me Back to Hell", Malcolm Graham steals one of the daggers as its being bagged as evidence by a police officer. Malcolm later stabs Amenadiel with it, leaving him mortally wounded. After Amenadiel reveals that Maze needs something divine to heal him, she uses a feather from Lucifer's wings to save Amenadiel's life. After Malcolm's death, Lucifer and Maze recover the stolen dagger. Lucifer later reveals to Amenadiel that their mother has escaped from Hell, suggesting that she saw a window of opportunity while Amenadiel was incapacitated from his wounds.

In "City of Angels?", Maze uses her daggers to cut off Lucifer's wings at his request after their arrival in Los Angeles.

In "A Devil of My Word", after his gun has no effect on Lucifer due to Chloe Decker being a safe distance away, Cain reveals that he had stolen one of Maze's daggers which will make it a fair fight between the two. Cain manages to slice Lucifer's arm before they get into a struggle over control of the dagger. Stating that he'd promised to find a way to kill Cain, Lucifer's grabs Cain's hand and drives the dagger into his chest, mortally wounding the First Murderer as Lucifer declares that "I am a Devil of my word." With his mark gone, Cain finally dies of his wound shortly thereafter, his guilt over the murder of Charlotte Richards condemning his soul to Hell.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?", Maze uses her daggers during the rescue of Charlie from Dromos and his demons, defeating Squee and killing a demon that tries to keep Eve from escaping with the baby. After the other demons are defeated, Maze holds a defiant Dromos at knifepoint and gives Lucifer her other dagger to kill him with before they are interrupted by the arrival of Chloe. The fight ends when Lucifer assumes his King of Hell form and forces the demons to leave.

In "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!", Maze uses her daggers to slaughter the mercenaries that had kidnapped and murdered Dan Espinoza.

In "A Chance at a Happy Ending", Maze melts down one of her daggers into bullets for Chloe and Eve to use during the Battle for Supremacy which prove to be highly effective against Michael's Angels. During the battle, Maze uses her remaining dagger to battle the attacking angels.

In "My Best Fiend's Wedding", after Adam interrupts her wedding with Eve, an enraged Maze begs Lucifer to stop her from killing Adam before throwing her dagger between his legs. After Adam swears that he didn't harm Linda Martin and can take them to her, Lucifer pulls the dagger out of the chair and uses it to cut Adam loose. Returning the dagger to Maze, Lucifer points out that the Maze of the past wouldn't have hesitated to kill Adam as proof that she really has changed.

In "Goodbye, Lucifer", as a goodbye present, Maze gives Lucifer her remaining dagger before they part ways for the last time.

In "Partners 'Til the End", Lucifer uses the dagger that Maze gave to him to kill Vincent Le Mec's men while rescuing his daughter.


They can kill celestial beings and demons. They are supernaturally razor-sharp. They are similar in design to a karambit, curved blades with finger holes at the end which make them convenient to spin and switch grips on. They are small so she can use and throw them with extreme speed.

Maze later melts one of these down into bullets for Chloe Decker which work just as well as the daggers themselves. Chloe injured two angels with them, she just shot in their wings to knock them down and prove the usefulness of "demonic bullets" to Michael. In addition, she notes that a single melted down blade creates a lot of bullets.