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Demons are powerful, malevolent entities inhabiting Hell. There is only one known demon currently residing on Earth, Mazikeen. Demons generally reside in Hell, alongside the souls of deceased unrighteous mortals. Though they are powerful, they are weaker than angels, both in strength and in hierarchy as only a celestial can rule Hell.


It is unknown exactly when demons were created, although many were the offspring of Lilith, Adam's first wife, mother of Mazikeen, and the first demon.


After Lucifer was banished to Hell by God for rebelling against him and trying to overthrow him, the demons were born to serve his every command. He had them torture every tainted soul who was sent there. The first soul they ever tortured was Abel, the brother whom Cain murdered, where they learned the arts of torture by torturing him.

One of the demons Lilith was sent to Hell after she was replaced by Eve as Adam's second wife. She then became the mother of millions of demons known as the Lilim, including Dromos, Squee and Lucifer's personal enforcer and assistant Mazikeen. However, her forced separation from Adam drove her to become bitter with her children to the point that she presumably never loved them or ever wanted anything to do with any of them.

Eventually, in 2011, Lucifer grew bored of being the king of Hell and left Hell to Earth with Mazikeen, leaving all of the demons unoccupied.

Their purpose, however, was torturing the souls of the mortals that weren't worthy of Heaven, and some had the extra task of assisting Lucifer in his goals. Mazikeen is the only known demon to have assisted Lucifer on Earth after his departure from Hell. All of the demons were ordered by Lucifer to control themselves, continue their jobs and duties, and maintain order.

After Lucifer's abdication, demons continued to serve their purposes in Hell, even without Lucifer there to rule over them. It is implied by Amenadiel that it was he himself who restored order after Lucifer decided to abandon Hell, which further implies that he was the acting ruler of the demons that reside in Hell. After his fall, it is unknown who controls the demons in Hell.

In the Season 4 finale, two killer demons at Los Angeles, called Dromos and Squee, started an uprising against Lucifer and his friends, the demon Dromos was summoned by Eve to possess William Kinley's body, with his new vessel, Dromos brought hundreds of demons to earth, Lucifer scared them into submission and ordered them to bow down to him as their king, and he returned to Hell to keep the demons controlled and contained, and he resumed his position as the king of Hell and ruler of all demons. However, he returns from hell in ¡Diablo!.

In Season 5, some demons are known and shown, as Belios, a demon who briefly torture soul of Lee Garner, the demon Belios seemingly appears terrifying, however is a terrifyingly friendly demon, and Gromos, other demon who possessed Vernon Gill's body recently deceased but it was too jacked up to keep working, Gromos was sent by Lucifer and who delivered messeng to detective Chloe, and when Gromos left his vessel, he recognized Mazikeen. Some other demons appeared in hell loops of Lee Garner or like in "¡Diablo!" as two clowns.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Immortality: Demons are immortal, they are immune to aging and any diseases. Unlike angels and humans, demons do not have souls, thus would be eradicated from existence if ever killed. Unlike Lucifer and all other angels, demons are not invulnerable, and they can also be killed through conventional means, as revealed in "Who's da New King of Hell?", "it just takes a little extra oomph." In other words, demons can be killed by mundane means, however, this is much more difficult than it is to kill a human. This may differ between different demons, as Mazikeen, a powerful demon, has shown little to no fear of any mundane weaponry, indicating that she is more durable than the common demon.
  • Superhuman Durability: Demons have durable bodies, and are far more durable than humans. though, they can be killed by conventional means, but not easily and it would take a'lot of effort. Demons can be effortlessly killed by Demon Daggers Forged In Hell, the Flaming Sword, Angels, God, and Goddess. Demons are nowhere near as durable as angels
  • Superhuman Speed: Demons have considerable superhuman speeds, they are much faster than humans and animals. They can appear and disappear as fast as a blink of an eye, move across a room in less than a second, and run and move from one long place to another within a mere second. Demons are incredibly fast, but are nowhere near as fast as angels.
  • Superhuman Strength: Demons are superhumanly strong, much stronger than humans, and possess far superior strength to any animals. They can lightly punch a human with enough force to make them fly back dozens of meters and instantly knock them unconscious, lift large humans off of the ground by the throat with only on hand, punch through brick walls, effortlessly and easily dominate over a dozen experienced humans in hand-to-hand combat, easily rip doors off of their hinges, effortlessly break out of steel handcuffs, break guns in half, throw a human dozens of meters in the air, and bend steel, metal and iron objects. However, even though they have vast levels of superhuman strength, Demons are nowhere near as super strong as angels.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Demons possess remarkable superhuman reflexes/reactions, dexterity, and equilibrium, and are able to duck, block, deflect and dodge many things flying at them at immense speeds such as knives, arrows, and daggers.
  • Superhuman Agility: Demons possess incredible superhuman agility, flexibility, balance, coordination and alertness, and are able to move superhumanly quick. They are able jump, climb, flip, dodge, and duck supernaturally quick and easily, and they can move much quicker than humans and animals.
  • Possession: Demons are able to possess the body of a recently deceased human, but can only do so for the bodies of doomed souls that were sent to Hell, otherwise they will not know where or when a vacant body is available. They also only have access to this ability while they themselves are in Hell. However, Mazikeen claims that Lucifer banned possession centuries ago. There are however limits to this ability as when the demon Gromos entered the body of Vernon Gill after he was hit by a car in order to deliver a message to the Detective he was only able to remain there for a short time because according to him Vernon's body was "too jacked up to keep working."
    • Pain Resistance: Only while possessing a human body, demons will be immune to pain as they are only renting their bodies. Mazikeen still feels pain because she came to Earth in her own body when Lucifer flew her to Earth from hell.
  • Demonic Growling/Roaring: Demons have the supernatural ability to growl and roar incredibly loud at a near-sonic level, similarly to animals such as lions, tiger, or bears but much louder and scarier. 
  • Shapeshifting: It is unknown in which extent they posses this power, nor if they possess it outside of hell, but demon inside hell-loop demonstrate the ability to take form of another people depending of the tortured person.
  • Spirit Communication: Demons can communicate with ghosts, as Mazikeen was able to see and hear Dan Espinoza after his soul was released from Hell on Earth.

Known Demons[]


  • Unlike angels and humans, demons don't have souls. Mazikeen said that if she ever dies, there is no coming back for her from the dead. However, this might not be true, as it was implied that they do have an essence of sorts that can be eradicated by Azrael's Blade. God later confirmed Maze grew a soul on her own; it's why she can feel empathy.
  • Unlike angels, demons don't have any specific weaknesses to kill them. In "Who's da New King of Hell?", Lucifer tells Chloe that demons are killable "it just takes a little extra oomph." During the fight with the demons brought to Earth by Eve, several are killed by powerful blows alone and one is killed by Eve shoving a high heel through her eye. However, it might vary between different demons, as Mazikeen, a particularly powerful demon, has never shown any fear of mundane weapons, and generally refers to the idea humans can harm her in amusement. The demon that Eve killed survived several gunshot wounds from Chloe Decker without flinching as well as being heavily beaten with a pole.
    • In "Goodbye, Lucifer", Lucifer suggests that this merely kills the demons' vessels and returns the demons themselves to Hell as Lucifer tells Dan's ghost that he might be set free if the body that he's possessing dies, stating that "something similar happens when demons possess bodies."
  • Interestingly, despite apparently being killed by Maze with her demon daggers in "Who's da New King of Hell?", Squee returns for her wedding in "My Best Fiend's Wedding".
  • As the hell loops need demons in them, it's possible the Lilim are uncountable in numbers to accommodate the tons of souls being tortured.
  • In Really Sad Devil Guy, It is revealed that if a soul in hell does not know how a person looks, the demon representing that person will literally be faceless.
  • In Jewish mythology, the Mazikeen are the Progeny of the Lilim. This is as canonized as of Season 5.

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