Delilah was a musician in Los Angeles, whom Lucifer Morningstar had assisted into the spotlight by influencing the right people. She was, however, murdered at the Lux nightclub, much to Lucifer's dismay.


A few years ago, she worked at Lux, a bar owned by Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer would occasionally accompany her while she sang and later did a favor for her. He introduced her to several people who owed him favors, leading to her becoming famous. She almost married her producer Jimmy Barnes, but left him at the altar. He later trapped her in the bathroom at the Grammys, saying he wanted to get back together. Later, her life started falling apart and she started doing drugs.

In "Pilot", Delilah visits Lucifer at Lux. She asks him if she sold her soul to the Devil, but Lucifer tells her to repay the favor by pulling herself together. He kisses her forehead and walks her out. As they hug goodbye, a car drives by and shoots multiple times, killing her. After the incident, Lucifer is determined to find out who her murderer was, thus intruding into the LAPD investigation led by Detective Chloe Decker. They track down the murderer, who turns out to be her former record producer, Jimmy Barnes.

In "Once Upon a Time", which takes place in an alternate universe where Chloe never met Lucifer due to being an actress, it is mentioned in a conversation between Lucifer and Dan Espinoza that she was apparently still murdered. However unlike in the main universe her murder was never solved, causing Lucifer to have a negative opinion of the LAPD and Dan.


Season One
#1 "Pilot" Appears
Season Three
#26 "Once Upon a Time" Mentioned



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