Tell Trixie that I love her...tell her that I'm going to miss making unicorn armies with her (laughs)...
— Dan's last words to Chloe Decker before dying

Daniel "Dan" Espinoza was a central character on Lucifer and served as a homicide detective in Los Angeles, working as a member of the L.A.P.D. This leads him to interact with Lucifer Morningstar when Lucifer decides to help the L.A.P.D. solve cases. Dan disliked Lucifer quite a bit, due to Lucifer calling him "Detective Douche" and his connection to Dan's ex-wife, Chloe Decker, and daughter, Trixie.

In Season 4, Dan blamed Lucifer for Charlotte's death, even when it was Pierce's fault. As a result, he became bitter and deluded. In the first half of Season 5, Dan used New Age self-help to move past his pain. However, he suffered a breakdown after Michael tricks him into seeing Lucifer's devil face.

While investigating a case involving the search of a man in possession of Amenadiel's necklace, Dan is ultimately killed by French Mercenaries, which was part of a plan instigated by Michael in order to instil guilt in Chloe so that she would go to Hell.

History[edit | edit source]

Dan was the ex-husband of Chloe Decker. Together, they had a daughter named Trixie. He was an active member of the LAPD and was secretly known for being the responsible of the Palmetto case, which troubled Chloe. Even though Dan disliked Lucifer, he still stood against Malcolm when it came to killing Lucifer. This can help to conclude that Dan does not hate Lucifer as much as he expresses, thus their off and on relationship.

Throughout the Series[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the series, Dan and Chloe are separated. They later rekindle their relationship and share a kiss in "Et Tu, Doctor?". However, things do not work out and they agree to divorce in "Sin-Eater".

In the 23rd episode of season 3 (Quintessential Deckerstar) Charlotte Richards (Dan's love interest) dies. Dan was completely devastated.

In "Once Upon a Time", which takes place in an alternate universe created by God, Dan never met Chloe and thus never had Trixie with her. In this new world, he is a very corrupt cop who agrees to help Charlotte Richards steal money from Lucifer, who he hates. The two are successful and leave Los Angeles with the money together due to Charlotte being threatened by Maze, apparently now in a relationship with each other.

In season 4, Dan is blaming Lucifer for Charlotte Richards's death. He "hated" Lucifer Morningstar more than ever.

Lucifer's revelation[edit | edit source]

Following on from the loss of Charlotte, Dan struggled with the concept of returning to work in the same environment as Lucifer. After careful consideration, however, he tried to overcome his hatred of Lucifer, and gifts him with an amethyst bracelet to "cleanse his chakra and negative energy". The two of them briefly were able to improve their friendship, however this is thoroughly soiled when Dan unintentionally is privy to Lucifer's devil face.

Dan was terrified by what he witnesses, and this allows Michael — Lucifer's egomaniacal brother — to convince him to conspire against him. Dan visited Lucifer's penthouse one night and, wanting to verify his assumptions, shot Lucifer. Chloe is able to convince Dan to forgive Lucifer, however, and the two are able to move past the issue.

Death[edit | edit source]

In "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!," Dan investigates a case that involves a man who is in possession of Amenadiel's necklace, which is also pursued after by several ruthless French mercenaries hired by Michael in order to assemble the Flaming Sword. While visiting the residence of a potential victim in order to warn them of the mercenaries, the lady gives Dan clear indications that she is being held hostage at her home. While calling for backup, Dan is ultimately kidnapped by the French mercenaries. Upon being interrogated, Dan later initiates a struggle where he manages to kill one of the guards. Before he is able to escape, he is shot multiple times by another French mercenary, mortally wounding him. Not long after, Chloe finds Dan, who has been fighting to survive until this point in order to formally say goodbye to her, and he later dies in her arms, but not before warning Chloe that it was all about Caleb Mayfield.

While searching for Dan's soul, Amenadiel comes to find out that he is not in Heaven, and is currently in Hell. When he tells Lucifer, it is determined that Dan had possessed guilt about his actions on Earth, which is why he isn't in Heaven. Everyone is devastated by Dan's loss, including Lucifer, Maze and Amenadiel who learns from Ella that Dan had turned Amenadiel's application in to the police academy. Amenadiel gives Dan's eulogy, speaking about how much Dan had changed his life and calling Dan his best friend and Lucifer and Ella sing. Later, Lucifer and Maze hunt down Dan's killers and kill them all except for the man who had shot Dan. Lucifer reveals his true identity as the Devil to the man and whispers something to him, causing the man to collapse to his knees, begging, as Lucifer and Maze leave.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Dan's murder prompts Lucifer to decide to become the new God for the right reasons: to fix the broken system that would allow a good man like Dan to die and go to Hell. When Michael visits him, Lucifer attacks him in a vicious rage over Dan's murder. Michael reveals to Lucifer that while he hadn't originally intended for Dan to die, he had ordered the mercenaries to do it once he learned that they had captured Dan in order to condemn Chloe to Hell to give Lucifer incentive to return there and support him as the new God. Lucifer is forced to admit that Dan's in Hell to Chloe who is indeed consumed by guilt over Dan's death even with Lucifer's warnings that it will condemn her to Hell too. However, when Michael kills Chloe, she lets go of all of her regret, recognizing that Dan's death isn't her fault and rises into Heaven instead where Lucifer resurrects her.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season One
#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." Appears
#3 "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness" Appears
#4 "Manly Whatnots" Appears
#5 "Sweet Kicks" Appears
#6 "Favorite Son" Appears
#7 "Wingman" Appears
#8 "Et Tu, Doctor?" Appears
#9 "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" Appears
#10 "Pops" Appears
#11 "St. Lucifer" Appears
#12 "#TeamLucifer" Appears
#13 "Take Me Back to Hell" Appears
Season Two
#1 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Appears
#2 "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire" Appears
#3 "Sin-Eater" Appears
#4 "Lady Parts" Appears
#5 "Weaponizer" Appears
#6 "Monster" Appears
#7 "My Little Monkey" Appears
#8 "Trip to Stabby Town" Appears
#9 "Homewrecker" Appears
#10 "Quid Pro Ho" Appears
#11 "Stewardess Interruptus" Appears
#12 "Love Handles" Appears
#13 "A Good Day to Die" Appears
#14 "Candy Morningstar" Appears
#15 "Deceptive Little Parasite" Appears
#16 "God Johnson" Appears
#17 "Sympathy for the Goddess" Appears
#18 "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy" Appears
Season Three
#1 "They're Back, Aren't They?" Appears
#2 "The One with the Baby Carrot" Appears
#3 "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" Appears
#4 "What Would Lucifer Do?" Appears
#5 "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards" Appears
#6 "Vegas With Some Radish" Appears
#7 "Off the Record" Appears
#8 "Chloe Does Lucifer" Appears
#9 "The Sinnerman" Appears
#10 "The Sin Bin" Appears
#11 "City of Angels?" Appears
#12 "All About Her" Appears
#13 "Til Death Do Us Part" Appears
#14 "My Brother's Keeper" Appears
#15 "High School Poppycock" Appears
#16 "Infernal Guinea Pig" Appears
#17 "Let Pinhead Sing!" Appears
#18 "The Last Heartbreak" Appears
#19 "Orange is the New Maze" Appears
#20 "The Angel of San Bernardino" Appears
#21 "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" Appears
#22 "All Hands on Decker" Appears
#23 "Quintessential Deckerstar" Appears
#24 "A Devil of My Word" Appears
#25 "Boo Normal" Appears
#26 "Once Upon a Time" Appears
Season Four
#1 "Everything's Okay" Appears
#2 "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Appears
#3 "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father" Appears
#4 "All About Eve" Appears
#5 "Expire Erect" Appears
#6 "Orgy Pants to Work" Appears
#7 "Devil Is as Devil Does" Appears
#8 "Super Bad Boyfriend" Appears
#9 "Save Lucifer" Appears
#10 "Who's da New King of Hell?" Appears
Season Five
#1 "Really Sad Devil Guy" Appears
#2 "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" Appears
#3 "¡Diablo!" Appears
#4 "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken" Mentioned
#5 "Detective Amenadiel" Appears
#6 "BluBallz" Appears
#7 "Our Mojo" Appears
#8 "Spoiler Alert" Appears
#9 "Family Dinner" Appears
#10 "Resting Devil Face" Appears
#11 "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" Appears
#12 "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid" Appears
#13 "A Little Harmless Stalking" Appears
#14 "Nothing Lasts Forever" Appears
#15 "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" Appears
#16 "A Chance At a Happy Ending" Mentioned

Family[edit | edit source]

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John Decker
Penelope Decker
Chloe Decker
Dan Espinoza
Trixie Espinoza


  • Solid lines denote parent-child blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Willpower: Although it could be argued that it may not be necessarily a superpower of his, Dan was the first known human capable of resisting the influence of Azrael's blade as shown in his confrontation with Lucifer, leading the Devil to openly state that Dan had a "hidden strength which he didn't know he had".
  • Marksmanship: Dan rarely uses his gun throughout the show, but he is a skilled marksman nonetheless. He was capable of shooting Malcolm first in the shootout before he could shoot in Chloe Decker's direction.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Becomes shown a few times throughout the show such as one instance during his scuffle with Malcolm (albeit, he got overpowered). However, in season 4, Dan takes on a gang alongside Maze in hand-to-hand, showing that he is well-trained, which further impressed the battle-loving demon.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dan's last name, Espinoza, was revealed in "Wingman".
    • The irony of the last name is that Espinoso means "thorny", and Kevin Alejandro stated in Dan's character preview that Dan is a thorn in Lucifer's side.
  • Nicholas Gonzalez was initially announced as the actor playing Dan on March 12, 2015 and was on the Pilot episode shown in the San Diego Comic Con.[1] However, he was recast by Kevin Alejandro in following episodes.
  • Despite their dislike of each other, Dan and Lucifer both love The Weaponizer and Body Bags film series.
  • Dan is the only known human able to resist the call of Azrael's blade.
  • It is implied by Lucifer that Dan masturbates frequently.
  • According to Lucifer's "Operation Payback Dan" chart:
    • Dan sleeps six hours a day (Midnight to 6AM).
    • He eats pudding at 3PM
    • Works fron 8AM to 5PM
    • Possibly goes to the Gym at 6PM
    • Watches the Queer Eye at 9PM
    • Reads his self-help book at 10PM.
  • Dan's killer is played by Rob Benedict who played God on the CW series Supernatural.
    • This means that essentially Dan is killed by two different versions of God on Lucifer.
    • The name Daniel has it's origins from the Hebrew name דָּנִיֵּאל (Daniyyel) meaning "God is my judge", from the roots דִּין (din) meaning "to judge" and אֵל('el) meaning "God".

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  1. Kevin Alejandro replaced Nicholas as a regular in Dan's recasting on July 2015. Kevin Alejandro Joins Fox Series ‘Lucifer’ As Regular In Recasting
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