Mike Carey, also known as Corazon, was a satanist killed by Malcolm Graham.


Corazon was a satanist. When Rose Davis started dating him, she converted to satanism. Mitch Watson, a fellow satanist, stated that Carey fancied real sacrifices with live animals. It is possible that he preformed such sacrifices, as bloody chicken body parts were found in Rose's secret room to which Corazon had access to.

When Rose was found murdered in an apparent satanic ritual, Corazon was seen as the prime suspect. Watson thought Corazon was responsible and desired to kill him in retaliation. Corazon was later found murdered. Malcolm Graham confessed to Lucifer that he killed both Rose and Corazon. Malcolm claimed that he did it in attempt to blame the murders on Reverend Jacob Williams and to gain popularity with Lucifer.  


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