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"City of Angels?" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Lucifer.


"In a flashback episode that takes place when Lucifer first came to LA, Amenadiel comes to retrieve his fallen brother, but is shocked when he is mugged. Amenadiel enlists Lucifer's help to track down the mugger and Lucifer, in turn, offers his assistance - but only in exchange for a favor. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan - who are still married - investigate the murder of an MMA fighter, Aidan Scott, at the hands of the same killer who mugged Amenadiel."[1]


The episode starts with Lucifer walking down the streets of LA in an old-fashioned suit. He stops to talk to a homeless man, but his wings pop up scaring the man away. A woman passing by remarks that his suit looks like one her grandfather had, and Lucifer says that it was all the rage the last time he visited. When asked what the reason of his visit is, he says "Pleasure. Always pleasure"

The scene shifts to Lucifer in what looks like a hotel room having fun with multiple women including the jogger, when Amenadiel shows up to take him back to hell. Lucifer asks for 10 minutes to say good bye to the women, and Amenadiel leaves. 

While standing on the street, Amenadiel hears gunshots. The murderer shoots Amenadiel while running away, and steals his necklace. Amenadiel wakes up, returns to Lucifer's room, changes his clothes, and visits the police station to report the robbery.

Officer Chloe Decker takes his statement and thinks that it is a joke that Paolucci is pulling on her after Amenadiel shows her a hand-drawn picture of the thief (a cartoonish version of a ski mask), and doesn't know how to say the street's name (saying Cahunana instead of Cahuenga), alongside with his very formal and archaic way of speech, and his inability to price the necklace that has been stolen.

While taking his statement, Chloe stops to take a phone call from Dan, who she is still married to. He tells her that he can't make date night because of a murder that just occured. She says it's fine as her mother can't take care of Trixie anyway, and that they will make tacos and call it Taco Tuesday. Dan then tells her where the murder occured, and she relates the robbery Amenadiel just reported to the murder Dan is investigating, but when she turns back to Amenadiel, she finds him gone.

Amenadiel goes back to Lucifer and asks for his help as he knows humans better than him. He makes a deal with Lucifer - Lucifer will help him find the necklace for a blank cheque that is cashed later.

Chloe goes to the place Amenadiel said he was robbed at, and finds a key fob with a symbol drawn on it. The symbol leads her to the gym Aiden Scott was training at. She talks to Gil, the owner of the gym and Aiden's trainer, and learns that he had recently butted heads with Tio Sorrento's promoter, a tattooed guy.

Amenadiel thinks that whoever killed Aiden Scott stole his necklace, and concludes that if they find the murderer, they find the necklace. Lucifer recognizes the woman's boobs next to Aiden Scott's picture in the news. Turns out Misty Canyons is a porn star, who was also Aiden's lover. When Lucifer talks to her, she says "If you really want to rebel, move to LA, right?". She later tells Amenadiel that Aiden was offered money to lose his next match, but he refused as he wanted to win or lose fair and square. She doesn't know anything other than where the fight was supposed to take place.

Lucifer, Amenadiel, and Chloe all turn up at Tio Sorrento's place where a fight between two girls was going on. Chloe spots the promoter, and arrests him. Amenadiel and Lucifer talk to Tio and convince him to allow Amenadiel to fight in Aiden's place in the next fight, after he knocks out the former heavyweight champ with one punch. Lucifer later explains that the killer killed Aiden because he refused to lose the fight on purpose, so if Amenadiel is going to fight instead of him, the killer is going to approach him and make him the same offer.

While Amenadiel trains to fight like a human, without his super strength, Lucifer tells Tio that nothing is more important to him than cold, hard cash. Tio offers to pay him if they agree to lose the match on purpose. Lucifer knocks him out, and takes him back to the hotel room to question him. Just when he starts Hot Tub High School, Amenadiel comes out from questioning Tio, who doesn't know anything about the necklace. Amenadiel says that it is time for some torture, and that it is Lucifer's turn. Lucifer says that he usually delegates torturing to other people, like Maze, who he just got up to Earth from Hell. She has sex with Tio, who still doesn't know anything about the murder or the necklace. The only lead they get is that someone placed an anonymous bet of $500,000 on Aiden losing. Amenadiel thinks that whoever placed the bet is the murderer and the one who stole the necklace. Unfortunately, Tio only communicated with that guy through burner phones and dead drops. Maze persuades Tio to convince the anonymous guy to bet on Amenadiel losing. The plan is to wait at the money drop site and whoever shows up is the murderer/thief.

Chloe is back at the station, and is telling Dan that Tio fixes the matches for the Sarkisian family, a crime family. Without proof to convict Tio in the murder, Chloe visits his attorney, Charlotte Richards. Chloe uses some information she learns about Charlotte as leverage (that she represents both the Sarkisians and the Solokovs, who are opposing crime families) and uses it to have Charlotte help catch the real killer. Tio swears to Charlotte that he didn't kill Aiden, and agrees to drop off the money to clear up his name.

Before Amenadiel's fight, Amenadiel thanks Lucifer for his help. Lucifer says "That's why you asked me. Someone crafty, smart...". Amenadiel adds "and evil" which riles Lucifer up. Amenadiel enters the ring, and Lucifer shows up as his opponent. They fight, and Lucifer wins when Amenadiel gives up.

Dan and Chloe stakeout the money drop site and wait for the murderer to show up and take his money, as do Amenadiel and Lucifer. Sorrento drops off the money, and a few moments later, Gil shows up to take it. Chloe goes after Gil, but when she turns the corner, she finds the money bag, without Gil. 

Gil is in the hotel room with Amenadiel and Lucifer questioning him. Gil is flabbergasted as to how Amenadiel is still alive after he shot him. After being pressed about the necklace's importance, Amenadiel yells that it was given to him by his father. Gil confesses he stole the necklace, but that it wasn't part of the plan. He then says that Aiden was like a son to him, and that he wanted to fix the match, bet on it, and earn some money. Aiden refused the deal, and Gil went to scare him, but Aiden fought back, so Gil panicked and shot him by mistake. While he was running away, he came across Amenadiel and shot him too as he didn't know how much he saw. He stole his necklace to make it look like a robbery. He then tells Amenadiel that his necklace was in the gym, in the safe.

Lucifer is furious Gil killed Aiden who he considered a son, and tells him that that really was pure evil, and that he should know as he was the King of Evil while flashing his devil face. Gil is scared and is dropped off at the beach in front of Chloe and Dan saying "I did it. I killed him. I killed Aiden Scott" 

Amenadiel and Lucifer are in Tio's place, which becomes LUX later on. Lucifer tells Amenadiel that he realized that he was no longer an angel, and that he decided to rebel on his father, and that he wasn't leaving LA recalling Misty's words "If you really want to rebel, move to LA, right?". Lucifer then cashes on his favor and asks Amenadiel to leave him be (to not force him to return to Hell now). When Amenadiel leaves, Lucifer looks around and says "This place could use a piano."

Lucifer and Maze are on the beach. Lucifer displays his wings and Maze cuts them off while crying. Lucifer glares at the sky.



Guest Starring[]

  • Chris Mulkey as Gil
  • John Charles Meyer as Tio
  • Taylor Black as Misty Canyons


  • Stephen Adekolu as Aiden Scott
  • Devon Alexander as frazzled AD
  • LJ Batinas as homeless dude
  • Sonia Beeksma as news anchor
  • Paul Cheng as other fighter
  • Chris Franco as stunt ref
  • Julian Haig as tailor
  • Jordan Kilik as bartender
  • Louis Lay as receptionist
  • Myrasol Martinez as front desk girl
  • Raquel Pomplun as sexy jogger
  • Tyler Seiple as pianist
  • Jason Simpson as emcee

Featured Music[]

  • "American Funeral" - Joseph Angel


  • The episode was originally named "Eenie Meenie Minie Me".[2]
  • Lucifer is the one who says the title name in the episode.
  • This was one of 4 episodes filmed as part of season 2 but planned and shown as a standalone episode in season 3.
  • This is the first episode where Lucifer and Chloe do not interact with one another, something that would not happen again until season 5.
    • However, both Lucifer and Amenadiel were indirectly responsible for Chloe getting promoted to detective.
    • Though Lucifer did seem to feel a presence (from Chloe) while they obliviously stood beside each other in Rico's (the future Lux).
  • Until the events that transpired in this episode, Amenadiel had not ever been defeated in combat. As Lucifer makes this claim, it is true.
  • Amenadiel is revealed to have left Lucifer and Maze alone for five years.
  • It is revealed that the reason Lucifer brought Maze to Earth in the first place is to track down Amenadiel's necklace.
    • Off-screen, Lucifer traveled to Earth-1, briefly bringing John Constantine back to open a portal to Earth-666's Hell to liberate Maze.
    • Though Post-Crisis, since the multiverse was recreated to keep the mortals of the universes ignorant of each other again, it seems this was changed to Lucifer bringing Maze himself (via flight with his wings).
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths revealed that this episode took place on the previous version of Earth-666.




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