"City of Angels?" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Lucifer.

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"In a flashback episode that takes place when Lucifer first came to LA, Amenadiel comes to retrieve his fallen brother, but is shocked when he is mugged. Amenadiel enlists Lucifer's help to track down the mugger and Lucifer, in turn, offers his assistance - but only in exchange for a favor. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan - who are still married - investigate the murder of an MMA fighter, Aidan Scott, at the hands of the same killer who mugged Amenadiel."[1]

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  • Chris Mulkey as Gil
  • John Charles Meyer as Tio
  • Taylor Black as Misty Canyons

Co-Starring Edit

  • Stephen Adekolu as Aiden Scott
  • Devon Alexander as frazzled AD
  • LJ Batinas as homeless dude
  • Sonia Beeksma as news anchor
  • Paul Cheng as other fighter
  • Chris Franco as stunt ref
  • Julian Haig as tailor
  • Jordan Kilik as bartender
  • Louis Lay as receptionist
  • Myrasol Martinez as front desk girl
  • Raquel Pomplun as sexy jogger
  • Tyler Seiple as pianist
  • Jason Simpson as emcee

Trivia Edit

  • The episode's title is said by Lucifer.
  • The episode was originally named "Eenie Meenie Minie Me".[2]
  • This was one of 4 episodes filmed as part of season 2 but planned and shown as a standalone episode in season 3.
  • This was the first and currently the only episode where Lucifer and Chloe never interacted with one another.
    • However, both Lucifer and Amenadiel were indirectly responsible for Chloe getting promoted to detective.
  • Amenadiel is revealed to have left Lucifer and Maze alone for five years.
  • It is revealed that the reason Lucifer brought Maze to earth in the first place is to track down Amenadiel's necklace.
    • Off-screen, Lucifer traveled to Earth-1, briefly bringing John Constantine back to open a portal to Earth-666's hell to liberate Maze.
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths revealed that this episode took place on the previous version of Earth-666.

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