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Chloe and Lucifer investigate the death of Rose, a former member of the cult.

From the episode #TeamLucifer, The Church ,of the Dark Prince was a cult that worshipped Lucifer exclusively. They were shown performing fake rituals of death and were seen by Lucifer and Chloe during a memorial to Rose, the victim of that episode who had been killed during one of their rituals.

The Church[]

  • They have a book called "The Church of the Dark Prince" about their philosophies. According to Lucifer there is a whole chapter dedicated to sex. A line in the book a stated "Satan represented a beacon of honesty in a sea of mass deceit."
  • Had implants that spelled Filii Hircus. Filii Hircus means children of the goat, something Lucifer did not take kindly to being called.
  • They believe Amenadiel's concept that Lucifer has something to do with goats.


  • Onyx as known as Mitch Watson was high priest of the church of the dark prince. Though he holds this position he believes "the whole thing's a joke."
  • Rose Davis was a girl who joined the cult through her boyfriend, Corazon. During what appeared to be a mysterious ceremony she was killed by who was later discovered to be Malcolm Graham. Rose was the main victim of the episode #team lucifer.
  • Corazon was the boyfriend of Rose who was killed. He had convinced her to join the cult and was the reason she was there.