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What Lucifer and I have is special. It's real, and it doesn't matter how many lies you tell me. I will never lose faith in me and him.
Chloe to Michael
in "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"

Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker (or Deckerstar) are initially friends and LAPD co-workers, but as the series progresses they become best friends, fall in love with each other and eventually become a couple. In the final season they become parents to a daughter named Aurora “Rory” Morningstar.


Lucifer and Chloe first began working together, trying to learn who was responsible for the death of a young famous pop star, Delilah. Since then, Lucifer and Chloe begin to work together on several cases. While Lucifer enjoys working with Chloe, she often finds him irritating and unbelievable due to his odd behavior and refuses to acknowledge their growing partnership. However, Chloe also tries to learn more about Lucifer as she witnessed indescribable events regarding him.

Eventually, Chloe admits that she does enjoy working together with Lucifer despite how he may act and when Lucifer officially becomes a civilian consultant for the L.A.P.D., they officially become partners. Lucifer is known to be openly honest with Chloe and constantly assures her of his true identity as the Devil. While Chloe still denies that Lucifer is the devil, Lucifer has discovered that her presence weakens him for a mysterious and unknown reason. Lucifer and Chloe are known to clash on occasion as Chloe becomes annoyed by Lucifer's behavior and Lucifer becomes irritated as Chloe wants to follow an investigation by the book. However, despite their differences, Lucifer and Chloe have developed a close bond together as both friends and partners. Lucifer and Chloe come to rely on each other for both their help and personal issues.

Lucifer is also shown to be openly attracted to Chloe, who constantly rejects his advances, confusing Lucifer since all other women easily fall for his charms, he is unable to understand her refusal. However, unknown to either of them, Lucifer and Chloe both begin to develop genuine romantic feelings for each other. While everyone, including Amenadiel, Linda, Maze, Trixie, and Dan have come to realize their feelings for each other, Lucifer and Chloe are oblivious and deny this claim. However, Lucifer and Chloe have recently come to realize their growing romantic feelings. Chloe finally becomes aware of her true feelings for Lucifer as she became jealous seeing him work together with Ella Lopez and Lucifer finally acknowledges that he truly has real feelings for Chloe as Linda helped him realize during a therapy session.

"Once Upon a Time" shows an alternate universe where Chloe and Lucifer never met due to John Decker not being murdered and Chloe remaining an actress, becoming famous because of it. This postponed their original meeting by approximately two years. In the alternate universe, they meet while both were investigating the death of Chloe's friend, who was killed in Lux which caused some problems for Lucifer when trying to expand the business. Lucifer instantly recognizes her from her films, and after some antagonistic interactions, the two agree to work together. This allows them to find the killer. Later, privately celebrating their victory, Chloe reveals she has an interest to be a police officer in real life as opposed to playing one in films, and Lucifer suggests he could tag along with her. This shows that regardless of what is changed, the two would inevitably end up working together to solve crimes.

Throughout the Series[]

In "Pilot", Chloe meets Lucifer while investigating Delilah's murder. Lucifer wants to punish whoever is responsible for Delilah's death and keeps interfering with Chloe's investigation.

In "Quid Pro Ho ", Chloe runs into Lucifer just as he's leaving Lux and finds out that he was about to go and bring her dinner as a surprise to make up for standing her up at a restaurant previously. The two have dinner together on his balcony, but just as they are about to kiss, a flight attendant shows up and ruins the moment, making Chloe leave.

In "Stewardess Interruptus ", Chloe kisses Lucifer at the end of the episode on the beach after he gives a long speech about how he isn't worthy of her and will stop pursuing her.

In "Love Handles ", Chloe has an explicit dream about returning to Lux with Lucifer and making out with him, only to discover that he has long devil horns and wake up. Towards the end, after risking his live to save two young men, Chloe embraces Lucifer, happy to know he is unharmed.

In "Quintessential Deckerstar", Chloe and Lucifer kiss after he admits his feelings for her.

In "A Devil of My Word", Lucifer saves her and kills Marcus Pierce for hurting her. Chloe recovers and finds Lucifer standing over Pierce's body, she calls out to him and finally discovers that Lucifer's truly the Devil after seeing his Devil face. Chloe was left shaken to learn that all his claims were true.

Following her realization Lucifer was indeed the devil, Chloe became consumed by fear and doubt whether or not the suave, yet compassionate man she had come to love was an act. As a result, she was manipulated by Father Kinley into believing Lucifer was evil incarnate. However, she had a changed her mind after Lucifer reveals he is vulnerable around her. Because of Eve wedging her way into their lives, Chloe became increasingly worried Eve was encouraging Lucifer's worse behavior.

In "Who's da New King of Hell?", Chloe confesses her love to Lucifer and admits she mishandled seeing his true face, saying that rather than being afraid of him, she is afraid of losing him. Lucifer admits that Chloe is his first love, but he needs to leave and rule Hell to protect their friends and her.

In "¡Diablo!", after initially believing Lucifer to be his deceptive and manipulative twin brother Michael (who had briefly impersonated his brother to sabotage his life before trying to take it completely out of jealous spite), he and Chloe are finally reunited. However Chloe is dismayed when Lucifer confirms Michael's previous statement that God made Chloe's conception possible causing their relationship to become strained. Chloe then starts to believe that her feelings for Lucifer may be a result of God's influence. After Lucifer has a confrontation with Michael and learns that Michael may've manipulated Lucifer into his sexual encounter with Adam and Eve, his rebellion, and even his arrival in Los Angles. Lucifer is at terms with though while Chloe who is still adjusting to the "celestial drama" says she still can't get past things yet.

In "Detective Amenadiel", Chloe finds out that as the only mortal not mesmerized by Lucifer's desire exhibition she's the only one to see Lucifer for who he truly is and realizes her feelings for him are very real and the pair resume their relationship.

In "BluBallz", the situation between Lucifer and Chloe is awkward, given the events of that had previously occurred. Ella instantly picks up on this, and Chloe explains that the two were interrupted by Ella’s call. During the case of murdered DJ, Lucifer became jealous when Chloe's ex-boyfriend Jed Moore showed up at the crime scene. After the talk with Dan about Jed and Chloe, Lucifer asks for more details from Chloe. She tells Lucifer that her relationship with Jed is in the past and they are over one another. When they saw each other late at night, Lucifer and Chloe sorted some of their issues they had during the entire case. This later culminates in the two having sex for the first time.


Season One
#1 "Pilot" Appears
#2 "Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil." Appears
#3 "The Would-Be Prince of Darkness" Appears
#4 "Manly Whatnots" Appears
#5 "Sweet Kicks" Appears
#6 "Favorite Son" Appears
#7 "Wingman" Appears
#8 "Et Tu, Doctor?" Appears
#9 "A Priest Walks Into a Bar" Appears
#10 "Pops" Appears
#11 "St. Lucifer" Appears
#12 "#TeamLucifer" Appears
#13 "Take Me Back to Hell" Appears
Season Two
#1 "Everything's Coming Up Lucifer" Appears
#2 "Liar, Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire" Appears
#3 "Sin-Eater" Appears
#4 "Lady Parts" Appears
#5 "Weaponizer" Appears
#6 "Monster" Appears
#7 "My Little Monkey" Appears
#8 "Trip to Stabby Town" Appears
#9 "Homewrecker" Appears
#10 "Quid Pro Ho" Appears
#11 "Stewardess Interruptus" Appears
#12 "Love Handles" Appears
#13 "A Good Day to Die" Appears
#14 "Candy Morningstar" Appears
#15 "Deceptive Little Parasite" Appears
#16 "God Johnson" Appears
#17 "Sympathy for the Goddess" Appears
#18 "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy" Appears
Season Three
#1 "They're Back, Aren't They?" Appears
#2 "The One with the Baby Carrot" Appears
#3 "Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith" Appears
#4 "What Would Lucifer Do?" Appears
#5 "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards" Appears
#6 "Vegas with Some Radish" Appears
#7 "Off the Record" Appears
#8 "Chloe Does Lucifer" Appears
#9 "The Sinnerman" Appears
#10 "The Sin Bin" Appears
#11 "City of Angels?" Absent
#12 "All About Her" Appears
#13 "Til Death Do Us Part" Appears
#14 "My Brother's Keeper" Appears
#15 "High School Poppycock" Appears
#16 "Infernal Guinea Pig" Appears
#17 "Let Pinhead Sing!" Appears
#18 "The Last Heartbreak" Appears
#19 "Orange is the New Maze" Appears
#20 "The Angel of San Bernardino" Appears
#21 "Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better" Appears
#22 "All Hands on Decker" Appears
#23 "Quintessential Deckerstar" Appears
#24 "A Devil of My Word" Appears
#25 "Boo Normal" Appears
#26 "Once Upon a Time" Appears
Season Four
#1 "Everything's Okay" Appears
#2 "Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" Appears
#3 "O, Ye of Little Faith, Father" Appears
#4 "All About Eve" Appears
#5 "Expire Erect" Appears
#6 "Orgy Pants to Work" Appears
#7 "Devil Is as Devil Does" Appears
#8 "Super Bad Boyfriend" Appears
#9 "Save Lucifer" Appears
#10 "Who's da New King of Hell?" Appears
Season Five
#1 "Really Sad Devil Guy" Mentioned
#2 "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!" Mentioned
#3 "¡Diablo!" Appears
#4 "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken" Absent
#5 "Detective Amenadiel" Appears
#6 "BlueBallz" Appears
#7 "Our Mojo" Appears
#8 "Spoiler Alert" Appears
#9 "Family Dinner" Appears
#10 "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" Appears
#11 "Resting Devil Face" Appears
#12 "Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid" Appears
#13 "A Little Harmless Stalking" Appears
#14 "Nothing Lasts Forever" Appears
#15 "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" Appears
#16 "A Chance at a Happy Ending" Appears
Season Six
#1 "Nothing Ever Changes Around Here" Appears
#2 "Buckets of Baggage" Appears
#3 "Yabba Dabba Do Me" Appears
#4 "Pin the Tail on the Daddy" Appears
#5 "The Murder of Lucifer Morningstar" Appears
#6 "A Lot Dirtier Than That" Mentioned
#7 "My Best Fiend's Wedding" Appears
#8 "Save the Devil, Save the World" Appears
#9 "Goodbye, Lucifer" Appears
#10 "Partners 'Til the End" Appears

Memorable Quotes/Moments[]

Season 1[]

  • Chloe opening up to Lucifer in the pilot episode and Lucifer offered to be her partner afterwards
  • Chloe notice Lucifer's scars on his back (Lucifer showing his vulnerable, sensitive side for the first time)
  • Their Piano Duet to Hearts and Soul
  • Lucifer refuses to take advantage of Chloe when she arrived to his place drunk

Season 2[]

  • Their hug after Lucifer told Chloe that her father would be proud of her
  • Chloe prevents Lux from being demolished and therefore, saved Lucifer's home
  • Their first kiss
  • Lucifer went down to hell in order to get an antidote to save Chloe's life

Season 3[]

  • Lucifer and Chloe playing Monopoly with Trixie
  • Lucifer and Chloe's Prom Dance
  • Lucifer shield her with his wings to protect her from guns shots

Season 4[]

  • Lucifer protects Chloe from an axe
  • Chloe protects Lucifer from a bomb
  • Balcony scene
    • Chloe: "You're the devil, but you're also an angel"
  • Chloe helps Lucifer to forgive himself
  • Lucifer's decision to go back to hell to protect Chloe and humanity
    • Chloe: "Please don't go, I ... I love you. I love you! Please! Don't leave!"
    • Lucifer: "You see, we're wrong about something else in the prophecy. My first love is never Eve. It's you, Chloe. It always has been"

Season 5[]

  • Lucifer and Chloe holding hands while going towards the crime scene
  • Their first night (sex) together
    • Chloe: "We're not normal. (Lucifer: "No") We're us and ... we're incredible"
    • Lucifer "I couldn't agree more"
  • The morning after scene
  • Chloe's decision to quit LAPD to support Lucifer being the new God
    • Chloe: "Lucifer, you have been helping me do my job for the last 5 years. Now it's my turn to support you. That's what partners do, right?"
  • Chloe dying in a heartbroken Lucifer's arms
  • Lucifer sacrificing himself to resurrect Chloe
    • His selfless sacrifice for Chloe allows him to become the new God

Season 6[]

  • Chloe explores Hell with Lucifer
  • Their Beach trip with Rory
  • Their dance in Lucifer's panic room
  • "Partners til the end"


  • Their official ship name is Deckerstar
    • Other versions are Chlucifer and LuciChloe
  • Chloe helps Lucifer become a better person while Lucifer helps Chloe being less strict and have more fun.
  • They are the second couple formed by an Angel and a human to have a baby.
  • Their daughter Aurora possesses all of her father's celestial abilities, including wings, and also all of her mother's human vulnerabilities.