Charlie was born to the human Linda Martin and the angel Amenadiel in 2019. He was named after their friend Charlotte Richards.


Charlie was conceived largely by accident, due to Amenadiel not knowing it was possible for an angel to impregnate a human woman. Linda suffered from a fainting after she and Amenadiel broke up, with Maze forcing her to go see a doctor. Learning that she was pregnant, Linda had the complete support of Amenadiel and Maze despite their lack of knowledge about babies or angel babies, for that matter. 

Shortly after Charlie's birth, he was kidnapped by Dromos and the demons who were hoping to make him the new King of Hell. However, he was rescued and returned to his parents.


  • Nephilim/Angel-Human Hybrid Physiology: Charlie is a divine angel-human hybrid, the first of his kind. Being half-angel, Charlie can be taken to and from Earth without dying. In "Orgy Pants to Work", Remiel said that she had to take him to Heaven "for all eternity." This indicates that, as a half-angel, Charlie is immortal. As a half-angel, Charlie is also able to rule Hell.


  • Some of the other suggested names for Charlie were Zoriel, Zori, Ezekiel, Zek, Jack, Jackiel, Azmortiel, and Michael.
    • Jack is the name of the nephilim Jack Kline, who is the son of the archangel Lucifer in the TV series Supernatural.
  • Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis 6:4.
  • Michael is presumably a reference to archangel Michael, which would explain why Amenadiel promptly disregards the name as a possible choice, as it might be disrepectful or against God's rules.
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