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The angel Uriel

There are four known types of celestial beings:

  1. Gods
  2. Angels
  3. Demons
  4. Nephilim


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  • Solid lines denote blood relationships


Billions of years ago, the God and Goddess created the universe. They had many children who were Angels. Later God created Lilith and Adam. Lilith was thrown out of Eden when she rejected Adam and created the species of Demons after sending many of her children to Hell. After their sexcapade in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were cast out to roam Earth and started Humanity. At the time of Lucifer's Rebellion. He was cast out of Heaven due to God's anger. Demons became inhabitants of Hell. In Hell, they learned to torture by torturing Abel, son of Adam and Eve. Watched by Lucifer, Thousands of year passed and Goddess grew cold and distant and started harming humanity. God found out and cast her into hell and put her in a cell. Tired from boredom for ruling Hell for thousands of years. Lucifer abandoned his duties in Hell and came to LA in 2011 to start a new life. Demons continued torturing souls sent to Hell and were unworthy of going to Heaven. A demon named Mazikeen came with Lucifer to LA for a new life. They established Lux, where they spent the next 5 years with Mazikeen becoming the Bartender of Lux and Lucifer becoming the owner and spending time partying much to the disgust of the other Angels.