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I don´t get a lot of names at my job, so I´m super good with faces. And other things
— Candy
in "Candy Morningstar"

Candy Fletcher, formerly Candy Morningstar, is the owner of Fletcher's, a Las Vegas club. She agreed to a brief marriage of convenience to Lucifer Morningstar to help him find out Goddess' plans, while for his part, he paid off her debts.


Candy is a singer, who inherited her father's nightclub, Fletcher's, located in Las Vegas. Lucifer Morningstar met her while on an escape trip after Chloe Decker's near-death in "A Good Day to Die", in an effort to protect her from him.

Candy picked Lucifer's pocket and lifted his ring as he sat at the bar in order to get money to pay off the club's debts. Lucifer was impressed by her, and waited for her in her apartment, taking back the ring, but telling her she could keep the cash. After a ridiculous weepy act, he applauded her, and she gave up and told him the whole truth about her problems. He thought they could work together to deal with those influences that were messing with their mutual lives and asked her to marry him, resulting in a spit-take from her. He agrees to pay all her debts, and in return, she agrees to help him find out what his mom is up to.

After a quickie Vegas marriage, and the settlement of her debts, they head back to Los Angeles to meet Lucifer's friends and family. Her first introduction to the others paints her as a "ditzy bimbo", flashing a rather grand diamond ring for all to see, apparently relating the strength of their relationship upon the cost; "He paid that sketchy diamond guy a ginormous pile of cash for it!" It is just this behavior that that makes her effective in throwing the Goodess for a loop, who complains that she came away from a day with Candy with absolutely no useful information at all, and tells Amenadiel "She's a sinister genius. Here I thought this 'Candy' was an insipid dullard. But she may be the most formidable opponent I've ever faced.I came away with nothing! Not a single crumb of information about Lucifer's real agenda."

Chloe is also stunned and quite hurt by Candy's appearance, and Candy seems to pick up on that immediately. When Lucifer is involved in the take down of the killer and nearly strangled, Candy appears while he is giving his statement and speaks to Chloe emphatically, "His job is way too dangerous. I begged him to quit, but no. My hubby's all about his work. Oh, my God, it's 'Detective this,' and 'Detective that.' Working with you means so much to him." When Chloe expresses doubt, Candy assures her, "Well, duh! Dude's totally messed up. But then, you probably already know that, huh? 'Cause you're kind of the reason why? Uh... Didn't you two just go through a super bananas situation? With like, poison? He kept saying how he almost lost you, and it was hell and stuff." Leading Chloe to realize how much he had been hurting, too.

At the end of "Candy Morningstar", Lucifer applauds her performance and thanks her for the peek inside his mother's scheming mind. When Candy asks why fool Chloe as well, she stops herself and says it's none of her business, but suggests, "I wouldn't screw that one up."

When Candy then tries to return the diamond engagement ring to him, he tells her to keep it and "I hear divorce is quite expensive these days" and gives her his wedding ring as well, it is later revealed they filed for an annulment, which took almost a year to finalize.

She reappears in "Vegas With Some Radish," when Lucifer receives a call from the LVPD telling him she is missing. Since their annulment was not yet finalized, he was still technically her next of kin. Lucifer and Ella Lopez head to Vegas to find out what has happened to Mrs. Morningstar. When they first arrive at her apartment, they find an active crime scene and a dead woman. Lucifer happily notes, however, the small feet on the corpse, while Candy actually has "ginormous" feet.

As the pair follows the trail of clues Lucifer had from his first visit to Vegas, they actually cross paths with Candy outside the same casino, having followed the same trail. When she indicated the only thing missing from her apartment after her friend Allie's murder was the deed to Fletcher's, Lucifer said that they could easily flush out the killer, because widower trumps deed. With Ella and Candy in disguise, Lucifer makes a flashy claim on the club and is indeed targeted by the killer. Candy poses as her own ghost and gets the killer to waste his ammo firing at mirrors reflecting her image, until Ella takes him down.

At episode's end Candy orders Lucifer back to LA before he messes things up with Chloe.


Season Two
#14 "Candy Morningstar" Appears
Season Three
#6 "Vegas with Some Radish" Appears
#7 "Off the Record" Mentioned




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