Caleb was a teenager wrongly accused of murder.

Amenadiel formed a connection with the boy and was grieved by his death. Amenadiel left his necklace, the Key to the Flaming Sword with Caleb's corpse.


Caleb never felt he fit in with the YEA club, due to being black. He accidentally fell into a bad crowd, when he felt more at ease with Tahir, who he didn't know was a drug dealer ubtil it was too late.

After Ms Baez murdered, Caleb tried to get a favot from Lucifer. He instead met Amenadiel, who offered to help get out of the drug business. Leaving Amenadiel's necklace as collateral, Caleb was assured he could pay off the money Tahir expected from it. When done, they got ice cream; Amenadiel revealed he was excpecting a son, so this experience helped him understand children better.

However, LAPD officers stopped them; a golf club in Caleb's locker was covered in the victim's blood. Despite obviously being stunned, the officers tackled Caleb to the ground and cuffed him. Amenadiel tried peacefuly to diffuse the situation, but the officers grew aggresssive until Dan arrived.

In holding, Caleb was visited by Amenadiel, who promised the best help he could provide as he knew he (Caleb) was innocent; however, a hysteric Caleb pointed out he was a black kid who sold drugs, making him look guilty with much other evidence than the club. However, Lexy was revealed to be the killer by her boyfriend abd Caleb was released. Grateful, Caleb agreef to play some 1-on-1 with Amenadiel in the future.

However, no sooner was he a free man, Caleb was shot dead by Tahir. His arrest risked Caleb exposing the drug operation; out of paranoia Caleb could still snitch, Tahir tied up a loose end.

A furious Amenadiel later beat up Tahir to avenge Caleb.


  • Caleb was indirectly killed by Lexy.
  • Its implied he went to Heaven, as Amenadiel looks up when visiting the morgue; Caleb had turned his life around and felt he had a second chance at life.
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