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"Boo Normal" is the twenty-fifth episode of the third season of Lucifer. This episode was initially supposed to be part of season 4 but following FOX's cancellation of the series, the episode aired as a bonus episode two weeks after the season 3 finale.


The episode sees Lucifer and his team investigating the murder of a child psychiatrist while Ella is thinking about a childhood secret she’s been hiding. And there's a special friend from Ella’s past who may actually be a ghost.


The episode starts off with Ella's cheerful, bubbly self entering a crime scene, where the suspected murder of child psychiatrist, Dr. Beth Daly, occured. Ella gets a call from her brother informing her that he moved back to Detroit a week ago, and that she should too. Ella tells Chloe and Lucifer that she is going back as the reason she moved to LA in the first place is her brother.

Ella thinks that the Dr's death was an accident were she slipped, fell, and hit her head. There are a few inconsistencies though like the clump of hair under her nail, and how someone had wiped the woman's blood off the injury. Ella thinks that Beckett Wilson, the one who called it in and the Dr's next session, might have wiped the blood.

Dan was accompanying Beckett to the precinct to calm her down. On the way, he asks her if she wiped the blood away, but she says no. She also asks for a slurpee.

Back at the crime scene, Ella finds a little boy hiding in the closet. Felix Rodriquez isn't a suspect as he doesn't fit forensics profile. Felix's father says that Felix is shy and can't communicate well when Chloe asks for an interview. Chloe thinks that Felix might have arrived shortly after the incident occured, and wanted to know if Felix saw anything. Felix went back to Dr. Beth's office alone on his bike to get back his forgotten violin. Ella wipes the blood off Felix's hands and bonds with him after telling him that she had been in a car accident when she was his age, and that she saw lots of blood. Felix tells her that he didn't see who did it.

Back at the lab, Ella is visited by her former friend, Ray-Ray, who turns out to be a ghost as Chloe can't see her when she comes into the lab. Ella reminds Ray-Ray that they agreed to never see each other again five years ago in Detroit after Ella was labelled as a weirdo by her friends, and legitimately crazy by her psychologist. It also turns out that Ray-Ray is the only ghost Ella can see. Ella admits that she felt special as a kid that she can see ghosts, but didn't feel that way as an adult as it wasn't normal. She also says that she likes her bubbly self in LA; the one who doesn't have to keep secrets.

Chloe comes to the lab, and Ella informs her that the clump of hair was synthetic hair found in plush toys and carpets. She also tells her that the dried "blood" is ketchup which is weird as there wasn't any food at the doctor's office. After Chloe leaves to visit the doctor's house, Ray-Ray reveals that she is here to help Ella with work stuff.

Dan is desperate to find Beckett after she tricked him and stole his phone, so he visits Lucifer for help. 

Back the doctor's place, Ella finds a furry suit whose paw is stained with ketchup which makes her think that the doctor was wearing it shortly before she died. Chloe also finds a threatening voicemail from some woman who claims that she is going to be the only one with Wesley at SCC. 

Ella knows that SCC stands for Southwest Convention Center which is where a furry convention is held. Chloe wears Beth's furry suit and visits the convention undercover. Back at the truck, Ray-Ray reveals that the reason she is visiting is personal unfinished business, and Ella thinks that unfinished business has something to do with Beth, so they strike a deal: Ella will solve the case, and Ray-Ray will leave after the case is solved.

Back at the convention, Chloe while wearing the furry suit is attacked by another person wearing a furry suit. Chloe arrests the woman wearing the suit. When questioned, the woman says that Wesley is her fursona (original creation), and that Beth stole it from her. She also says that Beth is addicted to conflict, and that she mentioned that she had just gotten into a fight with some guy at her office.

Lucifer and Dan find Beckett in an entertainment park, and Dan gets tricked into riding one the roller coaster. 

Ella goes back to the crime scene where she discovers that Ray-Ray's unfinished personal business is Ella herself. Ray-Ray tries to convince Ella to stay in LA where there are nice people who actually care about Ella and don't use her like her brothers. Their conversation is interrupted by someone breaking into the office to steal something. Ella is discovered hiding in the closet, and gets the thief's prints on a broom during the scuffle. The thief runs away.

Lucifer loses Beckett too. This time she stole Dan's badge and Lucifer's car keys.

The fingerprints on the broom are too smudged for an ID, but Ella finds traces of chalk and rosin. Chloe sees a car with Rancho middle school bumper sticker that ran away right after Ella's fight in the surveillance video, and they connect the chalk with a teacher, and the rosin with a violin, so they look up the music teacher. That middle school is also where Beckett and Felix go.

Jonathan Burke is brought in and admits to breaking into Beth's office to retrieve a check he wrote to Beth trying to bribe her to change her recommendation regarding Felix. Felix was a genius and Beth recommended that he play the violin more and take private lessons which would leave Jonathan behind, so he bribed her. Jonathan also has an alibi. Jonathan also mentions that Beckett is a previous violin student, is a nightmare, and that she skipped first period.

Lucifer calls Maze to track Beckett, and they track her to LUX where she was trying to get alcohol using Dan's badge. Dan tells her she is a murder suspect now and she tells him that she didn't see anything either, and said she did to skip class. She was crying as she is allergic to fragrance or freesia, and that Beth's office reeked of perfume when she found her.

Chloe interviews Felix's mom who wears freesia. She says that Felix would never leave his violin behind, and that Beth recommended Felix stay at school and try new activities. She also mentions that her husband, Anthony, is the one who said that. Ella notices that the neighbors have construction dumpsters, searches for the murder weapon there, and finds it. Anthony attacks her, and Chloe saves her and says that Felix didn't leave his violin behind, and that he was following his father there.

When Anthony says that Beth's recommendation was to let Felix play the violin more, and that that wasn't normal, Ella tells him that is not normal, but special. 

After Anthony is arrested, Ella tells Chloe that she sees a ghost, and that she has been seeing it since the car wreck. Chloe believes her saying that she's seen a lot crazier things. Ella decides against moving back to Detroit. Ray-Ray fulfils her end of the deal and leaves since the case is closed. Ella tells her its okay to check in on her like a guardian angel every once in a while. Ray-Ray leaves saying "smell you later"

At the precinct, Ella uses the same phrase with Lucifer. Lucifer recognizes the phrase and asks her about it. Ella says that her friend uses it.

Lucifer returns to his penthouse to find Ray-Ray, Azrael, the angel of death, there. He doesn't welcome her with open arms saying that she abandoned him. Azrael says that things weren't the same when Lucifer was kicked to Hell as she'd lost her favorite big brother. Azrael reminisces about stuff, and eventually reveals that she sent Ella to Lucifer, and justifies that if she couldn't be with Ella or Lucifer, her two favorite people could be together. She leaves before Lucifer can reply.

Lucifer goes back to the precinct and listens to Ella ramble about her forensic stuff while Azrael watches them.



Guest Starring[]

  • Jose Yenque as Anthony Rodriguez
  • Aiden Lewandowski as Felix


  • TBA

Featured Music[]

  • "Sanctuary" - Welshly Arms - when Lucifer meets Ella at the precinct and listens to her explaining her science


  • The episode's title is said by Azrael.
  • Dan later references this episode in "Spoiler Alert"
  • According to the showrunners, this episode fits between episodes "High School Poppycock" and "Infernal Guinea Pig". They briefly considered trying to fit it into the timeline of Season 4 as intended, but eventually determined it did not fit into the story.




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