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"BlueBallz" is the sixth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


After a popular DJ is electrocuted on stage, Chloe searches for the killer while Lucifer tries to keep his jealousy over an ex-flame in check.


Lucifer and Chloe arrive at their latest crime scene: DJ Matt Pexxa who has been electrocuted to death by his headphones while performing “The Realness Lucifer Mix”. The situation between Chloe and Lucifer is awkward, given the events of that had previously occurred. Ella instantly picks up on this, and Chloe is forced to explains that the two were interrupted by Ella’s call. The two find that Pexxa’s surge protector had been cut, therefore Pexxa was most likely murdered, and there are 500 witnesses.

Maze arrives at Linda’s given she missed their coffee date, much to Linda’s surprise, who remarks that they’ve been awake all night with Charlie crying. Maze questions how she prevents ending the same as her mother, alone. Maze remarks that she scares everyone away, therefore cannot build a genuine connection.

Lucifer quickly becomes jealous when Chloe begins talking to Jed, an old-fling whom she dated in High School. This anger grows considerably when Chloe tells Jed that she is single. Lucifer questions her over it, and she tells him that what they’re experiencing is quite new and therefore, she doesn’t want to label it as anything so soon. Jed tells Chloe that he was meant to be the DJ on after Pexxa, therefore suspicions rise as to whether Jed was the intended victim — Jed reveals that the headphones were his, therefore someone could’ve been trying to kill him.

After Lucifer talks with Dan about Jed and Chloe, Lucifer asks for more details from Chloe. She tells Lucifer that their relationship was in the past, and the two are over one another. They question Raul Blanco, a man who has been threatening Jed; he's reluctant to reveal any details, however. Raul explains that he is just trying to protect his business, and had no reason to kill anyone. Just as Chloe and Lucifer brainstorm ideas, the building behind the two explodes, and Lucifer believes that Jed is behind the murder, and his house exploding. Chloe refuses to accept that Jed is committing the crimes to get close to her.

Lucifer and Chloe are able to pull prints from a gate attached to Jed’s house, and find they’re looking for a Belinda Roberts. They track her car to a forest, where they’re nearly attacked by snakes. Belinda is furious that Lucifer scares off the snakes, and explains that she is trying to capture a recording of snake’s having sex, given this is extremely rare. Belinda explains that she didn’t have anything to do with the murder, but that he owes her for samples of songs he didn’t pay for.

Lucifer invites Jed to his penthouse in an effort to protect — and watch — him whilst Chloe solves the case. The two talk, and Jed reveals that his deepest desire is to fix things with Chloe. He further reveals that he screwed things up with Chloe and she broke up with him, which intrigues Lucifer who offers Jed a drink in exchange for the story.

Meanwhile, Ella and Chloe investigate the sounds taken from Belinda, but quickly find a threat online from an anonymous IP in which they warn Jed that they won’t miss for the third time. The two are distracted, however, as they begin talking about Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship, but soon hear a strange noise that Ella recognises on the recording. Ella returns moments later, accompanied by Maze — who is dressed in her clothes and remarks that she is trying to be more like Ella — and reveals that the sound comes from a hearing aid with low battery; this narrows down the suspect pool to someone wearing a hearing aid.

Chloe talking Ron down

As Lucifer, Jed, Dan and Amenadiel try to keep Charlie calm — which proves a hard prospect — Chloe and the other members of the group try to track down the killer. They go around searching for hearing aids, but have no such luck. Linda and Chloe talk about Lucifer, and what sex is like with him. They’re interrupted, however, when Jed arrives at Lux to headline and is held at gunpoint. It is revealed that Ron is trying to get revenge on Jed for sleeping with his wife. Chloe is able to talk him down, and he is arrested moments later.

Following this, Ella agrees to go out with the journalist, Pete, and talks with Maze about being genuine — even if this is scary. Maze rebukes the notion, however, citing that her lack of a soul could cause irreparable harm.

After finally getting Charlie to sleep, Dan bids farewell to Amenadiel and Lucifer and leaves momentarily. He receives a call, however, from Lucifer asking for him to return, only to witness Lucifer’s true face through the window. It is quickly revealed to be Michael, however, who made the call.

Lucifer and Chloe resolve some issues when they see each other late at night. This later culminates in the two having sex for the first time since they met.



Guest Starring[]


  • Andrew Steven Hernandez as Dax
  • Alexandra Hoover as Belinda Roberts
  • Sade Katarina as Maggie
  • Dennis Ogden as Uni
  • Alveraz Ricardez as Raul Blanco
  • Marissa Rivera as Karen
  • Stephen Simon as Bad Boy
  • Cole Stroud as Milo


  • The title of the episode is said by Ella in response to which Lucifer says "Oh, you too?" hinting to the fact that Lucifer and Chloe got interrupted by being called to the case.
  • The song played during opening Concert is "The Realness Lucifer Mix" by the artist Pexxa. The song was created specifically for the Lucifer series and is a remix of “The Realness” Hip Hop song created by Pexxa.
  • Chloe Decker finally ignores her phone, which has previously ruined her moments with Lucifer Morningstar. Humorously Ella comments "Don't you ever ignore your phone?" right at the start of the episode.
  • While Lucifer is a fan of sex, he loathes how related words are tossed around so freely; he particularly detests Jed's stage name "Karnal".
  • Lucifer is notably defensive of Dan to a minor degree, as he corrects Jed on his name without adding his nickname. This shows Lucifer's begrudging respect for Dan, whom he has rarely called by name himself.
  • In a shocking twist Lucifer actually confides in Dan that he doesn't fear Chloe leaving him for an ex; he even calmly and politely states that her having had Trixie with Dan (a reminder of their marriage) doesn't faze him.
  • Chloe and Lucifer have sex for the first time.
  • Dan finds out the truth about Lucifer.
  • It is not explained who is watching Trixie when Chloe decided to spend the night with Lucifer. Though it was likely Dan's night to have Trixie and he hired a sitter while he dealt with his breakdown.




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