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"Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam" is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


Lucifer, Chloe, and the gang sing and dance to a slew of popular tunes while investigating a referee’s murder.


It is the middle of the night. Lucifer lies sleeping on his bed in his red pyjama. He wakes up a bit confused and walks to the piano. He plays a single tone letting it ring for a bit and then starts playing "Wicked Game". The song has a slightly modified lyric exchanging the original "No, I don't wanna fall in love" with "Oh, I wanna fall in love". Interleaved with the scenes of Lucifer playing and singing are scenes of Chloe lying awake in her bed.

God arrives, applauding Lucifer for his beautiful voice. Lucifer snidely laughs that it comes after his relentless honesty; "can't say it's good to see you dad." He asks if God and Michael are going to mess with his life more since he is still on Earth. God explains Michael went home, making Lucifer laugh he wished he saw his brother get sent to his room. He then demands to know why God is there, to which God asks if he needs a reason. Lucifer tells God that they will spend time together when Hell freezes over. God calls Lucifer "Samael", triggering his son. Angry, Lucifer tells God that his arrival blew up the one chance at happiness he had, promptly sending his father back in the elevator.

The next day Lucifer arrives at a crime scene at a football field, surprising Chloe. He is quick to explain that while their personal partnership is shaky, he is still dedicated to their work. Ella debriefs them on the victim, who died by poison whistle. She starts taking pictures rhythmically, prompting Lucifer to ask if she is alright; he gets no response. Noticing everyone else strangely making rhythmic sounds, Lucifer hears music playing. "Another Bites the Dust" plays as everyone in the area sings and dances; Lucifer confusedly joins in. At the end of the song, Lucifer finds everyone reset to where they were.

Sporting God nearby, Lucifer reminds him to go away. God explains he wanted to understand Lucifer's earth job as a consultant. God wonders how Lucifer knew he was there; annoyed, Lucifer tells him that the music number out of nowhere cued him in. Lucifer surprisingly scolds God for behaving inappropriately at a crime scene. God promises to not make a scene, while making everyone behind him move to the song's beat. "Oh god" Lucifer says in exasperation.

Chloe questions the wife of the deceased referee, whom had a lot of enemies due to his profession. The victim got death threats constantly via email. After a call cost a championship, it got worse; even their house got egged. Chloe spots Lucifer talking to God and asks who he is. Sighing, Lucifer reveals it is his dad and not to talk to him to avoid inflating his ego anymore; she ignores him.

Chloe greets God and tells him bluntly that he has been a horrible father to Lucifer; effectively kicking his son out and locking him up without a word for millennia. Lucifer smiles proudly at Chloe for having his back. God greets her with a smile and says he can see how much she cares for his son. Lucifer quickly grabs Chloe so she can avoid angering God and getting killed. As they walk a way, Lucifer asks if Chloe can now understand what he has had to deal with. She responds affirmatively, finally getting why Lucifer has trouble with parental figures.

Elsewhere, Amenadiel takes the plastic wrap of the ceiling. Linda wonders if Charlie with get angel wings as a teenager. Amenadiel tells her God confirmed Charlie is only mortal; Linda is relieved to not have to expect oddness from her son. Amenadiel explains his disappointment, not clearly explaining his fear of Charlie suffering death; Linda takes it as humans being seen inferior. Not getting it, Amenadiel explains that factually angels are indeed superior and he hoped Charlie would inherit that potential from him. Linda takes Charlie for a walk, needing time to blow off her stress.

At the precinct, Lucifer and Chloe question a linebacker who lost a scholarship to SMU; however, his clearly overbearing mother does all the talking. Its obvious the son has no say in his life; the mother runs everything. Lucifer notices the lighting has changed and music is playing. He and the mother go into a duet of "Every breath you take". God watches from the other side of the one-way glass. Lucifer gets up briefly to scowl at his father through the mirror before everything resets. Lucifer uses his mojo to get the boy to admit he wants to join the Culinary Institute of America to be a pastry chef. Lucifer demands she stop helicopter parenting to allow the boy to think for himself; unable to think, Lucifer leaves to find God.

After Lucifer leaves, the mother admits to sending the email; however she tells Chloe that there is no evidence to link her to the crime. The mother goes to leave, but her son reveals details about a man the ref was fighting with in a parking lot a few days ago; he had an ugly old model truck. The mother (having not paid attention) thinks her son is suited for the Central Intelligence Agency. Humorously, Chloe tells her to pay attention to her son, prompting the mother to ask "what?"

Outside the room, Chloe finds Lucifer looking around; he explains God was there. Starting that the mother is innocent, Chloe makes Lucifer fume; he believes the child is messed up for life thanks to his overbearing mother and will never be able to have normal relationships or love. Seeing this is about God, Chloe suggests Lucifer stay close to rebuild their relationship so it can help heal his life.

Taking this to heart, Lucifer invites God to stay in the penthouse; staying on the couch while God gets his bed, while making sure to get bathing supplies for his father (as sharing them is gross). God wants to know why Lucifer changed his mind, to which Lucifer reveals his intention to mend their broken relationship

Lucifer takes God to the precinct, giving him the tour. He offers a doughnut to God, noting that it's a triumph of mankind. God asks where Lucifer's seat of power is there, since Lucifer stated he had an important role; Lucifer states he prefers to stand in order to be ready for action. God thinks having a desk is a sign of importance, believing it means Dan is more important. Lucifer introduces them, making Dan stumble. God reveals that he knows Dan from the time he spent with his wife; Dan notices God looking Charlotte's picture on his desk. God jokes that he may NOT be seeing Dan later. Seeing Dan freaked out, Lucifer takes God to get Cool Ranch puffs from a vending machine.

Ella arrives via elevator, with Maze arriving via steps with a new bounty; she offers him to Ella as a new date. However, Ella turns it down; Maze is just lashing out after last episode. Ella tells Maze that she makes the world a better place. "Bad to the bone" begins playing; Maze sings, flirting with the perps. Ella backs away, not under God's spell this time. Ella sings "No scrubs" in duet. It culminates in a dance number in the meeting room. Unlike the last number, no-one is back where they started. Ella runs back to her lab, where Chloe is waiting for results from the analysis; they get a trace on the person in the yellow truck. Chloe hears Lucifer shout from the break area, finding him arguing with God over coffee. Refusing to taste it, Chloe suggests they find someone else.

The coffee argument leads them to Linda, who asks about the real reason they are disagreeing. Lucifer states God judges everything imperfect despite creating everything. God wonders if this is sarcasm, which he didn't create; neither did Lucifer. Linda asks if God is angry with Lucifer for a recent reason; God explains he's incapable of anger. Incredulous, Lucifer asks if getting sent to hell was 'just for shiggles'. Lucifer believes he got sent there for challenging God's "superhero status". God explains he tries to give an opinion, but is deemed controlling; if he lets Lucifer make a choice, God is blamed for "mysterious ways". No matter what, Lucifer assumes God has the worst possible intentions. Lucifer scoffs that the reason he assumes the worst is because nothing is ever good enough for God; listing off the questions about work, his car and his home. God explains he was only taking an interest.

Lucifer explains God turning the crime scene into a music video; God slyly points out Lucifer joined in of his own will. Linda notes that for all the physical advantages angels and God have had, mentally they haven't evolved beyond humanity despite having millennia before them. She tells God a father loves unconditionally and supports his son; God gets the message and decides to put his full effort into mending his relationship with Lucifer. Lucifer is stunned, but agrees to give it a try.

God joins Lucifer with the investigation; with Lucifer keeping him out of the gym supplies at the school. Chloe is confused, as God tries playing football with Lucifer; it's only weird. They meet coach Vey, who is the owner of the truck; he hated the deceased like everyone. However, he didn't do it; the goof's bad call got his team into the playoffs. Turns out someone stole his whistle from his truck; it's the one the victim used. God gives Lucifer a noogie to congratulate him for doing well.

At Lux, Amenadiel is surprised by Dan; Lucifer had told his brother that Dan found out about the celestial world due to Michael. Dan reveals he met God and is confused about the whole God's wife/Charlotte thing. Dan wonders if he slept with Goddess while she was inhabiting Charlotte's body; Amenadiel admits there was an overlap. Amenadiel confirms that the stories about God's temper and habit of revenge is very real; apologizing that his father isn't above human pettiness. Dan laughs hysterically that he is going to Hell for sleeping with God's wife. "Hell" begins playing, with Dan as the lead singer. Amenadiel joins in the dancing. Lucifer and God watch from the balcony. Tired of this, Lucifer demands the bloody celestial karaoke jam end; God agrees but only after the song ends.

The next morning God has prepared breakfast for Lucifer. Lucifer is aghast as he's naked under his blanket. However, God calms him by stating he's seen many of Lucifer's sexual acts in the room. Lucifer drinks the coffee, admitting it tastes better than the precinct's. Needing time to focus on the case, Lucifer asks God to spend time with his other children in the meantime.

At the precinct, Ella gives Chloe report that says strands or orange and blue dyed hair strands from the thief. Lucifer greets Chloe, happy to be rid of God and his musical numbers; she's obviously confused by what he means. Lucifer explains God has been putting humans under a spell to make them sing and dance; he then resets everything and wipes their memory. Mentioning how it's God constantly judges things, Chloe realizes a lead in the case; the dead ref was like that too - OVERLY judgmental.

In the park, Linda is walking Charlie's stroller; still glad she has him even if he can't fly. "just the Two of Us" begins playing; meaning God is nearby as the song continues Amenadiel arrives, singing the lyrics coinciding with his love for Charlie. With Charlie's parents reconciled, God watches with a smile.

Chloe tracks the colors to Van Ness high, where the deceased's wife works. Turns out she's the culprit; she poisoned him with school chemicals. She was driven insane because her husband was never satisfied with ANYTHING; he would find the minute problem in anything in their home or marriage. After 20 years, she finally snapped and ended her pain. She tries burning Chloe with a Bunsen burner, but Lucifer smothers the flame at the cost of his right sleeve. Seeing the impossible, the woman gives no resistance. The end of the case has Lucifer believe he and his father are too far gone to be mended; Chloe disagrees, telling him there's hope.

At home, Chloe puts Trixie to bed and looks over a picture of Lucifer that Trixie made. "Smile" begins playing, meaning God is near; unnoticed by Chloe, Trixie sings while watching her. Chloe thinks back to all her moments with Lucifer that lead to their love. Trixie goes back to her room, while God watches from outside; he considers going in, but decides against it.

At the penthouse, Lucifer returned to find God asking about his day. After a retort, Lucifer learns God considers Amenadiel a good father. God tries saying something truly painful to him, but asks about the damaged suit. Lucifer laughs that he's fine due to being invulnerable. God realizes it's sarcasm. Lucifer vents that it was bad enough God rejected him and sent him to hell, but worse was the life he made for himself on Earth was shattered after Chloe made he feel something for the first time ever. "I dreamed a dream" plays.

God comforts Lucifer after the song, noting that while Lucifer is full of light, he's also blinded by it sometimes. He explains that he understands Lucifer's anger and is sorry about it. Despite his divine powers, he cannot fix what is broken in Lucifer. Lucifer accepts, asking to at least not be controlled. God asks how, to which Lucifer points out their duet. He tells God it has to stop, which God says he's not sure it can. Lucifer scoffs, but quickly notices God beginning to sob. God admits he's losing control of his powers. Lucifer can only say "dad" in a soft stunned tone.



Guest Starring[]


  • Skyh Black as Hot Bounty
  • James Calixte as Player
  • Amaris Dupree as Darla
  • Gregory Kasyan as Phil the Phantom
  • Caleb J. Thaggard as JJ Bitner


  • Lucifer is the one who says the title name in the episode.
  • This episode takes a jab on God's other son: Jesus. Which is a son of God in Christian Religion. (God jokes to Lucifer that he got a coffee from Bolivia to a farmer named Jesus)
  • It turns out that God dislikes being mentioned in unnecessary situations as much as Lucifer does. When Chloe, Lucifer and God speaks to coach McVey in the locker room, the coach says "Yeah, but he didn't have to be so goddamned sanctimonious about it" to which God replies "Oh please, don't bring me into this".
  • Title dropped mentioned during the song Hell - Squirrel Nut Zippers when Lucifer said that he had enough of the musical.
  • This is the first time Amenadiel takes a rap.
  • This episode foreshadows that Dan can go to hell.
  • The "Another One Bites the Dust" song is shown in the preview at DC Fandom at the year 2020 a year before the episode aired.
  • The entire episode is a sign that God is losing control of his powers.


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