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That weapon will wipe her out of existence entirely. No Heaven, no Hell, just... Just gone.
Lucifer Morningstar to Uriel
in "Weaponizer"

The Blade of Death, also known as Azrael's Blade, is the primary component that forms the Flaming Sword. To ensure that the Flaming Sword wasn't readily accessible, God divided it into three components, and gave the Blade of Death to Azrael as her main weapon. On its own, the blade still possesses the Flaming sword's power of eradication. If the blade is in a far enough distance from the other components (another realm such as Heaven or Hell), then the other parts will be rendered inactive.


After God broke the Flaming Sword into three pieces to insure Lucifer Morningstar didn't have it, he gave the Blade of Death to Azrael for safekeeping.[1] Millenia later, Uriel swiped it from his sister while she wasn't looking and took it to Earth, with the intent to eradicate their Mother before she can return to Heaven and destroy their Father. Lucifer, however, stopped Uriel and instead eradicated him with the blade.[2]

Lucifer buried the Blade with Uriel, until Goddess had her clients find it, causing a murder spree in Los Angeles, where the wielder would kill Humans over pity or serious grievances. Lucifer was able to retrieve the Blade and hid it in one of the walls in his penthouse for safekeeping.[3]

When Goddess informed Lucifer and Amenadiel that Azrael's Blade was in truth the Flaming Sword, Lucifer tried to ignite it, but couldn't feel intense emotional pain enough. He was in the end able to do ignite for a few moments, but couldn't fully activate it due to it not being in its full form.[4]

After Lucifer used ignited the Flaming Sword with the Blade of Death and two other pieces, he cut a whole to another universe, where Goddess could start over and threw the blade and the Medallion of Life into it to insure wouldn't cause anymore harm.[5]

Three years later, Michael had Gabriel steal the Blade of Death and the Medallion of Life from their Mother's universe when she went to deliver a message that God was retiring and give it to him so he could ignite the Flaming Sword.[6]

After learning that Remiel betrayed him, Michael used the Blade of Death on her, effectively eradicating her from existance. Once Michael got the Key to bind the pieces together, he ignited the sword in a final battle with Lucifer to decide who would become God. The sword was separated once again when Chloe Decker removed the Key. After she gained the power of super strength due to the Key's power, he prepared to eradicate Michael with Azrael's Blade before Lucifer stopped her.[7]

Lucifer then locked the blade in his safe with the Key.[8] When Chloe became addicted to the strength the Key gave her, she almost eradicated Lucifer with the Blade before she came to her sense and begged Lucifer to take the blade back to Heaven so the Key would lose its power.[9]


  • Eradication: When a living being is stabbed by Azrael's Blade, their very essence would be wiped out of existence, completely eradicating them from reality. However, Lucifer Morningstar implied that only celestial beings (Demons, Angels, etc.) killed by the blade are eradicated, and that Humans killed by the blade simply die.
  • Enticement: It holds the power to beckon to the one holding the blade to fulfill its purpose: murder. Celestial beings have the strength to resist its call, but most Humans are not quite as capable; it would take someone with immense willpower to fight off the blade's seduction.
  • Pyrokinesis: The blade can ignite, although this capability is severely reduced due to not being in its true form. This is displayed when Lucifer held the blade while angry and feeling intense emotional pain.
  • Extreme Sharpness: Even in the hands of Dan Espinoza, a Human, it was able to easily cut through solid marble.


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