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Beth Murphy is the antagonist from the Season Four episode, "Save Lucifer."


Beth Murphy is a realtor and the sister of twins, Moira and Megan Murphy, who were also realtors. She was considered the "black sheep" among the sisters, as the twins didn't usually trust her even to show the houses. Megan, however, had a bit more trust in Beth than Moira did, and she allowed Beth to help her out with the company finances. Beth decided to "borrow" from their profits to start her own business in an attempt to prove herself to her sisters, only to lose everything in the process. Megan found out about Beth's actions and confronted her, stating that Moira was right about Beth being a screw-up, Beth angrily lashed out, bludgeoning Megan to death with a hammer. Beth covered up her murder and acted shocked to see Megan's body while presenting a house to a customer, with Moira being left to be accused of her sister's murder, having just discover the body herself.

To out the killer, Chloe and Lucifer host a masquerade party, in hopes of forcing Megan's killer to reveal himself, but Lucifer's devil transformation caused his aura to affect the guests, who then surrounded him and voiced their desires. One of the masked guests was Beth, who stated that she needed the flash drive, Chloe had dangled as bait, that would reveal her actions. Chloe heard her and dragged her into the elevator with her and Lucifer and unmasked her.

Beth confessed to the embezzlement and to Megan's murder, after which she was arrested and taken away.



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