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When Dad kicked you out, the whole family was rocked, me especially.
— Azrael to Lucifer Morningstar
in "Boo Normal"

Azrael is an Angel and one of Lucifer Morningstar's younger siblings. She served as the Angel of Death and was responsible for collecting human souls from the dead, to bring them to either Heaven or Hell. She was granted her own unique blade that eradicated anyone killed with it. She was very close to Lucifer, but after he was banished to Hell, she never visited, feeling it would be awkward.

After meeting Ella Lopez, on what was a false alarm, she grew fond of her, lying to her, saying that she was a Ghost, eventually manipulating events to have her move to Los Angeles so that she and Lucifer could be friends. A year later, she discovered that Ella planned on moving back to Detroit and managed to talk her out of it, and being more open with her friends about her issues. She and Lucifer finally reunite after millennia, and she told him about her influence and the two reconciled.

Two years later, after God decided to retire, and it was up to either Lucifer or Michael to replace him, Azrael appeared to Lucifer during the final battle to only apologize for Chloe Decker's imminent death. However, after Lucifer proved himself worthy by being willing to sacrifice himself to save the woman he loved, and defeating Michael by sparing his life, Azrael bent a knee with the others in recognizing Lucifer as the new God.




Azrael was one of the many Angels created by God and Goddess.[1] As the Angel of Death, she was responsible for taking the souls of the Humans to Heaven or Hell. God entrusted her with the Blade of Death that could eradicate the souls of those killed with it, including Celestials.[2]

Abandoning Lucifer[]

She was very close to her older brother Lucifer, and enjoyed it when the two of them pranked Amenadiel. She also appreciated the time he would give her, just listening to her ramble about what ever was on her mind.[3]

Sometime after Lucifer rebelled, however, although she claimed that she meant to come visit him in Hell, she said she was too busy fulfilling her role as the Angel of Death. Time got away from her and eventually, she told him "I should have reached out to you when Dad kicked your butt down to Hell. And I was going to, but, you know, a day turned into a week, which turned to, you know, a thousand years, and then it just seemed weird."[3] Lucifer was understandably bitter, telling her, "endearing nicknames are reserved for siblings who didn't abandon me for millennia." She apologized, telling him nobody was perfect, to which he grudgingly agreed.

Meeting Ella Lopez[]

On one of her many assignments, Azrael responded to a "gnarly car wreck" to collect Ella Lopez's soul, only to discover it was a false alarm, the child had not died. She later told Lucifer that "I didn't want to leave. I mean, you know Ella. There's just something about her. She's so positive." So, whenever she was near Detroit, she would check in on Ella and they became friends. Ella called her by the nickname Lucifer had once called her; Ray-Ray. Apparently, however, it was weird if people talk to invisible angels, so she told Ella she was a ghost. That unfortunately led to a psychologist and attempts to medicate Ella.

As an adult, Ella became a forensic scientist, and after a younger brother left Detroit for LA, Azrael convinced her to transfer to the Los Angeles Police Department, knowing Lucifer was working as a consultant for them and thought that even if she could not be with her two favorite people, at least they could be together; "See, since I couldn't really be with her, and I couldn't be with you, I thought at least two of my favorite people could be together." Before Ella left for LA, she told Azrael that they should not see each other again.[3]

Losing the Blade[]

When Uriel went to Earth in the Season 2 episode, "Weaponizer," he showed Lucifer he was in possession of Azrael's blade, something that would destroy the soul of those killed with it, "no Heaven, no Hell, just gone," and told his brother he "borrowed it off the Angel of Death when she wasn't looking." Uriel planned to use it on their mother because he assumed their Father would let His guard down, and then the Goddess would destroy Him, and he needed to make sure that didn't happen.[2] Lucifer and Uriel then fought, and with Maze's aid, Lucifer defeated his brother, then, desperate to save his mother and Chloe whom Uriel threatened, ran him through with Azrael's blade, much to his horror.

Unwelcome Reunion[]

Azrael reunites with Ella

Azrael reunites with Ella Lopez.

In one of her under the radar visits to Ella, Azrael heard that Ella was thinking of moving back to Detroit and her family, Azrael appeared to try and convince her to stay in LA, surprising Ella in her lab. Ella demanded to know why 'Ray-Ray' was there, especially after they agreed to never see each other again. She confessed that she missed Ella. Ella admitted that it was nice to see her too but was hoping that this part of her life was over and asked her to leave just as Chloe Decker walked in and asked what was wrong.

Ella said she was talking to the evidence. After Ella decided to search the victim, Beth Daly's, house with Chloe, Azrael figured Ella was trying to avoid her, and once Chloe left the lab Azrael lied to Ella, telling her she was there to help her with "work stuff." Suspicious, Ella asked why Azrael didn't just lead with that, so she claimed it was "ghost rules" not to. Azrael also suggested Ella tell her friends about her, but Ella reminded her that when she did that in Detroit and everyone thought she was crazy. While not convinced by Azrael's claim of "ghost rules", Ella agreed to let her come along, but after the case was over, they would never see each other again, to which Azrael reluctantlyagreed. .[3] 'Ray-Ray' then accompanied Ella and Chloe on a search of the victim's house, pointing out all the wonderful aspects of living in LA along the way.

Azrael tries to get Ella to be honest with her friends

Azrael tries to get Ella to be honest with her friends.

Tag Along Ghost[]

At Beth's office, Ella set up ground rules with Azrael; no speaking unless spoken to and avoid being creepy. Ella opened a closet where she found a full body costume of a wolf with overalls. Azrael tried to remember if Ella was into that sort of thing when she was younger, but she clarified that she was into cosplay. When Azrael commented that the reason she got confused was because it wasn't easy to keep track of all her hobbies, Ella reminded her that she had those hobbies to distract herself from the voices in her head, meaning 'Ray-Ray', and asked her to give her space just as Chloe returned.

Chloe had found a voice mail that led them to the Golden State Furry Convention and man named Wesley who Beth and another woman were apparently fighting over, Azrael and Ella remained in the surveillance van listening to Chloe as she went undercover as Beth wearing her Furry costume. Ella asked Azrael if she could ask Beth's spirit to describe Wesley. Though Azrael claimed that was a "no-no", Ella insisted. Pretending to try and communicate with Beth's spirit, Azrael said she couldn't get through. Unconvinced, Ella realized that Azrael didn't know Beth at all, and demanded to know how she could lie to her. Deciding to reveal part of the truth, Azrael says that she was there for personal reasons. Ella assumed that meant something that would allow Azrael to finally to cross over, which Ray-Ray ran with.

Azrael tags along on Ella's case

Azrael tags along on Ella's case.

After Chloe found the woman who was threatening Beth over Wesley, Azrael joined Chloe and Ella in the interrogation room and listened in. They learned that Wesley wasn't a man, but the name of the suspect's original character, which she claimed Beth copied. When the woman's alibi checked out, Chloe asked Ella if the Furry world was for real, only for her to state that she wouldn't know since she was normal. Azrael, however, said "Boo normal!" much to Ella's annoyance.[3]

Revealing Her True Motives[]

Azrael and Ella searched the victim's office again, looking for new evidence. Noticing a picture of a beach, Azrael tried to talk Ella into going with her after they "crush this case". Ella, however, reminded her that wouldn't be possible as after the case was over, Azrael would cross over. When she didn't respond, Ella realized she was still lying to her.

Coming clean, Azrael confessed that the real reason she was here was because of Ella; she didn't want her to move back to Detroit to be with her selfish brothers. Ella defended them, believing they needed her. Azrael, however, believed they used Ella, playing on her kindness, and that her friends in LA didn't take advantage of her kindness. Ella reminded her again, that her friends didn't know about Azrael, but her family did and accepted it because they loved her. Azrael saw it from a different perspective; she needed someone looking out for her, after she looked out for everybody else.

Azrael and Ella hide in the closet

Azrael and Ella hide in the closet.

While still bitter over Azrael lying to her, Ella thanked her for caring about her. Before they could continue their conversation, they realized someone was trying to break in and they hid in the closet. Ella questioned why Azrael was hiding when no one could see her. Azrael didn't have an answer.

After Ella made a noise, the intruder opened the closet door, only for Ella to point a flashlight at the intruder's eyes, distracting him long enough for her to grab a broom and try to jab him with it. When the intruder took the broom away from Ella, Azrael told her to kick him in the "nards". The intruder dropped the broom and ran away. Azrael asked why Ella let him get away, only for her to say she had his fingerprints on the broom.[3]

Johnathan Burke[]

Unfortunately, the fingerprints on the broom were too smudged to get any ID, but there were traces of chalk and rosin. Azrael followed Ella as she reported her findings to Chloe. With the little knowledge they had, coupled with surveillance footage Chloe found of a car speeding away with a Rancho Middle School sticker on it, they deduced that it could have been a teacher who attacked Ella at Beth's office, possibly a music teacher. After Ella suggested investigating the music teacher, Jonathan Burke, Azrael was impressed by her detective skills. During interrogation, they learned that he was in Beth's office to retrieve a check for $5,000 because he was worried it would lead the police to him.

Chloe and Ella conferred, but when Johnathan heard them talking about Beckett Wilson, the girl they thought had been traumatized by the death, the girl Dan Espinoza was supposed to be bringing in. He called her a "nightmare", leading them to suspect that she might be involved in Beth's murder. Dan told Chloe the only reason the girl had been weepy was that she was reacting to the perfume in the room to which she was allergic.[3]

Getting Ella to Come Clean[]

Later that day, Chloe entered the lab and asked if Ella was okay due to her recent behavior. When Ella began to confess that she could see a ghost, Azrael was ecstatic that she was finally coming clean, only to be disappointed when Ella backtracked. Chloe revealed a new suspect and the three headed to her house.

Chloe went inside as Azrael and Ella waited in the car. While there, Azrael said she understood why she chose not to tell Chloe the truth. Ella halted her and stated it was too risky and didn't want her friends in the LAPD to ever look at her with pity. Azrael assures her, "I think your coworkers here are real friends."[3]

Azrael then watched as Ella searched a nearby Dumpster and questioned what the point was. Ella shared her theory that the killer threw the murder weapon in the neighbors' construction dumpster, to which Azrael complimented her on how good she was at her job. Ella then found a bloodstained bookend. Azrael yelled for her to duck as the killer swings a bat at her head.

As they were taking the killer into custody, Ella finally told Chloe the truth about being able to see a ghost. Chloe accepted that, assuring her she had seen far crazier things. Then Ella said she was not going back to Detroit, much to Chloe's delight. Azrael then crowed about being right; "Told ya. See? I told you your friends are great."

Azrael and Ella bid Farewell

Azrael and Ella bid farewell.

Keeping to their deal, Azrael prepared to say goodbye to Ella, only for her friend to ask her if she had been looking out for her ever since the car accident as a "Ghost Guardian Angel". When Azrael responded, "you could say I'm just a friend who's got your back," Ella decided it was okay if Azrael dropped by once in a while, so long as she didn't spy on her in the shower. Azrael agreed to those terms, and the two bade each other farewell.[3]

Reunited After Millennia[]

Knowing Lucifer was aware of her interacting with Ella, she met him at his penthouse, only revealing herself, wings open, when he said he knew she was there. He bitterly greeted using her full name, "endearing nicknames are reserved for siblings who didn't abandon me for millennia." She told him, "I get it, you're pissed. I should have reached out to you when Dad kicked your butt down to Hell. And I was going to, but, you know, a day turned into a week, which turned to, you know, a thousand years, and then it just seemed weird." Lucifer was unappeased and sarcastically remarked that weirdness had been averted, Azrael told him that after their Father banished him, the whole family was rocked, especially her because she lost her favorite big brother.

Lucifer was still angry, however, and Azrael tried to remind him of the fun they once had pranking Amenadiel, which seemed to get through to him. She said that she missed him listening to her droning off about whatever was on her mind, whether or not it was important to him. It had been important to her. Although she did not specifically say she was sorry, she did say "I made a mistake. But you started a freaking rebellion, Lucifer. Nobody's perfect." Accepting her point, Lucifer questioned why she was here and how Ella fit in. She told him the story of her car accident Ella had been in as a child, and how it was a false alarm, " I didn't want to leave. I mean, you know Ella. There's just something about her. She's so positive," and Lucifer agreed.

Azrael reveals she brought Ella to L.A.

Azrael reveals she brought Ella to L.A.

She explained that she visited Ella whenever she was in town, but realized that her talking to an invisible Angel or a ghost wasn't helping her, so she sent her to LA to be with him. Lucifer became annoyed that all his family kept manipulating him by putting people in his path.

Azrael, however, said that she actually did it for both of them, figuring that if she couldn't be with either of them, at least her two favorite people could be friends. Seeing that Azrael was telling the truth, he relented, but as soon as his back was turned, she vanished, ending their conversation.

Azrael watches Lucifer and Ella

Azrael watches Lucifer and Ella.

Later that night, Azrael watched from the bullpen as Lucifer went into the precinct to see Ella. She told him what she was studying but stopped herself, saying he was just being polite by listening. But he encouraged her to speak, listening as she rambled, just as he had done for his sister. Azrael smiled to herself and walked away.[3]

God's Retirement Party[]

Though Azrael couldn't attend their Father's retirement party on Earth due to pressures of her job as the Angel of Death, she had Gabriel give her regards to Lucifer and Amenadiel.[4]

Battle for Supremacy[]

A Chance at a Happy Ending[]

Azrael comes to collect Chloe's soul

Azrael comes to collect Chloe Decker's soul.

While Azrael wasn't present during the vote in LA staged by Michael as to who would be God, she appeared during the battle between Lucifer and Michael, surprising Lucifer. Lucifer believed she was there to assist him in battle, but, Azrael simply and sadly tells Lucifer that she's sorry. Realizing what she meant, Lucifer screamed as Michael impaled Chloe with Zadkiel's Staff, mortally wounding her. After she died, Azrael took her soul to Heaven.[5]

Ibriel bows before Lucifer

Azrael bows before Lucifer.

After Lucifer resurrected Chloe by sacrificing himself, Azrael went back down to Earth to see the outcome of the battle. When Lucifer was mysteriously resurrected himself, he spared the beaten Michael's life, and instead severed his wings with the Flaming Sword, granting him a second chance. With Lucifer defeating Michael, and proving himself, Azrael, like the other Angels, bowed to Lucifer, accepted him.[5]

Returning Her Blade[]

After Aurora Morningstar gave a warning that Lucifer disappeared from their lives before she was born, Lucifer believed it was because he was murdered. To ensure that didn't happen, Lucifer returned Azrael's Blade to her in the Silver City.[6]

Ella Is Told[]

After Ella works out that Lucifer is indeed who he claims to be, and Amenadiel is an angel, she is broken-hearted that they never actually took her into the "inner circle." Lucifer gently tried to point out she was always part of their world, "I mean, we may not have spelled it out to you, but we were all there with you, every step of the way. Every step of the way. Not to mention what a great friend you've been to us Celestials over the years. Chilling with the Angel of Death before you even met the rest of us. You and Azrael are practically BFFs." The revelation stunned Ella.[7]


Lucifer Morningstar once described her as "no sweet peach", implying her personality rubbed off on the dagger; as Mazikeen put it, "that's one angry-ass knife." When she showed up in Los Angeles, however, while she is not at all angry, she did prove to be a liar, and manipulator, and she had left her favorite brother to his fate for millennia without speaking to him. She was, however, friendly enough to develop a close friendship with Ella Lopez. Lucifer's comment may have also been made out of bitterness since Azrael, who he had once been very close to, never even spoke to him after his banishment.

During her interactions with Lucifer, however, Azrael was shown to care for her brother a great deal. Azrael had looked up to Lucifer and loved pranking Amenadiel with him. Even after their long separation, she still cared about him and missed him, regretting that she had never gone to see him. She sent Ella to LA simply to bring her two favorite people together, so that Lucifer and Ella would have each other when she couldn't be there for them.

Azrael was apparently always be on Lucifer's side in conflicts. She appeared during the war between Michael and Lucifer because Chloe Decker was about to be murdered by Michael. Knowing how much anguish Lucifer would suffer, Azrael could only give him a heartbroken "Sorry, Lu" to her brother as a warning.

Powers and Abilities[]

Azrael true form

Azrael in her Angel form

Azrael shares many of the same abilities as all other Angels. However, as the Angel of Death, she also interacts with the human dead. She's also supposedly very powerful as Lucifer Morningstar stated during the battle against Michael that with the Angel of Death on his side he "can't lose".

  • Angel Physiology: As an Angel, Azrael has their powers as well as their weaknesses.
    • Superhuman Strength: Azrael, like all Angels, has immense levels of superhuman strength and can exert, lift and carry an unbelievable amount of force and mass.
    • Superhuman Speed: Azrael, like all Angels, has tremendous superhuman speed, she can appear and disappear much faster than the Human eye could see.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Azrael, like all Angels, has incredible superhuman reflexes, and react, dodge, or catch incoming damage at immense speeds.
    • Immortality: As an angelic celestial being, Azrael is immune to age, having lived since the beginning of creation, and is also impossible to harm by any means which can kill or injure mortals easily. However, she can be harmed by supernatural weapons and means.
    • Flight: Azrael's wings allow her to fly. She can fly as fast or faster than the speed of light in which he would seemingly disappear from the Human eye, in a similar manner, akin to teleportation.
      • Dimensional Travel: Azrael is able to travel between Heaven, Hell, and Earth.
        • Afterlife Transport: Azrael is capable of taking the souls of others, to the afterlife, Heaven or Hell.
    • Death Awareness: Azrael knows when death is supposed to happen and pops up right before it happens. Though sometimes blind chance gives "false alarms" like Ella Lopez. Just before Chloe Decker died, she arrived to give her sympathies to Lucifer before she died.
    • Selective Invisibility: Azrael has the power to make herself invisible and choose who can see her. She can also only be heard by those who she allows to hear her. Typically only dead Humans will be able to see her.
    • Shape-Shifting: Azrael is capable of altering her true angelic appearance, making herself look like a human female, hiding her wings.


  • Demon Daggers Forged In Hell: Demon Daggers are able to lethally harm all Angels.
  • Other Supernatural Beings: Like all other Angels, Azrael can be killed by other supernatural beings, which included other Angels and Demons.
  • Self - Actualization All Angels are able to self-actualize, which results in their judgements manifesting as psychosomatic changes, as shown with Amenadiel losing his Angel wings and Lucifer Morningstar regaining his despite cutting them off. Azrael should be vulnerable to this weakness just as any other Angel.
  • Flaming Sword: Azrael can be eradicated with her personal blade or the completed Flaming Sword.


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  • Azrael is based on the Angel of Death from Abrahamic tradition, and is traditionally described as having 4,000 wings. Azrael is traditionally tasked with the separation of souls from their bodies upon death.
  • The fish brooch she wears when meeting Lucifer in the penthouse is not a reference to Delirium from the Endless family in the comic the series is based upon, but only a coincidence from the costume designers.
  • Azrael actually gets down time from her job reaping souls; all afterlifes run faster than Earth, giving her extra time.




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