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"You said you wished you could be there for me when I needed you most... Dad, you were. You saved me."
— to her father, Lucifer Morningstar
in Season 6

Aurora Morningstar, commonly known as Rory, is the daughter of Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar. She is an Angel, specifically a Nephilim, that was raised solely by her Mother who deliberately kept Rory oblivious to Lucifer's purposes for not being involved in her life.

Despite Lucifer leaving them, Chloe had never spoke ill of him to Aurora, even while on her deathbed in 2060. Out of anger and disbelief, Rory self-actualized and traveled back in time to 2020 in order to learn about her Father's true intentions and why he abandoned her. Lucifer ultimately proved that he loved his daughter wholeheartedly and would never leave her out of malice, which led to their reconciliation. After she is dissuaded from killing Vincent by Lucifer despite his criminal history, Rory ultimately realized that she was the catalyst for Lucifer's decision to leave Earth and become a Healer for damned souls in Hell. Upon this realization and learning about the man Lucifer actually was, she made her Father agree to never change his plans, which allows her to return to her timeline. Having received the closure she needed, Rory finally parted ways with Chloe who was on her deathbed, promising that she'll see her and Lucifer again soon, as being an Angel allows her to travel between realms at will.



Due to a promise made in late 2020 between Rory and her parents to help damned souls in Hell, Rory grew up not knowing her father; her mother still loved him, while refusing to answer about why he left to keep the timeline established. Rory had a loving family of her mother, older half sister, Amenadiel, cousin Charlie, aunties Maze and Eve; it's unknown if her grandmother ever learned about her.

Rory had her birthday celebrated without a problem and shared Christmases with them. Maze taught her how to fight and how to torture someone psychologically. Though disappointed in Trixie for not having porn hidden around for her to steal, Rory made do with stealing her sister's chocolate. Rory even developed a rivalry with her cousin Charlie in the angel department; though she had trouble with flying at first, given the fact that her bladed wings may have caused some damage to herself and others. When it came time to learn how to drive, Rory was given Lucifer's Corvette, which she drove like a madwoman.

With her mother on her deathbed from old age, Rory was outraged Lucifer didn't come to see her (despite knowing he would anyway, since he could visit heaven when Chloe died). All her rage and hatred towards her absent father caused her to initiate the timeloop's beginning and sending her back to 2020, the year of her conception.

Seeking Her Father[]

Rory arrived in hell, where she briefly sat on her father's throne. Soon Rory began looking for her uncle Michael, who almost killed her father and was now being punished by cleaning hell. While search she met a demon who questioned her identity and her reason for visiting Hell. The Demon mentioned a human that nearly killed Lucifer, leading her to meet Dan Espinoza.

Rory flew Dan back up to Earth, landing in Lucifer's Penthouse waiting for him to return, eventually while looking for Dan, Lucifer arrived back at his Penthouse only for Rory to ambush him. When Lucifer questioned her identity, Rory angrily claimed to be his daughter, a claim Lucifer insisted could not be true which greatly upset Rory causing her to fly off crying.

Trapped in the Past[]

Rory found herself unable to travel back to the future, so decided to visit her mother Chloe Decker. At first Chloe didn't believe her, but when she properly explains her name, Chloe realizes that she is her daughter. She then brings her to Lucifer, who just realizes that Rory is indeed his daughter. Rory then explains while she had a loving mother, he himself was absent from her life even though he knew about her existence. As her parents decide to investigate on the matter, she goes downstairs to she Maze and Eve are planning their wedding. She calls Eve 'auntie' but Maze just by her nickname. The duo are confused as to who she is, until she explains that she's Lucifer's and Chloe's daughter. Realizing that something might happen to the two of them that causes their wedding to never happen Maze secretly text Amenadiel to come to Lux. Amenadiel is surprised by this news as the two women press for more answers. Rory says that she's already in a tight position and can't reveal any more information. Especially in front of a 'random stranger'. Amenadiel is again surprised as his future niece doesn't seem to know him. This cause Maze to realize that Rory is torturing them. Smirking and chuckling, Rory admits that she has been lying, and that she was taught to her by 'Auntie Maze'. She then apologies to everyone, especially 'Uncle A'.

When her family gets together again, they are seen in a family session with Linda. Linda is surprised by this and off handedly mentions adding this to her book. Rory says she wonders who they are speaking to as the only Linda Martin she knows is a convicted criminal. Lucifer interjects and says that unlike him, Rory tells lies.

Spending time with her family[]

After it finally sets in that Lucifer never got to spend time with his daughter, he tries his best to do so while she is here in this time.

The Loop Closes[]

After her rescue, Rory realized her presence and anger is what drove her father to his calling of helping damaged souls past their pain; freeing the tormented from Hell. Not wanting her father to lose who he is now, Rory made both her parents promise to keep the loop going.

Arriving back in the future, Rory thanks her dying mother for keeping the promise and despite the pain it caused them. Chloe told her that she wishes she could see her again, to which Rory smiled and reminded her mother that as an angel, she's capable of visiting the afterlife at any time to see her and Lucifer. With that, Rory watched her mother pass on in peace.

Physical Appearance[]

Rory's appearance is that of a young, short and petite woman in her early 20s, however as a half celestial, she stopped aging after she reached adulthood. Therefore she will always look like she is in her early 20s even though she's almost 40 by the time of her mother's death. Rory stands only 5'2" tall, over a foot shorter than her father and she has short black hair with dyed pink highlights. Her coloring takes after her father with dark eyes and dark hair.

Her crimson red wings are described as metallic with each feather sharp like a precision blade. Each feather/blade has the top part crimson with the hairs or fibers sticking out of the sides, while the end or blade itself is black.


Rory is an angsty, semi-rebellious angel with much in common with her father, despite her initial hatred of him. In contrast she seems to have a healthy and close relationship with her mother, showing her much affection and respect. Despite not growing up with her father, she shares many aspects of him such as his sarcasm and sardonic humor. Even by describing her, people could question if they are actually describing her or her father because of those similarities. On their first few encounters, Rory puts up a cold front to hide her insecurities that came from not feeling worthy enough for her father to have stayed. Once she warms up to Lucifer the positive aspects of her personality slowly start to come out: playful, fun-loving, musical, caring, and loyal. Unlike Lucifer, Rory lies, something Lucifer is disappointed about.

Even without a father in her life, Rory grew up with a loving family; taking many traits from them, like a sense of justice (Chloe), loving sweets (Trixie), psychology (Linda), torture (Maze), quirky shirts (Ella), putting family first (Amenadiel). She also inherited Lucifer's musical talent, playing the guitar and literally having the voice of an angel. Rory loves karaoke and Rum.

After spending a month with Lucifer, Rory grew to love and accept him, realizing her anger towards him was quite literally her own fault because she put the greater good above having a happy childhood.

Powers and Abilities[]

Rory presumably shares many of the same abilities as all other Angels.

  • Longevity: Aurora's lifespan is eternal, meaning she will stop aging, likely in her 20s, and won't die of old age, but she can still suffer injuries and be killed by ordinary weapons. While looking like she's in her twenties, she’s actually far older than that, looking like this to the point where Chloe Decker dies in her late 70s. When Lucifer Morningstar didn't want to miss her childhood by returning to Hell, Rory tells her father that the decades that they will be separated will be only a short period of time in their eternal existence.
  • Shape-Shifting: Just like her father, she is able to transform into a "Devil Form" - which is self-actualized by her innermost emotions/anger.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: As witnessed, Rory heals much faster than humans do. However, she cannot heal at the same rate as her father due to being half mortal.
  • Spirit Communication: As any other angel, Rory can communicate with ghosts, like she did with Dan Espinoza, even though she was no longer able to touch him after she placed his soul on Earth.
  • Superhuman Strength: After breaking free of her chains, Rory nearly strangled Vincent Le Mec to death with just one hand.
  • Flight: Like all other angels she can use her wings to fly.
  • Bladed Wings: Rory's wings naturally have blades as feathers that can harm and possibly kill other celestials. Each feather seems almost metallic and sharp as a razor. Her wings are strong and sharp enough that they can slice through stone with ease and agile enough to stab a fly with pinpoint accuracy. When Chloe suggests that this is because of Rory self-actualizing herself as a weapon due to her guilt and anger, Rory instead explains that she has them because she grew up watching her mother stand up for justice and that she loves them because they remind Rory of the person that she admires the most: her mother.
  • Dimensional Travel: Rory is able to travel into Hell and pull out Dan's soul using her wings. However, as she didn't resurrect him, it simply left Dan trapped on Earth as a ghost. She later tells Chloe that as an angel, she is capable of visiting both of her parents in the afterlife any time that she wishes.
  • Chronokinesis (limited): Like her uncle Amenadiel, she shares the ability to manipulate time, albeit to a far less extent.
    • Time Travel: Rory self-actualized herself so that she could travel back in time. She was unable to purposefully control this ability and return herself to her own time. After her mission was completed, Rory was automatically returned to her own time. When Rory appears in a time period, thunder and lightning flash in the location.


  • Exceptional Talent in the Arts: Like her father, she has shown herself to have amazing ability in music with her exceptional singing and guitar performance.


  • Human Vulnerabilities: Not only is Rory part angel, she is also part human. Meaning she shares the same vulnerabilities that a human may have. While she may not age after reaching adulthood, she can be injured and killed by the same things a human may be susceptible to. Rory was knocked out and captured by Vincent Le Mec a human without any supernatural powers. The feathers from her wings were pulled out with earthly instruments and Vincent Le Mec had pointed a gun at her indicating that it could kill her.


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  • Rory is the second Angel not to have 'el' at the end of their name; given it was Chloe who named her.
    • Chloe said that if she ever had another daughter she would call her Rory, short for Aurora.
  • Rory is implied to be a lesbian, but not open about it; though past Mazikeen picked up on it and selected some girls for Rory to pick from to have fun. She's implied to not have a partner in the future, instead playing the field like her father.
    • When Lucifer and Rory were driving together, they saw a female driver that flirted with Rory, only for Lucifer to scare the driver off. He then says that she's too old for her, indicating that he too knows that she is a lesbian.
  • Her fashion choices seemed to be influenced by both Maze and Ella Lopez; punk rock and quirky shirts. It later softens over the course of the season, so she dresses more like Ella and Trixie Espinoza by the end.
  • She's two years younger than Charlie.
  • The name "Aurora" means "brilliant, bright and radiant" and refers to the northern lights and also the first light of the dawn, which ties back to her father (and his name, "Morningstar") who is known as the Lightbringer.
  • With her ability to travel to and from Hell it's unknown why she never tried to go see her Lucifer Morningstar. It is implied that she didn’t know that Lucifer had returned to Hell, due to the fact she was convinced he had just disappeared from their lives, meaning she never thought to go to Hell to check if he was there.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The press release for Rory was Intentionally misleading, falsely describing her as a "rebellious, angsty, and ready-to-start-some-trouble angel", who dreamed of following Lucifer Morningstar's wayward footsteps, but soon realized he isn't "the devilish big bro she hoped he’d be."[1]


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