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Archangels are high-ranking and exceptionally powerful Angels.

Throughout the Series[]

The first angel mentioned to be an archangel in the series was Michael. In "Our Mojo", Michael refers to himself as "the archangel Michael" when revealing himself to Dan. In "Spoiler Alert", Lucifer referred to Michael as "some archangel", demonstrating that this was an actual rank or title, and not just a designation Michael had made up for himself. Lucifer himself was the second angel to be referred to as an archangel in the series, with Linda referring to him as "an archangel" in "Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam".

In "Nothing Lasts Forever", Gabriel yells out "Archangels, assemble!" upon meeting with Lucifer and Amenadiel, reaffirming Lucifer's status as an archangel and also revealing that both Gabriel and Amenadiel are archangels. Amenadiel states that Archangels are in the open for everyone to see. This might mean that all the angels present at God's retirment party (such as Remiel, Zadkiel and Hanjobadiel) are archangels, though he might again just have been referring to Lucifer and Gabriel, given that he was conversing with them, and not all angels present. As of the end of Season 5, the confirmed archangels are thus Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel and Amenadiel.

Powers and Abilities[]

All Archangels have the following powers:

  • Superhuman Strength: Archangels possess vast levels of superhuman strength, much greater than humans, demons, animals, and other beings. Their super strength is far greater than demons, as Mazikeen was unable to defeat Amenadiel when she battled him in the bar, using all of her might against him, with him essentially toying with her throughout the whole fight. Despite Lucifer struggling with Mazikeen in their first altercation as he wasn't actually trying to hurt her, he later on easily defeated her. It was shown that Uriel easily defeated Mazikeen in hand-to-hand combat. Lucifer has been seen to easily take down three demons with ease and Amenadiel also easily overpowered several demons, further showing that Angels are indeed far more powerful than demons. The strength of Angels vary, as Lucifer and Amenadiel are known to be among the strongest of angels, with Lucifer even being slightly stronger than his brother, known to be much stronger than Uriel, while Remiel and Michael were strong enough to hold their own against them but was ultimately outmatched. Lucifer is shown to be much stronger than Mazikeen defeating her in combat, and punching throwing her back several meters. Lucifer and Amenaidel battled many demons and effortlessly overpowered them and defeated them, proving that Angels are much stronger than demons.
  • Superhuman Speed: Archangels can move at higher velocities than humans. Archangels are able to appear and disappear with a blink of an eye and are able to move across a room within a second. They can move, run, jump, climb, and fly at velocities that are far beyond those of any vehicle.
  • Superhuman Agility: Archangels have much greater agility than humans, demons, animals, and other beings. They have remarkable balance, coordination and dexterity, which make them able to quickly and easily move, dodge, duck, or catch anything thrown at them, knives, arrows, daggers, etc. They are able to catch and dodge punches with ease, and are fast enough to dodge bullets, though it has yet to be seen whether they can catch them while the flow of time is intact.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Archangels possess extraordinary superhuman reflexes and vast reactionary speed. Amenadiel was able to dodge Maze's attacks. Lucifer has been able to catch dagger thrown at him very close range and extremely fast by Mazikeen. And Amenadiel and Lucifer has often displayed their incredible superhuman reflexes when they were able to block or deflect Michael's and Mazikeen's incredibly fast punches.
  • Immortality: Archangels are immortal, and cannot be killed by conventional means, and have been alive for untold eons, with them predating mankind. They can live for all eternity without ever aging or decaying, permanently retaining a youthful physical vitality and beauty. The only things that can harm and kill an Archangel are Demon Daggers forged in Hell or the Flaming Sword.
  • Invulnerability: Archangels are indestructible, and can withstand a vast amounts of physical damage. Bullets and knives bounce harmlessly off of their bodies, they are immune to all non-supernatural weapons, bombs, and objects.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Archangels can heal faster than humans and demons; however, it still takes them a considerable amount of time to heal from serious injuries.
  • Enhanced Intellect: Being older than humans and demons, Archangels are more intelligent than human beings and most demons. They also have exceptional memory.
  • Shape-Shifting: Archangels are capable of altering their true angelic appearance, making themselves look like humans (hiding their massive wings).
  • Flight: Through the use of their wings, Archangels are capable of flight. As shown prominently in "A Devil of My Word", these powerful wings are not only very sharp but, due to their size and strength, can be used as bludgeons to strike opponents. They can also exert high amounts of powerful wind to knock a human back off their feet.
    • Dimensional Travel: Through the use of their wings, angels can fly between Earth, Heaven and Hell.
      • Interdimensional Travel: While other angels are only capable of traveling to the different planes of the same universe, unique to Gabriel, she is able to travel anywhere that she wishes to deliver a message, including into Goddess' universe where she was able to steal part of the Flaming Swordat the same time.
    • Healing: The feathers from Lucifer's wings have divine healing powers that could heal any injury. This was seen when Mazikeen used one of Lucifer's feathers to heal Amenadiel's near-fatal stab wound from a demon dagger forged in hell. When resurrecting Malcolm Graham, Amenadiel instantly healed the gunshot wound that originally killed him.
    • Resurrection: Archangels are able to bring back souls from Hell to insert them into recently deceased bodies. In "Wingman", Amenadiel brought Malcolm back from Hell moments after he dies. In "Infernal Guinea Pig", Lucifer brought Abel into the body of Bree Garland. However, angels require wings to travel between realms and as such cannot bring back souls without having wings.
  • Spirit Communication: Archangels can communicate with spirits of the deceased, so long as the death is fresh and they have yet to move on.
  • Master Combatants: Archangels have shown to be highly skilled, preeminent fighters, and they possess martial arts and hand-to-hand combat abilities that are far greater than a superhuman level.
  • Chronokinesis: As shown in Amenadiel's first appearance in the series, he has the power to control time and slow down time for mortals around them. He later slowed down time to save Linda Martin in "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy".
  • Telekinesis: Lucifer was sometimes shown levitating and spinning his Pentecostal Coin with hand or finger gestures. Although this could be a property of the coin itself.
  • Desire Exhibition: Lucifer's mere presence lowers the inhibitions of everyone around him, inducing them to reveal their true nature, their darkest secrets and desires, such as when he notably has a cop confess his desire to be free of the law. This allows Lucifer to make Faustian deals with various people in exchange for favors.
  • Fear Exhibition: Michael can make people admit their deepest fears, similar to Lucifer's desire mojo. He also appears to be able to cause their fears to manifest. He seems to sense certain fears in an individual, and can quickly expose their fears, and can hypnotize them to admit any or all of their fears. There are moments where he didn't ask what they truly fear but be able to bring fear out of them.
  • Photokinesis: Michael was shown to create heavenly light behind him, when he revealed himself to Dan in “Our Mojo
  • Biokinesis : Lucifer accused Michael to be the one responsible for simulating Charlie's common cold symptoms simply to psychologically torture Amenadiel.


  • Flaming Sword: The Flaming Sword (and its component Azrael's blade) can eradicate Archangels. The angel would be permanently gone, no Heaven nor Hell, and cannot be resurrected.
  • Demon Daggers Forged in Hell : These weapons are able to injure and kill Archangels. In "Take Me Back to Hell", Amenadiel was fatally injured by a one of these daggers.
  • Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings (i.e. gods, demons, and other angels are able to cause physical harm to each other. Gods are capable of easily overpowering and destroying Archangels.
  • Self Actualization: More of a distinct trait than a weakness, how an angel perceives themselves subconsciously can actualize in reality as their physical and spiritual selves are tied together. Self Actualization trait of Angels has a variety of effects on both their physiology and their powers which can both strengthen them to the point to where they cannot control their powers or cause them to lose certain abilities altogether. It was initially theorized by Amenadiel that since angels are righteous beings, committing sins greatly weakens their powers. During the second season, Amenadiel's powers diminish and his wings deteriorate. However, this does not seem to be the case for Lucifer as his wings are in a good condition and his strength remains superhuman. Maze believes it was being an accomplice to murder that was the major sin that caused Amenadiel's state. Towards the end of the third season, Amenadiel develops a theory that angels are subject to the same form of judgement mortals are and their own self-judgement determines their physical state and that Amenadiel himself was the one who took away his own powers because he judged himself to be unworthy of them. While Lucifer was initially dismissive of Amenadiel's theory, after seeing that Amenadiel regained his wings, Lucifer also came to the conclusion that Amenadiel's theory was right. After Lucifer's own rebellion against Heaven when he first arrived in Hell, Lucifer felt that he was a monster and then physically became one in appearance. When Lucifer saved his mother and was about to confess the truth to Chloe, he no longer felt like a monster and his devil face disappeared and gave his own wings back. After killing Pierce, Lucifer's devil face returned. Furthermore, after significant influence from Eve, Lucifer's opinion of himself began to deteriorate again, resulting in his wings becoming what is more traditionally associated with devils (leather and bat-like), as well as when at his lowest point, Lucifer totally reverted to the form he felt he deserved after his rebellion. Lucifer's uncontrolled transformation into a full devil form also strengthened his special powers of desire to the point to where it would affect everyone in a radius around him without the need to having eye contact to trigger the effects. Following Lucifer's decision to return to Hell protect those he loves, Lucifer and Chloe admitting their love for each other and Chloe's total acceptance of who and what Lucifer is, his wings regain their original angelic appearance. Lucifer has been shown to be vulnerable near Chloe, and in Detective Amenadiel, we find out that this is because Lucifer choses to be vulnerable to her. Shortly after Lucifer and Chloe progressed their relationship to the next level of intimacy by having sex and giving to each other fully, Lucifer somehow either gave Chloe his power of desire or subconsciously caused himself to reflect back towards himself with Chloe as the trigger. By the end of the case and speaking to Ella's boyfriend, Lucifer learned how a relationship can be more than just "giving and taking from another" and could be about "empowering each other", Lucifer regained his power of desire and somehow redeveloped the ability to stay immortal while in Chloe's prescence. Due to Michael's manipulations, Amenadiel became afraid of his son growing old and dying before him. This fear not only caused Amenadiel to reawaken his ability to control time, but caused him to uncontrollably stop time which is something he has never been able to do before.
  • Aurora's Feathers: Rory possesses unique wings equipped with blades that can harm and kill other celestials. Some of her feathers were taken and used by Le Mec to create daggers that were able to injure her father, Lucifer and with which Le Mec planned to kill him.

Known Archangels[]


  • In the DC comics that the series is based on there are seven archangels: Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Saraquael and Raguel. Raphael, Uriel and Saraqael (the spelling of the name having been changed in the series) have not been confirmed to be archangels in the series, and no angel by the name of Raguel has yet been introduced.
  • The number of archangels and their names differs in different Christian denominations. The Catholic Church officially recognizes three: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, though some additional names (Uriel, Jeremiel/Remiel, Saraqael and Raguel) are given in some apocryphal sources. The Eastern Orthodox Church recognizes seven archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel and Jerahmeel. The Coptic Orthodox church also recognizes seven: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Suriel, Zadkiel, Sarathiel and Ananiel. The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church recognizes Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Phanuel, Raguel and Remiel. Though most Anglican churches recognize four archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel), some recognize seven, adding Chamuel, Jophiel and Zadkiel.
  • In scripture, only one angel is ever referred to as an Archangel (with a capital A) and that is Michael The Archangel. Archangel is a title and refers to the chief angel among angels, the type of Angel that Michael is referred to is a Seraph/Seraphim.
  • In Angelic Hierarchy there are three orders of angels with 3 types of angels in each order. The highest orders are Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones, the middle order are Dominions, Virtues and Powers, and the lowest order are Principalities, Archangels and Regular Angels.



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