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Angel Wings are the wings of an Angel.


Angels have very large, powerful wings which can unfurl from their backs. Angels' wings are incredibly powerful, often razor-sharp, and indestructible. It is unknown if the colors or shapes of the wings have significance.

The wings are a huge, as is necessary to carry the angel, and are an important source of their powers. The wings may be partly incorporeal, as angels can spread their wings freely regardless of their clothing.

It was implied that if an angels wings are severed, their wings can be reattached, as Amenadiel tried to convince Lucifer to do just that in "Wingman." The feathers can apparently be used to heal and cure any wound, injury, illness, disease, or sickness.


  • Amenadiel's regrown wings

    Amenadiel's wings: Amenadiel's Wings seem to be dark grey with a bright sheen. The wings are extraordinarily powerful, enormous, and have extremely sharp edges. After spending his time on Earth and Hell and committing what he saw as various sins, Amenadiel's wings began to stop functioning and decay. When Charlotte Richards was killed protecting Amenadiel, however, he then regained his wings and flew Charlotte's soul to Heaven.
  • Lucifer's wings are a heavenly white which differs from all the other angels

    Lucifer's wings: Lucifer's wings seem to be broader than Amenadiel's. They are white and glow with a divine light, having seen them only in a photo in "Wingman," Chloe called them "gorgeous." Lucifer has Maze cut them off after leaving Hell, and he would later destroy them by burning them on a beach. The wings were restored to him, however, at the end of "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy". Throughout 'They're Back Aren't They' whenever Lucifer cuts them off, they regrow, no matter what he does. While Lucifer initially thinks that God restored them and is manipulating him, he subsequently realizes that he self-actualized their return because he no longer saw himself as a monster. Throughout the fourth season, however, Lucifer's wings become bat-like and demonic in appearance due to Lucifer seeing himself as a monster once again, culminating in his King of Hell form. Once Chloe fully accepts him, however, and tells him she loves him, Lucifer's wings return to their original angelic form.
  • Uriel brings out his wings

    Uriel's wings: Uriel's wings are a grey-white and seem smaller than his sibling's wings. His appear to have many more and smaller feathers than either Amenadiel's or Lucifer's.
  • Azrael with her wings out

    Azrael's wings: Azrael's wings are similar to Uriel's and Amenadiel's but more brown with golden reflections.
  • Remiel unveils her wings

    Remiel's wings: Remiel's wings are large for her size, and have a pattern similar to a hawk.
  • Michael has grey-black wings in stark contrast to Lucifer's white

    Michael's wings: Michael's Wings are the same as his twin, Lucifer's in form, but a dark gray in color. The right wing appears almost damaged, just as his right shoulder seems hunched, its feathers seem less than perfect, almost ragged. Lucifer pointed out there was nothing actually wrong with his brother, just that he had such a huge chip on his shoulder he self actualized it. After defeating Michael in battle and potentially becoming the new God, Lucifer cuts Michael's wings off with the Flaming Sword. This leaves two large scars on Michael's back just as Lucifer once had.


  • Aurora's wings: Rory possesses unique grayish purple wings, the feathers of which can double as blades which she has learnt to use as weapons. They can harm and even kill other Celestials. Her feathers seemingly display the same strength of the other angels' as she was able to free herself from chains by breaking them with her wings. It is unknown if they have the same curative properties as her father's. According to Rory herself, her bladed wings were inspired by her mother's lifelong fight for justice, not Rory's anger, causing her to self-actualize herself as a weapon.
  • Charlie's wings: They manifested when he was about 2 years old, proving to his father that he has indeed inherits his celestial abilities. His wings are grey and resemble his father's.

Powers and Abilities[]

The full extent of angel wings powers are unknown; here is a list of the powers of angel's wings seen thus far

  • Dimensional Travel: Angel use their wings to fly back-and-forth from heaven, hell, earth, etc. They can fly to or from dimensions such as heaven or hell.
  • Shielding: Angels can use their wings to shield themselves and others from incoming damage, such as small bullets, high-caliber bullets, toxic gas, poison gas, explosions, fire, bombs, etc.
  • Razor-Sharp: Angels wings have multiple indestructible, large and incredibly sharp claws on the end of the right and left sides of their wings, and they can use the claws for stabbing, clawing, tearing, ripping, or slashing for defensive or offensive means, and their claws are so strong that they can slash, tear and cut through any object, being or substance.
  • Wind Generation: Angels can use their extraordinarily powerful wings to create extremely powerful gusts of massive wind, akin to a tornado or cyclone, so powerful that it can cause countless people flying back thousands of feet with great force, and it could knock someone completely unconscious and even kill anyone with a flap of their wings. They can create such immensely powerful and ferocious gusts of enormous winds that it could blow down and completely destroy a vehicle, house, building, tower, and skyscraper at full power.
  • Offensive/Defensive Combat: Angels can use their wings for offensive and defensive means, such as hitting, suffocating, lifting, stabbing, and blowing, and with their wings they can lift someone up off of the ground and suffocate them by squeezing them together with both left and right side of wings, and can hit someone with enough force to either knock them unconscious or even kill them by decapitating them.
  • Indestructibility: Angels wings are indestructible, and are impervious to all harm, and can withstand anything and everything, and will never weaken. They can be cut off with Demon Daggers Forged In Hell and the Flaming Sword, however.
  • Healing: While in possession of their wings, angels are capable of healing others, a power that they lack without them.
  • Resurrection: An angel's wings gives them the power to resurrect humans as their wings allow them to travel into Heaven or Hell and retrieve their soul for resurrection on Earth.


  • The wings seems to be "prayer antennae". When Amenadiel lost his wings, Lucifer couldn't contact him through praying to him anymore.
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