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Angels are powerful Celestial Beings that serve God. The majority of angels reside in Heaven; however, there are a few angels who prefer to live on Earth, such as Lucifer Morningstar and Amenadiel.

When Amenadiel became God, the angels were elevated to equal status in helping their brother with his job. Unlike their Father, Amenadiel operated with more transparency as God and wanted his siblings to become more involved on Earth, albeit under guided supervision.


Angels are the children of God and Goddess. They were created by God and Goddess before Earth and humanity were created. Angels all grew up together in Heaven. According to Amenadiel, angels were never children, as they were created already fully formed and grown. However, like human children, they played with each other and depended on their parents. Angels are immortal and don't age. Amenadiel is the oldest angel and is admired, feared, and respected by many of his siblings.

Angels are autonomous, divine beings and do not live in strict harmony with each other. Throughout the ages, they have had rivalries and disputes with each other.

Lucifer was thought to be God's favorite until he rebelled and corrupted more than half of his siblings. God cast him out of Heaven, condemning him to rule Hell for all eternity. The rest of the angels continued to reside in Heaven and try to act in God's will. In 2011, Lucifer voluntarily abdicated, leaving Hell with no ruler, but he eventually returned to Hell after a demon rebellion on Earth threatened the lives of all his loved ones.

Throughout the Series[]

Amenadiel, the firstborn angel and "Fury of God," is one of the strongest and most powerful Angels ever created by God. Amenadiel descended to Earth in 2016, 5 years after Lucifer vacated his throne to bring him back to his post, particularly irritated since he had taken over Lucifer's duties patrolling Hell and chasing down escaped souls of the dead.

After spending time on Earth and Hell, Amenadiel became seduced by temptation and committed various sins, including freeing a damned soul from Hell and sleeping with a demon, and eventually agreeing to stay on Earth and teaming up with Lucifer. Eventually Amenadiel began to lose his celestial powers and his angelic form began to decay, and he realized he had Fallen. However, his condition was unlike Lucifer's, as Lucifer retained his celestial powers, while Amenadiel became vulnerable and mortal, and lost his celestial powers and his supernatural physical strength.

Uriel came to Earth to collect on Lucifer's end of a deal he had made with God, perceiving Lucifer as having failed to honor the deal. Lucifer convinced Amenadiel to meet Uriel to threaten and dissuade him and convince him to go back to Heaven. Realizing Amenadiel no longer had his celestial strength and godly powers, Uriel easily defeated Amenadiel. Infuriated, Lucifer confronts Uriel, who reveals his plan to erase their Mother from existence using Azrael's Blade before she takes her vengeance on their father. While Uriel defeats both Lucifer and the demon Mazikeen, Lucifer surprises and stabs Uriel with the Blade, killing him.

At the end of "The Good, the Bad and the Crispy", Lucifer woke up in the desert. Somehow he had regained his wings, having cut them off after his abdication has a gesture of his plans to remain on Earth.

During Quintessential Deckerstar, Amenadiel regains his angel wings and celestial powers after the sacrifice of Charlotte Richards. With his celestial powers fully restored, Amenadiel takes Charlotte’s soul up in to Heaven.

Amenadiel then returns to Earth, where he admits to Lucifer that he has become accustomed to living on Earth and will stay.

He later learns he has fathered a child with Linda Martin and keeps his angel siblings away from his son Charlie in order for their child to live peacefully on Earth as he has.

Under new leadership[]

When Amenadiel ascended to Godhood, he implemented reforms to be more hands-on than their Father had been. Part of this is a mandatory minimum of two years living amongst humanity on Earth for each angel (with the option to stay longer if they choose); Amenadiel and Lucifer grew as people thanks to bonding with humans. To accommodate their beginning during their stay, Amenadiel (courtesy of Lucifer) can employ them at Lux; immediate source of income and they are allowed to seek other employment if they find a job suited to them.

Physical Appearance[]

Lucifer, Gabriel and Amenadiel 5x14

The gathering of angels. (Lucifer, Gabriel, Amenadiel and an unknown angel behind.)

Angels appear human, albeit with a pair of large feathery wings on their back. These wings are what give them the power to travel between Heaven, Earth, and Hell. They can retract their wings into their back and release them at at will, it's unknown whether the wingless form is their true form or simply how they choose to appear when outside of Heaven.

Since angels self actualize, meaning how they perceive themselves effect's their physical body, the appearance of an angel's wings is suited to them personally. Lucifer's enormous wings were shown to be a brilliant white and to glow with a divine light, suiting him as the "Lightbringer." Amenadiel's wings were dark grey (although they did have a bright sheen) before they began to decay, when they lost their sheen and coloration, becoming a dull brown. Michael has one crooked wing, reflecting his sloped shoulder. Remiel's hawk-like wings are fitting for her since her personality is centered around being a huntress. Uriel's self-imposed perception as a smaller angel, "not the eldest son, not the young rebel, but an angel buried somewhere deep in the middle," might explain why his wings are a light grey, not shining white like Lucifer nor the dark uniform grey of Amenadiel and Michael.

Lucifer was the only known angel without wings, having severed them after abandoning Hell, leaving large notable scars on his back. After spending time on Earth and committing various sins, Amenadiel perceived himself as having fallen and so his wings began to stop functioning and decay. However, he regained them when Charlotte Richards died and was able to use them to fly her to Heaven.

Powers and Abilities[]

Angels possess incredible physical powers that aren’t possessed by humans. Every angel also possesses a special power that is unique to that angel. All angels have the following powers:

  • Superhuman Strength: Angels possess vast levels of superhuman strength, much greater than humans, demons, animals, and other beings. Their super strength is far greater than demons, as Mazikeen was unable to defeat Amenadiel when she battled him in the bar, using all of her might against him, with him essentially toying with her throughout the whole fight. Despite Lucifer struggling with Mazikeen in their first altercation as he wasn't actually trying to hurt her, he later on easily defeated her. Lucifer is shown to be much stronger than Mazikeen, punching and throwing her back several meters. It was shown that Uriel easily defeated Mazikeen in hand-to-hand combat. Lucifer has been seen to easily take down three demons with ease and Amenadiel also easily overpowered several demons, further showing that Angels are indeed far more powerful than demons. The strength of Angels vary, as Lucifer and Amenadiel are known to be among the strongest of angels, with Lucifer even being slightly stronger than his brother, known to be much stronger than Uriel, while Remiel and Michael were strong enough to hold their own against them but was ultimately outmatched.
  • Superhuman Speed: Angels can move at higher velocities than humans. Angels are able to appear and disappear with a blink of an eye and are able to move across a room within a second. They can move, run, jump, climb, and fly at velocities that are far beyond those of any vehicle.
  • Superhuman Agility: Angels have much greater agility than humans, demons, animals, and other beings. They have remarkable balance, coordination and dexterity, which makes them able to quickly and easily move, dodge, duck, or catch anything thrown at them, knives, arrows, daggers, etc. They are able to catch and dodge punches with ease, and are fast enough to dodge bullets, though it has yet to be seen whether they can catch them while the flow of time is intact.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Angels possess extraordinary superhuman reflexes and vast reactionary speed. Amenadiel was able to dodge Maze's attacks. Lucifer has been able to catch dagger thrown at him very close range and extremely fast by Mazikeen. And Amenadiel and Lucifer has often displayed their incredible superhuman reflexes when they were able to block or deflect Michael's and Mazikeen's incredibly fast punches.
  • Immortality: Angels are immortal, and cannot be killed by conventional means, and have been alive for untold eons, with them predating mankind. They can live for all eternity without ever aging or decaying, permanently retaining a youthful physical vitality and beauty. The only things that can harm and kill an Angel are Demon Daggers forged in Hell or the Flaming Sword.
  • Invulnerability: Angels are nearly indestructible, and can withstand a vast amounts of physical damage. Bullets and knives bounce harmlessly off of their bodies, they are immune to all non-supernatural weapons, bombs, and objects.
  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Angels can heal faster than humans and demons; however, it still takes them a considerable amount of time to heal from serious injuries.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: Being older than humans and demons, Angels are more intelligent than human beings and most demons. They also have exceptional memory.
  • Shape-Shifting: Angels are capable of altering their true angelic appearance, making themselves look like humans (hiding their massive wings).
  • Flight: Through the use of their wings, angels are capable of flight. As shown prominently in "A Devil of My Word", these powerful wings are not only very sharp but, due to their size and strength, can be used as bludgeons to strike opponents. They can also exert high amounts of powerful wind to knock a human back off their feet.
    • Dimensional Travel: Through the use of their wings, angels can fly between Earth, Heaven and Hell.
    • Healing: The feathers from Lucifer's wings have divine healing powers that could heal any injury. This was seen when Mazikeen used one of Lucifer's feathers to heal Amenadiel's near-fatal stab wound from a demon dagger forged in hell. When resurrecting Malcolm Graham, Amenadiel instantly healed the gunshot wound that originally killed him.
    • Resurrection: Angels are able to bring back souls from Hell to insert them into recently deceased bodies. In "Wingman", Amenadiel brought Malcolm back from Hell moments after he dies. In "Infernal Guinea Pig", Lucifer brought Abel into the body of Bree Garland. However, angels require wings to travel between realms and as such cannot bring back souls without having wings.
  • Spirit Communication: Angels can communicate with spirits of the deceased, so long as the death is fresh and they have yet to move on. They can also communicate with ghosts, like Lucifer and Amenadiel did with Dan Espinoza after his soul was released from Hell to Earth.
  • Master Combatants: Many angels have shown to be highly skilled, preeminent fighters, and they possess martial arts and hand-to-hand combat abilities that are far greater than a superhuman level.
  • Prayer Granting: Angels can hear prayers and bring them to life. Since they don't know the domino effect this will cause, it nearly caused the apocalypse from all the haphazardly granted prayers.

Since angels self actualize (see Weaknesses), each angel has a unique divine superpower that correlates with their personality:

Reality Manipulation: they possess the ability by using human prayers and have no limitations to what they can achieve.

  • Empathy: Angels could feel their emotion on a higher scale than mortals so much so that they self actualize themselves whenever they're having an emotional breakdown.
  • Teleport: Angels have shown the ability to disappear and appear even without the use of their wings.
  • Disease Manipulation: As shown In Ella's article angels were causing plagues all around the world.
  • Thermokinesis: As shown in Ella's article angels seemed to make the temperature around the world massively fluctuate.
  • Hydrokinesis: Angels also seemed to make a river red because of them answering prayers.
  • Biokinesis: Angels also seemed to reduced the hiccups of humans because of them answering prayers.
  • Aerokinesis: Angels also seemed to be capable of controlling the air as they seemed to increase the wind all around the world.
  • Environment Manipulation: Angels seemed to be able to affect the environment at a global scale as they were messing with the ecosystem all over the globe.
  • Disintegration: Angels also seemed to have this ability in the articles in ella's articles where they made people vanish.
  • Life Mastery: Angels also seemed to have this power as in Ella's article it's mentioned they also created miracle animals out of nothing.
  • Weather Manipulation: Angels also seemed to have this ability as in Ella's article they were affecting the whole world at large such as fluctuating temperature and high pressured winds are their causing they were also responsible for making a river red.
  • Cosmic Manipulation: Angels also seemed to have this abilty as they seemingly increased the space debris in space putting every satellite in peril.
  • Chronokinesis: Amenadiel's power was that he could slow down the flow of time. Although he and his fellow celestials were unaffected.
  • Desire Exhibition: Lucifer's power was that he could make people confess what they truly desire. Though it's more difficult to do with a more complicated individual. According to Lucifer, to know someone's desire is to know their weakness.
  • Fear Exhibition: Michael's power was that he can make people admit their deepest fears.
  • Message Delivery: Gabriel's power was that she could deliver a message to anyone literally anywhere. She could even achieve inter-dimensional travel and deliver a message to another universe.
  • Probability Calculation: Uriel's power was that he could predict patterns and set off a chain reaction of events which could bring out the results he desired, and he could do so with just a very slight modification that he carried out. He called this the butterfly effect.
  • Selective Invisibility: Azrael's power was that she could make herself invisible and inaudible to anyone and only be seen and heard by those whom she allowed to see and hear her.
  • Hunting Intuition: Remiel's power was that she could remotely detect celestials, demons, humans, etc. She can even sense the emergence of a new celestial in the womb on Earth all the way from Heaven.
  • Telekinesis: Lucifer was sometimes shown levitating and spinning his Pentecostal Coin with hand or finger gestures. Although this could be a property of the coin itself.
Michael and his siblings from the Lucifer's 5B trailer by Netflix


  • Flaming Sword: The Flaming Sword (and its component Azrael's blade) can eradicate angels. The angel would be permanently gone, no Heaven nor Hell, and cannot be resurrected.
  • Demon Daggers Forged in Hell : These weapons are able to injure and kill angels. In "Take Me Back to Hell", Amenadiel was fatally injured by a one of these daggers.
  • Supernatural Beings: Supernatural beings (i.e. gods, demons, and other angels) are able to cause physical harm to each other. Gods are capable of easily overpowering and destroying angels.
  • Chloe Decker (for Lucifer; formerly): Chloe is insensitive to Lucifer's preternatural charm. She also made him vulnerable to ordinary means of harm. It is supposed that his physical vulnerability when in proximity to Chloe may likely be a psychosomatic manifestation of his growing emotional vulnerability towards her. After their relationship fully develops Lucifer becomes more secure, focused, and determined in their relationship, Lucifer doesn't feel vulnerable anymore and as such Chloe no longer impairs his invulnerability.
  • Self Actualization: More of a distinct trait than a weakness, how an angel perceives themselves subconsciously can actualize in reality and alter their physical body, as their physical and spiritual selves are tied together. The Self Actualization trait of Angels has a variety of effects on both their physiology and their powers which can both strengthen them to the point where they cannot control their powers or cause them to lose certain abilities altogether. It was initially theorized by Amenadiel that since angels are righteous beings, committing sins greatly weakens their powers. During the second season, Amenadiel's powers diminish and his wings deteriorate. However, this does not seem to be the case for Lucifer as his wings are in a good condition and his strength remains superhuman. Maze believes it was being an accomplice to murder that was the major sin that caused Amenadiel's state. Towards the end of the third season, Amenadiel develops a theory that angels are subject to the same form of judgement mortals are and their own self-judgement determines their physical state and that Amenadiel himself was the one who took away his own powers because he judged himself to be unworthy of them. While Lucifer was initially dismissive of Amenadiel's theory, after seeing that Amenadiel regained his wings, Lucifer also came to the conclusion that Amenadiel's theory was right. After Lucifer's own rebellion against Heaven when he first arrived in Hell, Lucifer felt that he was a monster and then physically became one in appearance. When Lucifer saved his mother and was about to confess the truth to Chloe, he no longer felt like a monster and his devil face disappeared and he gave himself his old wings back. After killing Pierce, Lucifer's devil face returned. Furthermore, after significant influence from Eve, Lucifer's opinion of himself began to deteriorate again, resulting in his wings becoming what is more traditionally associated with devils (leather and bat-like), as well as when at his lowest point, Lucifer totally reverted to the form he felt he deserved after his rebellion. Lucifer's uncontrolled transformation into a full devil form also strengthened his special powers of desire to the point to where it would affect everyone in a radius around him without the need to having eye contact to trigger the effects. Following Lucifer's decision to return to Hell protect those he loves, Lucifer and Chloe admitting their love for each other and Chloe's total acceptance of who and what Lucifer is, his wings regain their original angelic appearance. Lucifer has been shown to be vulnerable near Chloe, and in "Detective Amenadiel," we find out that this is because Lucifer choses to be vulnerable to her. Shortly after Lucifer and Chloe progressed their relationship to the next level of intimacy by having sex and giving to each other fully, Lucifer somehow either gave Chloe his power of desire or subconsciously caused himself to reflect back towards himself with Chloe as the trigger. By the end of the case and speaking to Ella's boyfriend, Lucifer learned how a relationship can be more than just "giving and taking from another" and could be about "empowering each other", Lucifer regained his power of desire and somehow redeveloped the ability to stay immortal while in Chloe's presence. Due to Michael's manipulations, Amenadiel became afraid of his son growing old and dying before him. This fear not only caused Amenadiel to reawaken his ability to control time, but caused him to uncontrollably stop time which is something he has never been able to do before.
  • Aurora's Feathers: Rory possesses unique wings equipped with blades that can harm and kill other celestials. Some of her feathers were taken and used by Le Mec to create daggers that were able to injure her father, Lucifer and with which Le Mec planned to kill him.


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Chloe Decker
Aurora Morningstar
Other Angels


  • Solid lines denote blood relationships
  • Dashed lines denote romantic relationships
  • denote deceased individuals

Known Angels[]


  • Lucifer, Amenadiel and Michael chose last names.
  • Lucifer explained to Amenadiel that ALL of the angels, even himself, looked up to him as an idol of sorts; "our very own Hollywood action star." Uriel and Remiel showed Amenadiel respect, even when they fought him.
  • Despite Angels seen as friendly and positive beings, Angels do not care about Humans as Michael did not hesitate to kill Chloe and TJ Ross.
  • Just like any normal family, the angels could favor one of their parents over the other.
    • Lucifer didn't get along with God well, but was happy to spend time with Goddess.
    • Amenadiel was devoted to God, to the point took Goddess to Hell aftee the divorce; blindly taking God's side.
    • Uriel was against Goddess and sought to protect God.
    • Michael didn't care for either parent; having only been using God.
  • Each angel has a unique power, e.g. Lucifer makes people tell the truth and is sexually irresistible to almost any human being, Amenadiel can slow time, Azrael can only be seen by the dying or those who had a brush with death, and Uriel can foresee chain reactions.
  • Each angel reflects a trait back a humans who see them.
    • Lucifer - desire
    • Michael - fear
    • Amenadiel - faith
    • Azrael - life
  • An angel's beliefs can affect them.
    • Lucifer gained his "devil face" when he considered himself a monster; he lost it and regained his wings when he no longer considered himself such; he gained it back after killing Marcus Pierce.
    • Amenadiel became mortal after feeling guilt for reviving Malcolm Graham, sleeping with Maze, and siding with Lucifer.
  • One of God's rules is that "angels can't take a mortal life," or as Mazikeen put it, "killing a human is Angel No-No's 101".
    • It is unclear if Lucifer is bound to this rule, but he claims that he has never killed anyone before Uriel. In "The Sin Bin", Lucifer was unable to go through killing the Sinnerman, even though he wanted to disobey his dad. In "A Devil of My Word", Lucifer killed Pierce, leading him to transform into a complete devil form in season 4.
    • Maze believes that Amenadiel being an accomplice to the murder of mortals (by bringing Malcolm back from Hell) is what caused his powers to weaken.
    • However Uriel's attempts to kill Chloe Decker imply the existence of loopholes, as Uriel put into motions multiple chains of events that would have indirectly resulted in Chloe's death, with Uriel actually being the one to kill her.
    • Since the angels know that God is no longer in this universe, they feel that they are free from that rule. Thus allowing them have the option to take a mortal's life
      • Michael was able to kill Chloe Decker with seemingly no ill effects. However Chloe was shortly after resurrected by Lucifer. It is unknown how this will affect Michael, due to Lucifer later severing his wings
  • According to Amenadiel, "celestial beings aren't allowed to interact here on Earth," referring to fighting. However, this rule seems to have been broken multiple times throughout the series, like when Lucifer fought Uriel in "Monster".
    • "Spoiler Alert" shows God will step in if his children are going too far.
  • An angel's ability of resurrection depends on having their wings so they can fly to Heaven or Hell to retrieve the soul in question. In the case of someone who has only just died, such as when Amenadiel resurrected Malcolm, they can simply resurrect the person in their own body. However, in the case of someone who has been dead far longer, such as when Lucifer resurrected Abel, they must place the soul into the body of someone who is recently deceased. They appear not to have full control over whose body the soul will come back in, as in such a case as Lucifer intended to bring Abel back in the body of a recently-deceased old man, but in the brief time he was gone, Bree Garland died and Abel's soul went into her body instead.
  • Angels cannot be killed (though they can be stunned) by human weaponry; Lucifer states bullets just bounce off. However, if they are rendered mortal, such weapons can kill them.
  • So far every angel that has been shown or mentioned has name which ends with suffix "el", including Lucifer since his original name was Samael.
    • Amenadiel suggests this is a given as all the baby names he came up with all ended in "el".
    • This may be tied to the principle of el theosophy, where the suffix -el is used to end names in order to tie them to god, it being a Sumerian word for god. Examples include:
      • Michael: "who is like God"
      • Gabriel: "God is my strength"
      • Raphael: "It is God who heals"
      • Azrael: "help from God"
      • Samael: “Venom of God"
      • Uriel: “God is my light"
      • Remiel: "Thunder of God"
      • Castiel: "Speed of God"
      • Amenadiel: "By God's will"
  • Angels can reproduce with humans, but only when they self-actualized to a mortal existence (which causes it to happen by accident) or desire it out of love (as was Lucifer's case)
  • Michael, Zoriel, Ezekiel and Azmortiel were mentioned as names for Charlie.
    • Amenadiel mentioned these are very mainstream names in the Silver City.
  • Many angels displayed the ability to show up seemingly out of nowhere and mysteriously enter/exit close spaces, which may indicate they possess a limited form of teleportation. It is possible that this is a by-product of their dimensional travel ability, as they can leave Earth in one location and re-entering it in another, however Lucifer also displayed this ability when he didn't have his wings.
  • Angels have souls and like humans, go to Heaven or Hell upon death unless killed with Azrael's Blade. This is best displayed when Lucifer dies in "Take Me Back to Hell" and "A Good Day to Die". In the latter episode, Lucifer purposefully dies to go to Hell, knowing that his banishment means that he can't go to Heaven.
  • The three main siblings, Amenadiel, Lucifer and Michael, each have one sister who is close to and is fond of their company.
    • Remiel respects and emulates Amenadiel, to the point she's his "little clone".
    • Azrael was always close to Lucifer, whom was his fondest sibling; she doesn't have the free time to be with him.
    • Gabriel is loyal to and enjoys good natured ribbing with Michael; she has tons of free time, unlike Azrael.
  • Angels in “Lucifer” are different than the angels in the show “Supernatural”. Unlike in “Supernatural”, “Lucifer”’s angels do not have psychic powers such as telekinesis, telepathy, reality warping and so on. They merely possess enhanced physical abilities.

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