Alexa Lee is a movie producer and the boss of Bree Garland.

History[edit | edit source]

In "Infernal Guinea Pig", Alexa's house was targeted for a bomb attack. While Alexa was believed to be the target, it turned out that the true target was her assistant, Bree Garland. As Bree discovered, Alexa used her movies to launder money to Bolivian drug cartels, and after learning that the Bolivians were sending a bomb to her house to kill Bree for her refusal to be paid off, Alexa rescheduled her Pilates class on the day in question, so she could leave before the bomb was delivered.

Alexa feigned concern for Bree, but after learning that Bree was alive (unaware that she was the vessel for Cain's brother, Abel), Alexa turned heel again and planned to kill Bree to cover up her collusion. She planted a bomb inside a drawer that contained the documents that showed her criminal activities, which activated once Bree opened the drawer. The bomb was successfully defused, and Alexa was arrested.

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