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Alexa Lee is a movie producer and the boss of Bree Garland.


In "Infernal Guinea Pig", Alexa's office was targeted for a bomb attack. While Alexa was initially believed to be the target, it turned out that the true target was her assistant, Bree Garland. Bree had discovered Alexa used her movies to launder money for the Bolivian drug cartels, and was apparently going to blow the whistle on them.

When the Bolivians sent a bomb to the office to kill Bree for refusing a payoff, Alexa rescheduled her Pilates class on the day in question, so would be absent when the bomb was delivered.

Alexa feigned concern for Bree, but after learning that Bree was apparently still alive - though in actuality her body was merely serving as a vessel for Cain's brother, Abel - Alexa planned to kill Bree to cover up her collusion with the Bolivians. She planted a bomb inside a drawer that contained the documents that showed her criminal activities, which was sealed with a biometric lock only Bree could open, guaranteeing Bree would be the one killed when the drawer was opened. The bomb was successfully defused by Chloe however, and Alexa was arrested after her prints were found on it.



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