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"A Lot Dirtier Than That" is the sixth episode of the sixth season of Lucifer.[1]


Wanting to do well on his first day with the LAPD, Amenadiel crosses paths with a racist detective from his past. Also, Lucifer tries to bond with Rory.


Amenadiel is on patrol with Harris. They stop for coffee, with Harris telling him the second cup is for her at 10 O'clock. As the car continues patrolling, Amenadiel is surprised by ghost Dan and spills the coffee. Dan is very proud of his friend, but as only Amenadiel can see him, he blames a pothole. Dan explains he's bored and doesn't want to visit Maze; Lucifer and Rory can see him too, but Dan doesn't want to interrupt their bonding. Amenadiel subtly tells Dan to leave, which he does. The two then get a call about shots fired, immediately responding.

At Linda's office, Lucifer is brainstorming why he disappears; asteroid hitting LA, a supernatural pathogen, or witness protection. Linda tells him that trying to figure out why he disappeared isn't the answer; he needs to focus on Rory's feelings. Lucifer adds that it's oddly what Maze said; Linda agrees its odd (Maze never thinks like that). Lucifer tells her that if he can't be a good father to his own biological child, how can he become God and be father to all? He then remembers Adriana Nassar and that she forgave Linda, wondering how. After recapping A Little Harmless Stalking, Lucifer notes it's a bad idea. Linda tells him that Rory is upset because he wasn't there for all her important life events; Lucifer decides to metaphorically make up for all it.

At Chloe's apartment, Rory is given Trixie's room to stay in as the little munchkin is at science camp for the summer. Chloe is still dealing with the awkwardness of having a future adult daughter. Rory states Trixie always came through for her with porn. Chloe is shocked. However, Rory laughs that Trixie only ever hides chocolate in her room and steals a candy bar. Chloe tells Rory where the towels are, only for Rory to remind her that it's her childhood home. Hoping to ease the awkwardness, Chloe offers to make a PBJ sandwich. Rory retorts with a sarcastic request for dino nuggets and a jukebox. Seeing she pushed Chloe too far, Rory admits that ribbing each other is what they do in the future. Chloe apologizes, revealing Lucifer only thought Rory killed him due Chloe's actions; Chloe blames Rory's anger on herself. Rory reveals that they've had a great relationship her entire life; its Lucifer she has the problem with. Rory gets a call from Lucifer, who wants to see her.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel has arrived at the crime scene. A young black man's body sits on a sofa, dead from gunshot wounds. Amenadiel reports to Harris that he's compiled a list of possible witnesses. He points out that there is two toothbrushes in the bathroom, meaning someone else was living there; Harris tells him only the detective's call matters. To Amenadiel's seething, quiet, rage the racist cop who assaulted Caleb Mayfield, James Reiben, arrives at the scene as the lead detective. Reiben blames the victim, Kevin Cambell, of being the target of gang violence despite their being none evidence of such in the apartment; he keeps the perimeter to the living room, since there was only signs of the door being busted open. Amenadiel points out the toothbrushes and the fact the window in the bathroom was busted open. However, Harris pulls him away, scolding Amenadiel for questioning the CO. Amenadiel explains he had a racial profiling run-in with Reiben before. Harris explains she used to be like Amenadiel, but she learned to take the long run approach.

At Ella's lab, Amenadiel surprises her and shuts the blinds to the windows; he has to talk to Ella in confidence. Amenadiel explains the case; the second toothbrush and the open window got overlooked. He asks Ella to examine the crime scene bathroom to confirm his theory that there was a witness to the murder. She agrees, subtly telling Amenadiel to just come clean the entire conversation by inserting constant religious references.

Meanwhile, at Lux, Rory arrives at the penthouse to find it decorated for Christmas with presents and carolers in tow. Lucifer walks out with a tinsel bowtie, but sees Rory unimpressed; he worries that he also caused the holiday to disappear. Rory assures him that tacky consumerism still exists in the future, but asks what this is about. Lucifer explains that he is making up for each year he missed out. The first is a big teddy bear. Second is catchers mitts and a baseball. Third is a tricycle. Rory is not impressef, disappointing her father. A Santa arrives, but Lucifer quickly cues him to stop. Rory politely waves to Santa. Lucifer wonders if eggnog is a go.

Elsewhere, Amenadiel tells Chloe of his findings, explaining Ella discovered a fingerprint belonging to Miakela Williams, a portal worker and thus owner of the second toothbrush. Chloe agrees that it should be followed up on. However, Amenadiel reveals the CO is Reiben, whom Chloe is shocked got promoted to detective after harassing Caleb and pointing a gun at Amenadiel. The angel is not pleased nothing happened from Dan's complaint. When he brings up the system is unfair enough to leave Harris on the beat for a decade, Chloe reveals Harris turns down promotion to detective.

Next day, Amenadiel questions the nosy neighbor of the victim, Loretta, whom is surprised a cop is actually asking her to help. Loretta treats Amenadiel to some pound cake in her backyard. She reveals that there was a previous occupant of the victim's apartment named Sam, and that Kevin had no connections to gangs; he was well-off with his post office job. It's where Kevin met Michaela. They two were dating, which Loretta knows is true because the sound of them having sex echoed through the courtyard. Dan shows up again, annoying Amenadiel. After learning Reiben made detective, Dan is aghast. Amenadiel promises to weed out LAPD racists in his place; though he is warned by Dan to watch out because the racists may have powerful people in their pocket. Ending his questioning, Amenadiel is asked by Loretta to find and look out for Michaela.

Lucifer decides to teach Rory how to drive his car. He explains it's 1962 model; it can go to 60 in 5.9 seconds and tops off st 140 MPH. Lucifer tells Rory that cars need a gentle touch like a lover. However, she revs the engine and drives like a madowman, much to Lucifer's horror. Thankfully they reach a stoplight, where Rory roughly stops the car; she didn't pump the brakes. Rory flirts with a woman waiting at the lights with them, making Lucifer spook her away; she's twice Rory's age. Rory roughly makes a turn, crashing past bins; giving the corvette a scratch. She comments that it was her fault it's there, explaining the car was inherited by her in the future. A clearly frazzled Lucifer laughs that Rory has his driving skills, but she tells him Chloe taught her; horrified by the inclination, he asks to swap to be driver.

At the LAPD, Amenadiel is stopped by Harris, whom he explains to that he's heading to see the lieutenant.. Amenadiel reveals that Michaela is a witness and the previous owner of the apartment was a bad dude name Sam Ravinski. He's quickly put together that someone busted into Kevin's home looking for Sam, but killed Kevin by mistake; the perp likely didn't have a clue what Sam looked like. Amenadiel explains that Michaela is out there in need of their help. When Harris pushes for him to stop, Amenadiel reveals Chloe told him that she refused promotion. Harris explains that Chloe didn't have a problem with getting detective because she's the daughter of a cop and white; the highest ups wanted to get rid of her for catching their racist lies. To make matters worse the lieutenant is in Reiben's corner, despite all the complaints of racism.

Reiben calls Amenadiel to the conference room, revealing he knows about his investigation and is proud of Amenadiel for standing by his belief. To Amenadiel's surprise, he remembers their first meeting. Reiben admits his guilt for treating Caleb badly and that he is no longer who he was. However, he is now blaming Michaela as the killer for simply having had minor ties to a gang in high school. Amenadiel points out its been nearly ten years. Reiben even states the victim injured her with a shot before Michaela left; angering Amenadiel as there was NO gun at the crime scene. Apparently it's just a sick game to Reiben to just pin "culprit" on black people.

At Lux, Lucifer tells Rory that it was foolish of him to recreate all the milestones of her life, when clearly Chloe celebrated them spectacularly. To this end, he's decided to follow the same advice Maze and Linda gave him. Lucifer believes that he should give Rory the things on he can give her, so he's decided to hold a party. Suddenly music and lights come on and people come out. Lucifer explains Rory's friends haven't been born, but Maze is there; with a pseudo-cake tower filled with glasses and bottles of rum. Rory chats with Maze, whom tells Rory that Lucifer is at least doing something Lilith never did for her or the Lilim, and that's make it up to her. She also adds that regardless of their species, men arent as evolved as women. Maze reveals she picked the wait staff so Rory can have her pick for all after-party fun. Lucifer starts singing "You Got It" to convey his feelings and reveal a motorcycle as a gift to Rory. He wonders if Rory is not liking what he did, to which Rory tells him that he can't fix things as the damage he did. A dejected Lucifer notes he can't mojo her, to which she asks him to say the line for an honest answer. She wants him to leave her alone. As Rory leaves, Maze assures Lucifer it was a good party.

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  • Harris says the title at 1:25
  • Lucifer ironically notes how his session with Linda lasted longer than usual (on screen); since he didn't go off on the first bad idea that popped in his head.
  • The loan shark murderer apparently was bad at keeping track of his targets, given he murdered an innocent for seemingly no reason other than to take out his anger of his target giving him the slip by moving from the address.
  • Rory is gay, something Maze picked up on.
  • Lucifer's Chevrolet Corvette was inherited by Rory.
  • Lucifer and Rory share a duet.
  • Trixie is at science camp for the summer. In truth this was a workaround for Scarlett Estevez, who was busy filming another show and had limited time to be involved with Season 6.
  • According to Rory, Trixie doesn't develop an interest in porn; she only hides chocolate in her room.


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