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"A Chance at a Happy Ending" is the sixteenth and final episode of the fifth season of Lucifer.[1]


Michael offers Lucifer a happy eternity in Hell by having Chloe there. Lucifer isn't having it, instead, Team Lucifer is facing off against Michael in a final stand for who gets to be the new God.


The episode opens with prisoners on a transport trying to escape, they steal the guard's gun and accidentally kill the driver. The bus careens off a cliff, killing everyone inside.

At Lux, Lucifer is drinking, staggered by Dan's murder, and the fact he couldn't get enough support to get elected God. Hearing his piano being played off-key, Lucifer finds Michael at it. Furious, Lucifer gets a choke hold on his brother, but Michael suggests no fighting to avoid killing the fragile humans in the room. Lucifer backs down with difficulty. Michael says he comes with an olive branch, He offers Lucifer control of Hell without any interference; while Michael gets Heaven. Lucifer laughs in his face, he had been there and done that. Michael reveals he ordered Dan's death to make Chloe feel guilty; so she will go to Hell upon dying, "Brother, I am offering you a chance at a happy ending. I hope you take it." Michael tells Lucifer the vote will be tomorrow on Earth; since Lucifer will be incinerated if he goes to Heaven because of his banishment.

Amenadiel, Maze, and Linda, meanwhile, are cleaning out Dan's apartment. Amenadiel smiles as he looks at a picture of a baseball game Dan took him to. Maze grabs it, stating caring gives you nothing but pain. She then finds an NYSNC shirt, Maze remembers when she knocked Dan out and left him naked in Chloe's house back in Season One. She laughs at how impossible it was for Dan to have fit into that shirt. Maze finally breaks down crying, missing her friend. Linda and Amenadiel assure Maze that they wouldn't trade the last 5 years with Dan for not knowing him.

At Lucifer's penthouse, Chloe arrives, explaining Trixie is with Penelope and Dan's parents while they deal with Dan's passing. Chloe starts to apologize for what she said the other night, but Lucifer tells her that she was right; she said the things he couldn't admit to himself, and that he wanted to be God for the wrong reasons. Now he has to be God for Dan's same. Chloe asks what he means. Lucifer reveals Michael orchestrated Dan's death, and assembled the Flaming Sword. Chloe thinks it means Dan was silenced, but Lucifer clarifies Dan was killed to spark guilt in Chloe. Chloe is stunned, but Lucifer tells her that she mustn't give in to the guilt. Chloe turns the tables and angrily tells him, "That is not how emotions work, Lucifer. Prove me wrong. Go ahead! Go on! Just...feel worthy! Or you know what? No, this is better. This is better. Make yourself vulnerable...It's easier said than done, isn't it?" Lucifer insists that they cannot let Michael win and she cannot end up like Dan. She demands to know where Dan is and he begs her not to make him tell her when they are interrupted by the arrival of Remiel.

Remiel is shedding feathers, gasps out her brother's name, and collapses. Lucifer checks for a pulse; Remiel is dead. Lucifer guesses Michael figured out she was a double agent and killed her with the flaming sword. Chloe points out Remiel died a stab would but there's no burn mark; it was just Azrael's blade. Meaning Michael hasn't completed the sword yet, and they have a chance to stop him. Believing Remiel knew the location, Lucifer asks Chloe to be "the detective" once more so they can get Remiel's feather analyzed for clues. Chloe tells him that guilt is one thing, but channeling her anger is something she can do.

At the precinct, Ella mourns Dan and does a "talk with God", feeling his absence without realizing it. She quotes "Papa Morningstar" about the darkness and light, feeling there's not enough light for all the darkness filling the place. She asks, "just give me some sort of sign, just let me know that I'm where I'm supposed to be, where I need to be." At that moment, Ella is surprised by Lucifer and Chloe, who say they need her help and ask her to examine the feather. The results is that the powder coming off of it is yeast. Chloe returns from records which reveal the yeast comes from a brewery, which TJ Ross operated out of. Lucifer has an idea that Ella can help them with.

At the brewery, TJ is fighting off two angels. Michael arrives, asking for the necklace. His siblings pin TJ and decide killing him is okay without their dad around to stop them. Michael, however, hesitates, revealing himself to be Lucifer; Ella applied a fake scar to his face with he cosplay skills. Lucifer lets TJ escape, only for Michael to grab him and kill him for the necklace anyway. Lucifer tells his siblings Michael murdered Remiel, shocking them. Michael shrugs the murder of their sister off, and assembles the sword, but is shot from behind by Chloe. He tells her it won't kill him, and she reveals it was a distraction to let Lucifer escape. She follows suit when Michael turns to look.

At Lux, Maze tells Eve that she accepts her mortality; she doesn't want it to keep them apart.

At home, Linda is concerned about Charlie falling when he tries standing. Amenadiel assures her that it's fine, but Linda wants to have Charlie see a specialist. Amenadiel explains that allowing Charlie to fall and get up on his own will help empower him. They are interrupted by a call from Lucifer informing Amenadiel of Remiel's death. That night, Lucifer, Chloe, and Amenadiel bury Remiel. Amenadiel is glad Remiel got to at least go out as a warrior, her desire. Lucifer curses God for his "mysterious ways"; if he had just named a successor, Michael wouldn't have caused the deaths of Remiel and Dan. Amenadiel is sure God meant for them to find their own way even if it led to their deaths. Lucifer cynically laughs that having choice has done nothing but backfire on him; specifically not killing TJ for the necklace when Michael just killed him anyway. Chloe tells Lucifer, "It's not cowardly to save a life. It's not cowardly to fight for a single soul. We owe it to Remiel. We owe it to Dan. We are the ones still standing. We are the ones that have to fight." Maze then arrives, telling Lucifer that Chloe can fight; and offers a demonic blade. Chloe is not good with knifes, but Maze has a way around that. Needing more reinforcements, Amenadiel suggests calling the Lilim from Hell into the deceased bodies to bolster their numbers. Maze is not pleased with a no killing angels rule, but she is in. Lucifer rallies the troops with, "Well dad gave us the power of choice. What say we make one spectacularly bad one?" They are all ready for going to war.

The next day, Lucifer and Chloe arrive at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Amenadiel arrives next, and informs them that their reinforcements are taking longer than expected. Lucifer says they must stall. Reaching the field, Lucifer makes fun of Michael's choice of wardrobe. Lucifer demands a vote, much to Michael's amusement. Michael asks who won't be voting for him; and Lucifer scoffs, "typical Michael; all fear no substance." Lucifer tells his brethren he knows that they don't desire him as God, but points out Michael is worse. He murdered Remiel and is threatening them with the Flaming Sword. Lucifer attempts to reveal his motive, but Zadkiel steps in; he reveals Lucifer wishes to be God out of love for Chloe. While everyone else laughs, Zadkiel stands by Lucifer; "I never thought I'd hear it. Love. The best reason one could have. Lucifer has my support. He is worthy." one sibling crosses over, but no one else joins. Michael declares himself God, only for nothing to happen. Gabriel suggests it has to be unanimous; Michael believes removing the opposing votes will solve the problem. Lucifer buys time by suggesting he can hear music and Gabriel thinks God has returned. But Michael isn't buying it. Maze arrives with Eve and Lilim-possessed prisoners from the prisoner transport bus. Two angels take flight only to be grounded by Chloe shooting their wings; with a melted down demon blade - it made a lot of bullets.

Lucifer invites Michael to a one on one fight; the stakes are the same as the deal Michael offered. Though Michael plans to eradicate Lucifer with the Flaming Sword. Seeing Lucifer needs a weapon, Amenadiel tosses him Zadkiel's staff, which is the last remnants of the Tree of Life. In the battle, Michael breaks the staff. When Michael attempts to kill Lucifer, he grabs Michael's hands; Chloe runs up on cue and pulls out the key, rendering the Flaming Sword weaker. Michael tosses the blade away and gives chase to Chloe. Lucifer rushes to get the blade.

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Hearing wings flap, Lucifer turns to see Azrael. Lucifer assumes it means she is supporting him, but Azrael sadly apologizes to him. A moment later, Michael impales Chloe with the staff. Lucifer screams, and rushes to her, cradles his dying love, who makes peace with her guilt. A furious Lucifer states that it's not Chloe's time and heads to retrieve her soul; Michael mocks him that he'll burn to a crisp when he gets to heaven, Lucifer doesn't care, "So be it!" An infuriated Maze orders the demons to attack; Amendiel and Zadkiel join in.

In Heaven, Chloe is having a picnic with her father. They watch something crash in a blaze nearby. It is Lucifer, who is confused not only seeing he's not dead, but Lee Garner is there too. Lee explains he faced his guilt and left hell; the first soul to do so. Lucifer sees that the immortality Lilith had put in her ring is protecting him; but not for long. Lee helps him to Chloe. Giving her the ring with what little power is left, Lucifer slowly burns up; he explains he choose Chloe over himself because he loves her.

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Chloe resurrects on Earth Surprising Michael. He attempts to stab her with Azrael's blade, only for Chloe to punch him, thanks to the strength the necklace grants her. Furious, Chloe attempts to kill Michael, "You took the man I love from me!" Lucifer's voice, however calls her name. He appears a moment later, surprising the other angels. Michael accepts that he's been beaten and kneels. Rather than execute him, Lucifer cuts off Michael's wings with the Flaming Sword, telling his sibling that he is being given a second chance.

Chloe wonders how Lucifer can be there; he hasn't an idea himself. All of the angels and demons bow to Lucifer who realizes that his selfless love for Chloe has won the day, "Oh my me" Lucifer mutters raising the Flaming Sword into the air.



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  • Michael is the one who says the title name in the episode.
  • This episode was reportedly halfway through shooting when production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • This was meant to be the final episode of Lucifer but the show got picked up for a sixth season.
  • This is the only episode that Kevin Alejandro doesn't appear in.
  • After Remiel dies, she gets buried beneath the same tree Lucifer buried Uriel under in "Monster", after Lucifer killed Uriel in "Weaponizer".
  • Lucifer's sacrifice for loved ones was hinted back in "Family Dinner".
  • After seeing Michael's armor, Lucifer jokingly asks if winter is coming in a reference to Game of Thrones.
  • Lucifer lies, arguably for the first time. While singing "U Can't Touch This" to stall Michael, Gabriel suggests that it must be God who's making them sing, and Lucifer supports this claim and says "Dad has returned!" even though he knows that this statement can not be true.
  • Mazikeen speaks Lilim again. However, the subtitles get her battle cry wrong. While it says "Attack", the actual translation is "Kill them all".
  • Heaven is revealed.
    • Mr. Said Out Bitch is now in heaven; it turns out Lucifer helped him get past his guilt in Hell.
    • This fact gives hope for Dan because Mr. Said Out Bitch is the first to get past his guilt and break his hell loop so it proves that humans do in fact have the ability to leave Hell and enter Heaven.
    • In heaven, Mr. Said Out Bitch says “I don’t know what the fork any of that means.” The use of "fork" as an alternative to the f-word is a reference to the The Good Place.
  • Before the showdown begins, Chloe, Lucifer, Amenadiel and Zadkiel sing the a capella version of "Can't Touch this" by MC Hammer.
  • Many fans believe Chloe's screaming at Michael for taking "the man she loved" from her applies to both Lucifer and Dan as Michael seemingly caused Lucifer to sacrifice himself to bring Chloe back after having Dan murdered.
  • Spoiler for next season: Michael's prediction that Chloe would go to hell, Came true. In "Partners til the end" Chloe did go to hell. to be with Lucifer, Willingly.



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