Aparições da Primeira Temporada: 0/13
Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil.:
The Would-Be Prince of Darkness:
Manly Whatnots:
Sweet Kicks:
Favorite Son:
Et Tu, Doctor?:
A Priest Walks Into a Bar:
St. Lucifer:
Take Me Back to Hell:


Add yes to the pipes corresponding to the episode number they appear in, and no to those they do not appear in. Add mention to episodes they are mentioned in, flash to episodes where they appear only in flashbacks, credit if the actor is credited but does not appear in the episode, visual where they are only shown through some visual representation (such as photos, videos, drawings, on computer or TV screens, hologram, etc.), will if the character is set to make an appearance (in any of the ways enumerated above), and leave it blank if it is yet to be announced.

empty: {{ApariçõesT1||||||||||||||number=}}
complete: {{ApariçõesT1|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|yes|number=13}}

Might be added, to be modified: allusion to episodes where they are alluded to, mainflash when they appear in both the main story and the flashback(s), illusion if the appearance is only an illusion or in a dream, noface if the character appears but his/her face isn't shown for some reason (e.g. only the back of the head, shadow, silhouette, etc. is shown, for reasons such as unavailability of actor or lack of one for a yet to be cast role, or simply if a character is shrouded in mystery), voice if the character's voice is heard in the episode, name if the person's name is seen onscreen, archive if the character only appears in archive footage reused for the episode.

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